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[試駕]Luxury hardcover set off again (Part 2)Lexus ES 300h

As for the safety equipment, the LSS+ 2.0 intelligent driving assistance system is standard, including DRCC, PCS, LTA, and AHS or AHB systems. Among them, the PCS early warning protection system is added to the intersection when turning, for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians. Stop assist function for crossing the road. In addition, the LTA Lane Tracking Assist System also strengthens the marking recognition ability to strengthen the safety protection ability.

Low speed is light and fast, medium and high speed is full and energetic

The Hybrid petrol-electric power system of the small modified ES 300h still adopts the 2.5L naturally aspirated gasoline engine code-named A25A-FXS, with two electric motors MG1 and MG2, nickel-metal hydride battery packs and the design of an ECVT gearbox. The maximum horsepower output of the synergy is 218hp. Although this data performance is not eye-catching, it brings an average fuel consumption performance of 21.3km/L. In particular, the acceleration performance of the electric motor at low speeds is impressive, making the ES300h of 1.7 tons. With light and strong acceleration, even in Normal and ECO driving modes, it can also show a very light and smooth output characteristics, which is very suitable for use in urban areas. Of course, if you want a more sensible acceleration thrust, as long as the big foot throttle raises the speed past 2500rpm, let the electric motor immediately intervene and work with the engine, you can feel a quite abundant acceleration thrust, the original factory 8.9 seconds The ability to accelerate beyond a hundred is not a fluke, and the power connection response of the E-CVT gearbox is very good, so that the entire power output is quite linear, and it can even be switched to Sport mode. At this time, not only the engine output response is more radical and lively, but the gearbox is changed. The gear will also become more sensitive, bringing a passionate driving experience.

This 2.5L naturally aspirated gasoline engine, paired with two electric motor engines and nickel-metal hydride battery modules, increases the maximum synthetic horsepower output to 218hp.
In addition to the 6-speed manual transmission function, the Hybrid ECVT transmission system also has EV/Eco/Normal/Sport multiple driving mode switching.
The tornado radial 18-inch multi-frame aluminum rim is very running, and the tire is Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 (235/45R18).

Comfortable and sporty driving sense

Although the small facelift ES 300h has not been updated in the chassis and suspension system, the new seven-generation model still adopts the GA-K new-generation high-rigidity chassis, and the geometric design of the front and rear suspension has been optimized and adjusted. It has better comfort and handling performance than the previous one. Therefore, we can still feel its comfortable ride quality and sporty driving character when we test drive the small modified ES 300h again, especially the active body vibration suppression. The system allows this car to have better potholes and shock handling capabilities, and the overall rideability performance is better. In addition, the battery module configuration under the rear seat makes it a lower center of gravity and brings more stability. The dynamic rear of the car allows people to face mountain road curves at high speed with deep confidence, even if the car is not suitable for intense mountain driving due to the demands of comfortable tonality and the approaching length of 5 meters, it is new in GA-K. Under the design of generations of chassis and the new EPS electronic power steering wheel, it still shows smooth body dynamics and very precise and linear steering characteristics, providing drivers with a smooth and fun driving experience.

Under the operation of the Hybrid gasoline-electric power system, the ES 300h has a higher level of performance in terms of output efficiency and driving quality, and the quiet driving atmosphere created is also impressive.
Under the new-generation GA-K chassis platform architecture, ES 300h not only allows people to enjoy a comfortable and quiet ride, but also has excellent dynamic stability performance. Smooth running on mountain roads is not a problem.

Test drive testimonials~Comfort, luxury and tranquility remain

In terms of comfort and luxury atmosphere, the small change ES 300h is definitely a very good and competent car, especially the Hybrid oil-electric power and the new-generation GA-K chassis platform, which not only brings more tranquility In addition to the excellent cockpit environment, excellent driving quality and sporty controllability, it also has the characteristics of fuel economy and economic efficiency, plus the extremely rich equipment and the very friendly and competitive price advantage. It is really not a hot seller. difficult.

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