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[試駕]Open the road to pure electricityToyota bZ4X

This year can be said to be a year of massive pressure on electric vehicles. Previously, the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 two twin electric vehicles have been launched one after another, and domestic Hetai Motor also ushered in the first eTNGA exclusive electric vehicle platform architecture. The bZ4X electric SUV released, and although the quota for the first wave of this year is only 300, it has accumulated more than 1,500 orders within 3 hours after the opening of the online order, which fully proves the super attractive and attractive charm of the bZ4X. We were also invited to test drive this brand-new recreational product that Toyota has officially entered the pure electric generation on the occasion of its listing, and to experience the unique pure electric charm of the bZ4X first.

The new car is priced at 1.599 million yuan

Cruising range 626km (NEDC)

Maximum power 201hp/27.2kgm

0~100km/h acceleration in 7.5 seconds

Since Toyota established the "Electrified Vehicle Development Department" in 1992, it has been developing electrification for 30 years. Although the RAV4 BEV, iQ BEV, Prius PHEV, and Marai have been launched successively during this period, pure electric or hydrogen vehicles have been launched. Fuel-powered cars, but in the past 10 years, Hybrid is still the main vehicle. However, at the end of last year, Toyota released its global electric vehicle strategy online, showing 16 BEV models that will be launched in 2025. At the same time, it announced that it will launch a total of 30 BEV models and create 3.5 million vehicles in 2030. The plan to sell electric vehicles can be said to have shocked the global auto market, showing the blueprint and vision of Toyota Group for the launch of pure electric vehicles. And bZ4X (bZ is the brand Beyond Zero meaning beyond zero carbon emissions, 4 represents the size of the model, X represents the SUV class distance) is the first model launched in this electric vehicle strategic plan, and the general agent Hetai Motor did not Make consumers wait too long, and import it into domestic sales at the fastest speed, but it may be affected by the original factory production capacity or product planning factors. The first wave only introduces single-motor front-wheel drive models, but there is no dual-motor configuration. Four-wheel drive models , but despite this, the quota of 300 this year has been sold out in a very short period of time, which shows the super charming charm of bZ4X, and after two days of test driving together, bZ4X maintains a driving experience that is not much different from that of fuel vehicles. At the same time, it also has the direct and fast acceleration performance of electric vehicles, as well as quite good road texture and controllability. I believe that it will be very popular with consumers who like Japanese style and want to try pure electric mobile life.

Sharp and strong lovable appearance

The appearance of the bZ4X is not particularly avant-garde or fancy like many electric vehicles nowadays, and the whole shape still has a family-like design vocabulary, especially the front water tank guard is not sealed, but is changed to area The reduced and concise curved surface design emphasizes the sense of technology of electric vehicles; in addition, black scratch-resistant material is used under the front windshield to make the height of the hood lower, thereby reducing wind resistance and improving driving visibility. The sharp-shaped LED headlights and the air intakes on both sides of the bumper designed to optimize aerodynamics create a concise and neat front appearance. On the side of the car, sharp sheet metal folding lines are used to create a strong sense of muscle. At the same time, a large area of ​​black anti-scratch plastic is also used under the front and rear wheel arches and the door to strengthen the sporty wilderness atmosphere that the SUV wants to show. As for the car The most eye-catching part of the tail is the design of the through-type LED light bar taillights that can also be seen on the NX and UX, and the left and right sides of the taillight group also have a boomerang shape similar to that on the Lexus LC model, which is not only more eye-catching but also Improved visibility. In addition, there is a separate spoiler spoiler at the rear of the car, with a ducktail and a spoiler under the bumper, which not only enhances the visual experience, but also brings better aerodynamic performance.

The bZ4X has sharp lines and rigid body parts, giving people a very dynamic and hard-core visual experience, and the body size is slightly larger than the current RAV4, which is positioned in the mid-size SUV class.
The shape of the front of the car is quite pleasing and attractive, retaining the curved design of the water tank guard, while adding aerodynamically beneficial air inlet design on both sides.
Adopt Bi-Beam LED headlight design, with flying shuttle bar LED daytime running lights, bring a sharp look like an eagle eye.
The rear of the car adopts an eye-catching and trendy through-type LED taillight design, and a light bar similar to a boomerang is used to increase the recognition.
The split rear wing at the rear of the car has a dramatic effect in creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Full of innovative and technological interior

Toyota said that bZ4X, an electric vehicle, does not need to highlight and emphasize its avant-garde and individual style, but to allow consumers to seamlessly switch from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles, which means that there is no need to go through much. Learning can easily get started, so you can still see the layout design of the continuation of the fuel vehicle on the bZ4X. But having said that, even if the interior is not very surprising, you can still see the new technological thinking of many electric vehicle generations, which is still full of new ideas, plus the use of leather with the center console is similar to cloth weaving The surface material still brings a refreshing visual experience, especially the first top-mounted instrument panel design, which can be said to have a bit of Peugeot i-Cockpit cockpit adjustment, the driver does not need to move his eyes. Various information of 7-inch TFT digital instrument to improve driving safety. In addition, the center console has also introduced a 12.3-inch touch-sensitive video screen for the first time. This host system integrates multiple functions such as voice control, air conditioning adjustment and satellite navigation, and supports Apple CarPlay (wireless) and Android Auto mobile phone connection function, the actual operation It also seems quite handy. In addition, the central saddle is also designed with a high-tech in-line knob-type gearshift design, which not only has a simple and neat interface, but also has a more intuitive operation method that allows people to get started quickly.

