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[試駕] Turbo Mazda CX-5 SKY-G 25T AWD Signature

Mazda CX-5 SKY-G 25T AWD Signature

Taking advantage of the introduction of the new CX-5 small facelift model, Taiwan Mazda introduced a 25T turbocharged model for the first time to replace the previous 2.5-liter NA naturally aspirated power, 230hp and 42.8kgm of power, supplemented by AWD four. The wheel drive system allows us to enjoy the beautiful and dynamic appearance and excellent handling, and truly achieve the best driving experience of human and horse.

●Suggested selling price 1.489 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption under certification test

●Pleasant points: The refinement of shape and quality and the blessing of turbo power

● Regret of the Pearl Higher taxes

For Taiwan Mazda, the CX-5 series can be said to be the most important main sales model. Therefore, since the introduction of the second-generation model in April 2017, this model has also followed the steps of the original factory for many times. Equipment and year-style updates, whether it is the addition of full-speed MRCC and G-force guidance control system (GVC+) or the addition of 360-degree surround view assistance, or the upgrade of the size of the central control screen, or the 2.5-liter NA naturally aspirated engine The introduction of CX-5 has carried out no less than 10 equipment changes and annual updates within 4 years, which continues to inject freshness into the product, and this is the main reason why the CX-5 has always had a very good and stable sales.

In February of this year, the facelifted CX-5 was also officially introduced into domestic sales. The new car has been improved in both type and quality. In addition to the original 2.0-liter gasoline engine, it also provided a 2.5-liter turbo power for the first time. The model is equipped with the i-ACTIV AWD four-wheel drive system. At the same time, the whole car series also adds a full-speed CTS cruise mode lane keeping assist system to make up for the lack of semi-autonomous assisted driving at Level 2 in the past, and the overall combat performance has improved a lot. And this time, I was also invited by the original factory to test drive the top-spec 25T AWD Signature model (1.489 million yuan), in order to experience the evolution of the product strength of the slightly modified CX-5.

Mazda CX-5 SKY-G 25T AWD Signature

More fashionable and high-quality appearance

The changes in appearance of the facelifted CX-5 are mainly in the design of the front and rear lights, including an enlarged water tank guard and a wider chrome frame, and the shape is sharper. At the same time, the double L-shaped daytime running lights are integrated. The LED headlight group inside also extends into the Wings of Soul, not only the overall visual texture is better than before, but also brings a simple and stylish styling atmosphere. In the rear part of the car, the original double-circle LED light guide strips inside the taillight group are changed to double L-shaped design to bring a sense of hierarchy, and supplemented by blackened lamp shells, creating a more restrained and personalized vision The image, combined with the large-caliber left and right dual exhaust tailpipes, has successfully added a sporty atmosphere. In addition, there are different exterior styles such as Carbon Edition, Sport Edition and Signature imported into China, and the 25T AWD Signature top gauge model tested this time is equipped with an exclusive and high-quality body color guard kit, including front and rear bumpers The lower edge, wheel arches, side skirts, and surrounding car guards are all painted with the same color as the body, so the entire appearance presents a more refined and luxurious atmosphere.

In addition to the redesign of the inner mesh shape of the enlarged water tank cover, the chrome-plated decorative strips are also thicker to enhance the visual texture of the entire appearance.
The more slender and sharper LED headlights extend into the trim of the Soul Wing, and the built-in LED daytime running lights are also designed in a double "L" arrangement.
The tail light group has been changed from the previous double round LED light bar to a more layered double "L" shape, and is matched with a blackened lamp housing design.
The top-gauge AWD Signature model has an exclusive body-color surround panel kit and a new-style 19-inch star split aluminum ring.

