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[試駕]Efficient TravelMaserati Levante GT

●The suggested price is 3.88 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 11.4km/L

●3 years original factory warranty with unlimited mileage

The pleasing point fully integrates Italian luxury and elegance with urban practical functions

It is difficult to clearly grasp the surroundings of the car body in ambulatory photography.

As the first masterpiece of LSUV in the 100 years since its founding, Levante not only fully conforms to today's travel craze, but also pushes Maserati's unique Italian-style elegant aesthetics to a new level, and the latest 2022 model is more efficient with a 48V architecture. The new entry-level GT of hybrid power allows more consumers to easily experience the charm of Poseidon.

Continuing the order-taking operation started at the end of October last year, the all-new 2022 Levante series was officially launched on November 10. It is equipped with a new 48V architecture 2.0L high-efficiency hybrid "GT" and is equipped with a 3.0L V6 twin-turbo engine. (The maximum horsepower is divided into 350hp/430hp, and the peak torque is 51.0kgm) "Modena/Modena S", and the high-performance "Trofeo" with a strong output of 580hp/74.4kgm through the 3.8L V8 twin-turbo engine. There are three models to choose from. The prices are 3.88 million, 568/658 and 8.98 million yuan respectively. Among them, the Levante GT model also includes a 19-inch Zefiro aluminum ring, a lower edge surround of the same color of the body, and a four-zone constant temperature air conditioner. The luxury of the outfit is upgraded simultaneously.

Elegant yet dynamic

Although the 2022-style Levante GT tested this time is not a minor facelift model, in order to highlight the style differences of each model after the reorganization and add new ideas, the new-generation oval factory emblem first seen in the new flagship supercar MC20 was introduced in the appearance part, The striking GT script on the front fenders, and the new Trident factory emblem on the cooling fin holes and C-pillars are also embellished with azure blue trims that symbolize the status of high-efficiency hybrid power, matching the original streamlined body contour and The 19-inch Zefiro aluminum ring exudes a refined and elegant urban and leisure atmosphere, but also fully feels the brand's consistent dynamic spirit.

The GT comes standard with sharp-eyed HID projection headlights, while the Modena and above models are upgraded with smart LED matrix headlights.
The front bumper of the standard style adopts the design of the front air dam of the through grille, and the lower edge covering of the same color of the body of the Taiwan standard project is more integrated.
On the front fenders, you can see the striking GT emblem in cursive writing, and the cooling fin holes are also added with blue trims representing high-efficiency composite power.
Standard items in Taiwan include 19-inch Zefiro rims painted in two-tone silver and gray, bringing a more dynamic and full visual effect.
The new Trident factory emblem can be seen on the C-pillar, and the central bar is also embellished with the azure blue trim exclusive to the GT model.
The rear bumper integrates the shape of bilateral four-outlet exhaust tailpipes, fully demonstrating the consistent image of a dynamic sports car of the Maserati brand.

The interior layout of Levante GT continues the Italian-style simplicity of the car series and the brand. The console, center armrest and even the door trim panels are covered with leather and soft plastic, with just the right stitching and trim panel embellishment. , showing a delicate cockpit texture with excellent vision and touch; in order to meet the needs of the new generation of consumers, the new car is also equipped with a dual-ring instrument assembly integrating a new digital information screen and an 8.4-inch MIA multimedia touch with a new touch interface design. Host, the former allows drivers to easily master mileage planning, tire pressure display, air pressure suspension height setting, and front and rear axle drive ratios and other rich information, the latter not only provides an intuitive and smooth operating experience, but also can be customized according to usage habits The main screen features options and provides wireless connection to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. The technology and convenience are above the standard.