Although the interior layout is similar to that of a fuel vehicle, it includes a 7-inch digital instrument, a 12.3-inch touch-sensitive audio and video screen, and an in-line knob-type gear shift design, which are the first innovative technological equipment.
The 7-inch overhead instrument is designed in a position similar to the head-up display, so that the driver's line of sight does not need to be wandered excessively.
The first 12.3-inch audio-visual host integrated with system functions such as voice control, air conditioning and satellite navigation, and supports Apple CarPlay (wireless) & Android auto link function.

Others such as Qi wireless charging stand, three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel (additional heating function), 8-way electric adjustment for driver's seat/electric lumbar support, electric heating function for dual front seats, dual-zone thermostatic air conditioning, 12.3-inch touch-sensitive audio and video host attached Satellite navigation, PVM surround view image assistance system, multiple driving modes (Normal/Eco/Snow) and kick-sensing electric tailgate are all standard equipment. As for the safety equipment, the TSS 3.0 intelligent safety protection assistance system has also been introduced for the first time, in addition to the existing ACC full-speed active distance maintenance system, LTA lane tracking assistance, BSM blind spot detection warning, RCTA rear car In addition to the side warning, AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching and PCS early warning protection systems, the RSA speed limit recognition assist system is also added, and the intersection recognition function is added to the PCS system, which can detect the opposite direction when turning at an intersection. Pedestrians and bicycles are always coming to the intersection. In addition, the camera lens and radar are also optimized and upgraded to expand the detection range, while reducing the blind spot range of the radar to further improve the functional performance of the security system.

The combination of the three-spoke steering wheel and the 7-inch overhead instrument has a bit of Peugeot i-Cockpit cockpit tuning.
The standard Qi wireless charging stand also provides a set of USB Type A jacks on the upper right to meet the charging needs of 3C users.
It adopts a more intuitive transmission-by-wire gear shift design, and there are buttons on both sides such as Eco/Snow mode, surround view image assist, kinetic energy recharge switch, and Auto Hold.
There are rear air outlets and two sets of Type C charging jacks behind the center armrest, which are quite considerate for rear seat occupants.

More spacious passenger space than RAV4

The bZ4X, built on the exclusive electric vehicle eTNGA platform architecture, has a body length/width/height size and wheelbase of 4690/1860/1650mm and 2850mm respectively. However, the length and width of the bZ4X are 90mm and 5mm larger, and the wheelbase is 160mm longer. With a 175cm adult actually riding, the knees are about 2.5 fists away from the front seat back, and the head is about 1.5 fists away from the ceiling. This space is indeed more spacious than the already large RAV4, plus The upper and rear seat backs still have 2 levels of inclination adjustment, and the cushions are moderately firm and have good coverage, so the entire riding experience is quite wide and comfortable. As for the space volume of the luggage compartment, the original factory has not released the relevant data, but under the standard condition of 5 people, the luggage compartment can fit two 29-inch and two 25-inch suitcases, plus a 6/4 rear The seat back can be folded forwards and backwards to form a large flat storage space and the design of the kick-sensing electric opening and closing tailgate can help the rider to store and place items more easily and conveniently.

In addition to the heating function of the dual front seats, the driver's seat also has an 8-way electric adjustment and an electric lumbar support design. The overall wrapping and support performance is good.
After enlarging the front and rear overhangs and the wheelbase, the rear seat has a very spacious and ample seating space, and the seatback angle can also be adjusted in two stages to obtain a comfortable sitting posture.
The luggage compartment with double floor design can accommodate two 29-inch and two 25-inch luggage under standard conditions, and the rear seat back can be flattened to obtain a relatively flat large storage space.
There is an empty basket design under the central saddle, which brings a lot of storage space. At the same time, it also provides two sets of two types of Type C and one set of 12V/120W charging jacks.