Well-equipped and safe

In addition to the dynamic and beautiful appearance, the interior design of the facelifted CX-5 is even more pleasing, especially the texture creation. First of all, the raised saddle integrates the gear lever and MZD Connect control knob, emphasizing the ergonomic and easy-to-use operation interface, and at the same time creating an independent space for the driver and the passenger seat, which is a unique design. Secondly, the black-based cabin is laid out, with natural textured solid wood trim, combined with metal chrome-plated material and Nappa leather seats, so that the entire cabin presents a delicate texture like that of a high-end luxury Japanese car. People love and satisfy.

In addition to the high-grade Nappa leather upholstery on the top-spec AWD Signature models, the dual front seats are also designed with electric adjustment and ventilation.
The black-based cabin is furnished with premium leather, natural-grained solid wood trim and metallic chrome-plated materials, creating a refined and textured atmosphere like that of a high-end luxury Japanese car.

In the equipment part, a number of equipments have also been added and upgraded, one of which is the 7-inch digital instrument distributed to the whole car series (except for the 20S Touring produced by order), and the second is the 8-inch central information display on the console, although the size is different It has also changed, but also added wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection functions, and with the newly added Qi mobile phone wireless charging device, it can better meet the needs of modern people's 3C car use. In addition, in addition to the MZD Connect man-machine information integration system, full-color HUD, shift paddles, dual-zone constant temperature, 8-way driver's seat / 6-way electric adjustment of the passenger seat (ventilation function) and other equipment, the BOSE surround sound (ventilation function) has also been upgraded. 10 speakers), 360-degree surround view image assistance, and a kick-sensing electric tailgate.

As for the i-ACTIVSENSE active safety technology, the CTS full-speed range cruise lane keeping assist system has been added, and the MRCC full-speed range vehicle distance control system has been added to construct the Level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistance specification. In addition, it also includes Advanced SCBS, LDWS Lane Departure Warning, LSA Lane Departure Prevention, BSM Blind Spot Detection, RCTA Rear Vehicle Warning, SCBS-R Reverse Brake Assist, HBC High and Low Beam Auto Adjustment and driving fatigue warning systems, etc., the active safety specifications are beyond doubt.

The 7-inch digital instrumentation distributed to all mid-to-high-end models can be displayed in different tones and backgrounds according to different driving modes.
The 7-inch digital instrumentation distributed to all mid-to-high-end models can be displayed in different tones and backgrounds according to different driving modes.
Surround view function
The MZD Connect man-machine information integration knob device is the control assembly of various functional systems in the cabin, making each adjustment action more intuitive and convenient.
In addition to the most entry-level 20S Touring models produced to order, the newly added Qi mobile phone wireless charging device is standard equipment for all models.
BOSE surround high-end audio plus 10 speakers brings a theater-like auditory feast to the occupants of the car.
BOSE surround high-end audio plus 10 speakers brings a theater-like auditory feast to the occupants of the car.

The functional and ingenious design of the luggage compartment

In addition to the newly added convenient kick-type electric tailgate, the small facelift CX-5 has also carried out many functional and ingenious designs for the rear luggage compartment. In addition to the two-section multi-functional partitions, the upper and lower pairs can be placed separately. In addition to the multi-layer track to provide flexible loading performance, the partition is designed with waterproof material after it is turned over, and there is a large hidden storage space below. It is also a waterproof design that can store wet items or car wash tools. For car owners who like outdoor leisure activities, it will be a very convenient and thoughtful design.

In addition to the double-layer partition track in the rear luggage compartment, the back of the partition is also designed with waterproof material, and even the hidden storage slot below is also waterproof.
In addition to the double-layer partition track in the rear luggage compartment, the back of the partition is also designed with waterproof material, and even the hidden storage slot below is also waterproof.
In addition to the double-layer partition track in the rear luggage compartment, the back of the partition is also designed with waterproof material, and even the hidden storage slot below is also waterproof.