In terms of equipment settings, the GT model, which is the entry-level representative, has been equipped as standard with automatic sensing far and near HID headlights, electric opening and closing tailgate, panoramic electric sunroof, classic leather comfortable seats, dual front seat 12-way ESC with driver's seat memory, 4-way ESC multi-function steering wheel + aluminum shift paddles, four-zone constant temperature air conditioning, Keyless Go and reverse development assist, etc. Models above Modena are upgraded with sports-style aerodynamic kits, smart LED matrix headlights, sports seats, Extended leather interior, metal-style pedal set and ADAS advanced driver assistance suite (including ACC active cruise, FCW Plus emergency braking assistance, ABSA active blind spot detection and LKA active lane maintenance), etc., except for high-end models, still no assistance is provided In addition to the 360-degree surround photography assistance that grasps the surrounding conditions of the body, it is a fly in the ointment, and all practical equipment is complete.

The interior layout continues the Italian simple tone of the car series and the brand, showing a delicate cockpit texture with excellent vision and touch.
The center of the double-ring instrument is replaced with a new digital screen, which can provide rich vehicle information such as 48V system, vehicle height adjustment and drive distribution.
The 8.4-inch touch screen integrates the new MIA multimedia system, with an intuitive and smooth operating experience and new-generation technology.
The front end of the console is inlaid with an analog clock with elegant and delicate shape and a radial pattern on the surface, which makes the overall cockpit feel even better.
The electronic transmission gear, audio control keys and various vehicle settings are all assembled at the front of the central saddle, which is convenient for the driver to master.
The standard leather comfort seats are quite spacious, but the support on both sides of the backrest is still above the standard.

Powerful yet energy efficient

Compared with the New Year-style Ghibli GT that was previously tested, the Levante GT is also equipped with a newly developed 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine and a 48V light oil electric system. The peak torque of 45.9kgm can be reached from 1500rpm. Driven by the ZF eight-speed manual automatic transmission, even if the weight of the car exceeds 2 tons, it can complete 0~100km/h in 6.0 seconds, while maintaining a torque of 11.4km/L. Average fuel consumption performance. Although the output data is the same, the low-speed and mid-range acceleration of the Levante GT in urban areas is surprisingly lighter than the Ghibli GT, which weighs more than 100 kilograms. The SUV attributes of the car also enhance the response speed of the 48V power assist, and with the brisk and quick steering feel, as long as you are a little familiar with the size of the body, you can easily shuttle between the streets and alleys.

Equipped with a newly developed 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine and a 48V light oil-electric system, the maximum output can reach 330hp/45.9kgm.

Even if it is an entry-level representative of the car series, the Levante GT still comes standard with Skyhook electronic damping, active six-stage air suspension on the front and rear axles, and a mechanical limited-slip differential on the rear axle. In the corner of luxury leisure travel, after switching the Sport driving mode, as the suspension height and the center of gravity of the body decrease, both the steering feel and the transfer of the center of gravity become more compact and lively, and it immediately turns into a neat walker on the twisty mountain road. Performance running tour; it is worth mentioning that the Q4 active torque control four-wheel drive system, in addition to the front and rear 50:50 ratio setting with better tracking at the start, as long as the speed increases to 50~60km/h or more, it will Try to maintain an obvious rear-drive-oriented distribution of about 25:75, and even enter a pure rear-drive state of 0:100 during high-speed cruising, which fully reflects the original factory's high requirements for vehicle flexibility, and can also bring the same level of rare. abundant driving pleasure.

The Q4 active torque control four-wheel drive system is mostly biased towards rear-wheel drive except for starting, which is of great help to create rear flexibility and control fun.
The Levante GT comes standard with Skyhook electronic damping, active six-stage pneumatic suspension on the front and rear axles, and a mechanical limited-slip differential on the rear axle.

Test drive experience ~ easy-to-approach all-round luxury travel

The Levante car series has always been known for its unique Italian luxury style. The newly added GT model uses 2.0L high-efficiency hybrid power to bring better fuel efficiency and tax brackets, plus a full range of driving that takes into account both daily travel and passionate Mercedes-Benz. Multiplying performance, I believe it can meet all the expectations of consumers in this class.

Maserati Levnte GT Spec Sheet

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