Acceleration is direct and fast but linear

The bZ4X introduced this time is a version with a front-wheel drive setting and a single electric motor configuration. The lithium battery pack has a capacity of 71.4kWh, which can provide a maximum horsepower and torque output of 201hp and 27.2kgm, and accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 7.5 seconds. The cruising range can reach 626km under the standard test of NEDC by the Taiwan Energy Administration. In addition, in the charging part, AC alternating current (SAE J1772) supports up to 6.6kW, while DC direct current (CCS1) can reach 150kW, and can charge the power to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Equipped with an integrated electric drive system consisting of a motor-generator, a joint drive and an inverter, with a 71.4kWh lithium battery module, it can provide a maximum horsepower and torque output of 201hp and 27.2kgm.
The charging hole is located on the left side of the fender. The AC AC slow charging specification is J1772, and the DC DC fast charging is CCS1, both of which are common domestic specifications.

In fact, after the road, the acceleration feeling of the bZ4X is as direct and rapid as other electric vehicles, and the power output characteristics of the transmission make the whole acceleration thrust very strong and abundant, and the speed increase process is quite smooth and linear, whether it is It is easy to overtake or climb a mountain road. Although the power output of 201hp cannot be called performance, and compared with many performance-oriented electric vehicles, it is even less violent, but it is definitely more than enough for daily driving. In particular, the response of the entire switch is adjusted to be very smooth and linear, so that the driver will not be frightened and uncomfortable by the sudden strong thrust of the electric motor, so they can drive easily and enjoy the quietness and acceleration brought by pure electric power. pleasure. Of course, if you want to warm your blood and push down the switch, the bZ4X can still give the driver a considerable degree of surprise, that is, the thrill of sprinting out quickly.

The acceleration response of the bZ4X is direct and quick, and the full and abundant thrust makes overtaking or mountain climbing quite easy and pleasant, especially the switch response is adjusted to be very linear, and it is even more comforting to correspond to stop-and-go urban road conditions.

As for whether there will be mileage anxiety when driving the bZ4X? To be honest, there will still be. Although the official maximum cruising range of 626km is quite reassuring, the battery when I got the car on the day of the test drive was only about 7 points full, showing that the remaining mileage was 350km, so after learning the itinerary at that time. , I have already calculated that it is bound to have to be charged during the journey. However, we started from the Danfeng Exhibition Room in Xinzhuang, went all the way to Danshui, Jinshan, and the North Coast, took the coastal road to Jiaoxi in Toucheng, continued to shoot in Luodong, Yilan, then turned back to the hotel in Jiaoxi, and went to Zhuangwei the next day to shoot the scene and then go. Guowu returned to the Danfeng exhibition room, and drove with electric energy recharging during the journey. Because I wanted to complete the whole test drive trip without charging, I drove all the way back to the starting point. Finally, the instrument showed that the remaining electric vehicle mileage was nearly 80km. The average power consumption is 6.9km/kWh, so for an electric SUV weighing 1.9 tons, its energy consumption performance is quite good, and the so-called mileage anxiety has indeed disappeared a lot.

Owners of bZ4X can download the exclusive "Toyota bz" charging APP, which allows owners to quickly search for the nearest DC/AC charging station and scan the code for charging.

Lightweight and easy-to-use electric travel

The bZ4X built with eTNGA's exclusive electric vehicle platform architecture has the characteristics of low center of gravity and high rigidity in addition to the solidness of the chassis. Although the independent suspension of the front MacPherson and rear double A-arms is more comfortable However, thanks to the design of the battery module placed on the chassis, the center of gravity of the body is lowered, so the ground contact and stability during driving are quite good, and the suspension with sufficient support also has a good cornering Roll suppression performance, so whether it is changing lanes at high speed or driving fast on mountain bends, it can have a sense of stability that makes people drive calmly, especially the steering feel of the bZ4X still retains the usual lightness and comfort of Toyota models, so it is also given this The car is light and easy to use. Of course, on the basis of shock-free and low-noise electric vehicles, coupled with excellent cabin sound insulation, the overall road texture and rideability of the bZ4X are better than ordinary fuel vehicles and even Hybrid-powered Toyota models. .

The dynamic performance of the bZ4X is also calm and pleasing, and it is more comfortable to drive without losing comfort and texture. It is a very friendly and easy-to-use electric SUV model.

Test drive testimonials ~ unique pure electric charm

For bZ4X, as the brand's first electric SUV built on the exclusive eTNGA platform, we can indeed see the new generation of innovative designs first seen by many brands, but compared to the electric vehicles of many other brands. It seems that the pure electric road opened by Toyota is more conservative and cautious, but it does not matter whether it is good or bad, it is just that they have different considerations. Just as Toyota emphasized, although it is moving towards a new electric car generation, but it is also necessary to allow users to switch from current fuel vehicles to electric vehicles without abruptness. Therefore, bZ4X can bring drivers and fuel vehicles different in terms of appearance, interior design or dynamic performance. It is still a Toyota car that consumers are familiar with. Even people who have never driven an electric car can get used to it in a short time. This is the unique pure electric charm of bZ4X. .

Toyota bZ4X spec sheet


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