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[試駕]Part.1 New taste of old schoolBMW 128ti

●The suggested price is 2.14 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 13.2km/L

●3 years original factory warranty with unlimited mileage

●Traditional hot-blooded steel cannon combat atmosphere with strong likability

The regret of the pearl is limited, and it is difficult to grab it

Although the trend of the car industry has been developing towards leisure and electric development in recent years, in order to satisfy the enthusiastic players who put control and fun first, there are still many car manufacturers who insist on launching Fun Cars that emphasize pure driving feedback. This time, we happened to gather FF, AWD and RR. Different driving methods, and all of them are control-oriented performance models from luxury brands, let's take a look at their unique charm!

Younger car fans may not be impressed by the name ti, which is abbreviated from "Turismo Internazionale", because compared with M GmbH, which was founded in 1972 and was born to compete in the arena, BMW's first 1800TI with the name ti is a It was launched as early as 1963, and it has become a symbol of the soul of BMW's dynamic brand and the pursuit of pure driving spirit with its dazzling achievements in various competitions around the world. The back ti model, after being silent for many years, will return to the car world in October 2020 with the new front-drive performance steel gun 128ti with the current three-generation F40 1 Series, and it also cleverly fills the gap between the 120i and the M135i xDrive high-performance version. It is vacant; the general agent Fande has started the first batch of pre-sale operations limited to 30 vehicles since August last year, and announced on November 16 that it was officially listed in Taiwan with a suggested price of 2.12 million yuan. However, due to the recent international situation, the entire 1 Series car Since March this year, it has been raised by 20,000 yuan in an all-round way, and the 128ti has also been raised to 2.14 million yuan.

Exclusive red suit upper body

As a sporty car, the basic styling of the 128ti is still based on the M Sport exterior kit with black high-gloss trims, as well as the air vent trim on the front bumper, the bottom of the body side skirt and the word ti, and the sides of the rear bumper. The air vents and other parts are painted in a very eye-catching bright red, coupled with the exclusive 18-inch Y-spoke two-color rim, which brings a unique visual experience that is not overly ostentatious. It is worth mentioning that, in order to present a sharp contrasting color effect, the 128ti is matched with red kits in white, black, gray and other car colors, while the dark red and bright blue body will be changed to black treatment, the latter two seem to be more There is a low-key atmosphere of sheepskin wolves.

The 18-inch Y-spoke bi-color rims are exclusive to the 128ti, and the inner red brake calipers are also the first configuration of the 1 Series.
The additional ti lettering behind the side skirts and the red treatment at the bottom make it possible to clearly see the identity of the car from the side.
The nameplate on the rear of the car uses an exclusive font. If the word ti can be changed to red according to the exclusive appearance kit, it will be more eye-catching.
The rear bumper maintains the M Sport shape but adopts a bilateral exhaust tailpipe configuration, and the shape of the cooling air holes on both sides is also changed to red painting.
Aluminium door sill trims, metal pedal sets and exclusive floor mats with red piping ignite the driving passion as soon as you get in the car.

Although the interior layout of the 128ti is consistent with the general 1 Series, as soon as you open the door, you will immediately notice the rich red stitching embellishment, which can be seen on the steering wheel, the upper half of the console, and the door trim panels. There is also a big red ti imprint on the central armrest. We feel that it is a pity that the imported models have been upgraded to meet the preferences of domestic consumers. The standard M leather sports car seats, although they have a rather stylish one-piece seat back shape, but The red stripes and stitching decoration of the original standard leather seats are missing, which makes the sense of unity of the cabin atmosphere slightly insufficient.

The interior continues the basic layout of the 1 Series car series, and is also decorated with a black roof and a lot of red stitching to create a bloody fighting atmosphere.
The shape of the M multifunction leather steering wheel remains unchanged, but the eye-catching red stitching can be seen in the center of the disk and on the inside of the grip.
A strong red stitching is also added above the console, and the Boston light and shadow trim panel has a unique visual effect.
The center armrest has red stitching on both sides and a huge Ti lettering, but unfortunately the gear shift assembly remains the same as the standard style.