full, full, full

In addition to providing the original 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine, the power of the facelifted CX-5 is also the first to introduce a 2.5-liter Skyactiv-G inline four-cylinder direct-injection turbo engine to replace the previous 2.5. The 1-liter NA power, matched with a 6-speed manual automatic transmission, has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 230hp and 42.8kgm, which is a significant increase of 36hp and 16.5kgm compared with the previous 2.5-liter NA's 194hp and 26.3kgm. In addition, the whole car series is equipped with Mi-Drive smart driving mode selection as standard. In addition to the Normal/Sport dual-mode switching of the front-wheel-drive model, the i-ACTIV AWD four-wheel drive model tested has also added a new one that can correspond to higher speeds. The range of Off-Road mode tracking assistance allows drivers to have better response conditions when facing non-paved roads, while improving the vehicle's tracking control and handling stability performance.

The facelifted CX-5 introduces the Skyactive-G 2.5T four-cylinder turbo engine, which can bring a maximum horsepower and torque output of 230hp and 42.8kgm.
The gearbox adopts a 6-speed Skyactive-Drive manual automatic transmission design, and comes standard with Mi-Drive smart driving mode selection, with three modes of Normal/Sport/Off-Road switching (AWD models).

To be honest, the CX-5 equipped with the 2.0-liter NA is actually quite easy to drive. It is absolutely sufficient for urban walking and daily shopping, but it is still a bit uncluttered if you want to travel with a full load or run on mountain roads. After all, there is no mandatory increase. The explosive force brought by the pressure, the acceleration force naturally appears to be relatively smooth and gentle. But the 2.5-liter Turbo engine is completely different. The extra 36hp and 16.5kgm are not for decoration, because after stepping on the accelerator, you can deeply feel the difference between the 2.5T and 2.0 NA, which is more abundant and rich. The acceleration force can be said to be released instantly, especially at 2000rpm, a peak torque of 42.8kgm can appear, making the entire acceleration process, whether it is starting acceleration or re-acceleration performance in the medium and high-speed range, very full and energetic, and even high-speed ductility. It is quite good, so it is not only easy to face mountain climbing, but also very enjoyable for high-speed overtaking or hot driving.

In addition to the excellent road texture and comfort performance, the combination of a tough chassis and a slightly tough suspension can indeed bring good neat handling and driving pleasure.

Flexible and stable control, advanced road texture

In addition to the solid chassis rigidity, excellent road texture and good cabin quietness, etc., which can still be actually reflected on the facelifted CX-5, this car has a more sporty suspension setting. The flexible and precise steering response and the clear feedback of the steering wheel's road feel make it have quite good handling performance, especially the test drive is also equipped with AWD four-wheel drive system, which makes this car have better rear wheel tracking As long as the speed increases or when driving intensely, the trailing rear wheel brings a more stable driving experience, and at the same time can reduce the load on the front wheel, not only allows people to enjoy the driving pleasure in smooth mountain bends , it also provides more protection for driving safety. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the equipped G-force guidance control technology (GVC+) can not only adjust the torque output of the vehicle when cornering, but also control the transfer of the center of gravity before and after the body, so that the occupants in the car can feel it during the journey. It is more comfortable, and it is not particularly easy to feel the shaking of the body to reduce the possibility of motion sickness, which is also a unique and impressive driving characteristic of the CX-5.

Under the endorsement of the 230hp turbo power and the peak torque of 42.8kgm, both the starting acceleration and the re-acceleration performance of each speed range are quite abundant and full of energy, and even the power ductility at high speed is also very good.

Test drive testimonials ~ product strength and charm are more charming

Through the replacement of the 2.5-liter turbo power, the facelifted CX-5 not only shows more mature and ample power performance, but also has a more fashionable appearance, upgraded equipment and a good interior texture. The presentation has greatly improved the product's combat power of this car, especially the introduction of wireless charging for mobile phones and the introduction of wireless Apple CarPlay, or the ingenious design of the more convenient and practical luggage compartment. The price is more than 100,000 higher than the previous 2.5 NA, but I believe it is definitely worth it.

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