Since it is positioned second only to the M135i xDrive high-performance flagship in the car series, the 128ti is naturally quite rich in terms of equipment. In addition to the standard LED headlights of the whole car series, the smart Comfort Access keyless system includes electric tailgate induction opening and closing, 10.25 10.25-inch digital instrumentation, 10.25-inch iDrive touch screen, intelligent satellite navigation system, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, intelligent voice assistant 2.0, automatic parking/reversing assist system, such as Dakota leather interior, Boston light and shadow trim, head-up display and vehicle condition High-end equipment such as the HiFi high-fidelity audio system with 10 speakers is also included, and the technology and convenience are believed to be satisfactory.

The imported model is upgraded with M leather sports car seats as standard, which lacks the red stripe decoration of the original standard leather seats, but has a better sporty feel.
The M-stitched seat belts and red stitching on the door trim panels can also be seen in the rear seats, continuing the same warm-blooded cabin atmosphere.

Pure driving control oriented chassis

The 128ti is equipped with a high-performance version of the B48 2.0L inline-four gasoline turbo engine that is the same as the M135i xDrive. Considering the model positioning and front-wheel drive configuration, the maximum output is set at 265hp/40.8kgm, which is driven by a Steptronic sports eight-speed manual transmission. , 0~100km/h can be completed in 6.1 seconds. In fact, you can quickly feel the full and energetic dynamic response on the road test drive. The continuous torque output when sprinting at full strength and the surging audio provided by the ASD active sound wave system often make people reluctant to release the accelerator too early, but I don’t know if it is subject to emission regulations. Influence, the 128ti's automatic shift response in Comfort mode is slightly sluggish, which is different from our past impression of smart and decisive shifting of BMW's models. It is often necessary to switch to Sport driving mode or S gear to provide a more crisp gear. bit control.

Equipped with the B48 2.0L straight four-turbo engine that is the same source as the M135i, the maximum output has been re-adjusted to 265hp/40.8kgm.

Compared with the power configuration, the chassis setting is the real value of the 128ti. This car not only has an exclusively tuned M sports car suspension system (the body is lowered by 10mm) and a sports steering system, but also adopts the same Torsen front axle mechanical limited-slip differential and rigidity optimized anti-roll bar as the M135i xDrive. Fang also emphasized that the weight of the car is reduced by 80kg compared with the latter, coupled with the two sets of electronic assistance systems, Performance Control and ARB anti-skid control, which have also been specially adjusted and set, fully demonstrating the determination to pursue pure driving performance.

Compared with the M135i xDrive, which comes standard with an electronic suspension system, the 128ti shows a tougher, more grounded driving experience as soon as it hits the road. While maintaining the basic shock-absorbing texture that a luxury hatchback should have, it can also make most The road feedback is transmitted to the driver through the steering wheel or the seat, and with the consistent linear feel of BMW but faster steering response, people can confidently and smoothly shuttle on the winding mountain road; and it is different from relying on many electronic systems. Auxiliary, no matter the speed of entering the corner, it can be easily resolved in secret and keep the body stable at all times. The modern steel gun style of the 128ti needs to use the front axle LSD to exert a maximum locking ratio of 31% by padding the accelerator in intense driving, and transmit the power. Going to the side with better grip and pulling the front of the car hard to get out of the corner, the driving pleasure of fighting with the vehicle and conquering the corners is like the traditional steel guns with distinctive characters in the past.

The 128ti suspension settings are enhanced and upgraded and equipped with front axle LSD, which brings quite direct and neat steering response and control fun.
The full and vigorous acceleration force is combined with the quite surging active sound waves, making every big-footed throttle sprint a pleasure.

Test drive experience ~ blood stimulation is also civilized enough

Under the requirements of safety and practicality, most of the hot-blooded characters of modern performance cars are relatively low-key and reserved, and the 128ti not only reawakens our yearning for the old-school hot-blooded pleasure, but also can still become a competent urban transportation car.

BMW 128ti spec sheet


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