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[試駕]Part.2 Extreme True ColorAudi RS 3 Sportback

●The suggested price is 3.27 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption of the original factory average 12.0km/L

●5-year original factory warranty with unlimited mileage

●Pleasant point Full of performance momentum, wild and dynamic driving experience

The regret of the pearl did not introduce the four-door RV version

As early as 2011, Audi built the first-generation RS 3 Sportback with a powerful output of 340 horsepower and a quattro four-wheel drive system based on the second-generation minor facelift A3, becoming the first luxury high-performance steel gun pioneer in the car industry. After 10 years of technological evolution and the alternation of generations, the new generation RS 3 Sportback based on the four generations of A3 series was officially unveiled in late July last year. , once again interpreting the supreme style of the four-ring hatchback!

The current fourth-generation Audi A3 will have its world premiere online in March 2020. It will be officially introduced in China in April 2021 after a year. As the speed of the original factory supply is affected by the epidemic, Taiwan Audi will give priority to meeting consumer demand. , the media test drive has not yet been provided, but the new-generation RS 3 Sportback, which was opened for orders at the beginning of this year and officially launched on April 1, has the opportunity to experience it first, which also allows us to stay in touch with the new-generation A3 series for the first time. Make a special and deep impression.

Unforgettable high profile

Considering the preferences of domestic consumers, the fourth-generation A3 only introduced a single Sportback five-door hatchback model, and the Sedan four-door RV was not introduced. The new-generation RS 3 Sportback naturally follows the same configuration, although this car is indeed famous for its high-performance steel gun image. However, for enthusiastic buyers who prefer the four-door version, it is inevitable to feel a little short of the opportunity to choose. In addition, although the new car maintains the same suggested selling price of 3.27 million yuan as in the pre-sale period, which is more cost-effective than the main rival Mercedes-AMG A45 S 4Matic+'s 3.34 million yuan, this year's quota has been sold out before the official release. The follow-up is still to be sought by the original factory.

Benefiting from the sharp and dynamic exterior design style of the fourth-generation A3, the aggression index of the new-generation RS 3 Sportback has risen sharply after the replacement of the exclusive exterior kit. First of all, the front part of the car adopts a wide-width single-piece hexagonal water tank guard with high-gloss black paint, and the front air dams on both sides with the same grid shape and diversion design, showing the performance momentum of swallowing the road, and Audi is good at it. The LED lighting design is also fully utilized here. The standard Matrix LED aurora headlight group will not only perform a welcome light show when unlocked, but the matrix block under the left headlight will also light up in sequence R, S, 3, and square. The checkered flag pattern is high-profile and dazzling, but it cannot be mistaken for it.

It comes standard with a sophisticated Matrix LED aurora headlight group, and an exclusive welcome light show will be staged when unlocking.
The front of the car is designed with a wide monocoque hexagonal water tank guard painted in bright black, which conveys a strong performance momentum without losing a sense of sophistication.
The LED taillights echo the multi-segment styling design of the headlights and integrate dynamic direction lights. The RS3 nameplate below is naturally essential.

Turning your attention to the side of the car, the RS's unique enlarged front wheel arches and three-dimensional side skirts further strengthen the already exquisite three-dimensional sense of the body's broken lines. The cover is also not absent. As for the 19-inch rim, there are five Y-shaped (silver-black glossy/matte black treatment) and silver-grey glossy surface angle multi-spoke styles used in the test drive; if viewed from the rear, in addition to In addition to the RS 3 model nameplate on the lower left corner of the tailgate, the exclusive rear bumper with a through-type bright black heat dissipation grid and bilateral large-diameter exhaust tailpipes can also demonstrate its performance identity at the first time.

With the support of the exclusive exterior package and the RS-specific externally enlarged wheel arches, the new generation of RS 3 Sportback makes people know at a glance that it is not to be messed with.
The rear bumper is also integrated into the heat dissipation grid shape, and the RS's customary bilateral large-diameter exhaust tailpipe is actually a four-out configuration.

The hot-blooded decoration of the technology cockpit

The angular lines are laid out into the interior of the car, from the hexagonal style air outlets on both sides of the instrument assembly, the 10.1-inch touch screen with an inverted triangular bright black frame on both sides, and the large-area decorative panel running through the center of the console. Even the door handles that are cleverly connected to the chrome trim strips can be clearly seen with distinct fold lines; in addition, although Audi has always advocated the simple and technological design style, it still retains the physical air conditioning panel and vehicle on the new generation A3 series. The function key configuration is convenient for the driver to operate quickly while driving, without frequently confirming the touch response.

Although the test drive uses a basic solid black interior color, the leather multifunction steering wheel, RS design 12.3-inch fully digital instrumentation, stainless steel pedal group, model lettering illuminated door sill pedals, matte carbon fiber trim and Fina Nappa leather dual front-seat sports car With the blessing of RS-specific equipment such as seats, it can still create a sufficient atmosphere of the bloody battle cockpit. For consumers who pursue strong visual effects, the industry also provides an advanced RS style kit of 57,000 yuan as an option, which can be used in the car. The stitching, the suede material on both sides of the seat back and the central grille of the air-conditioning outlet are changed to red or green embellishments.

The angular and avant-garde interior layout is matched with the exclusive RS configuration to make it more runny, and red or green advanced RS style kits are also available.
In addition to the lower emblem and shift paddles, the RS-specific leather multi-function sports steering wheel also has additional RS-specific control buttons on the right side of the steering wheel.
A 10.1-inch touch screen is used with the MMI multimedia system, and the physical air conditioning panel and vehicle function keys are retained below.

In terms of equipment settings, RS 3 Sportback comes standard with a panoramic electric sunroof, inductive key including electric tailgate somatosensory opening and closing, dual front seat ESC including driver's seat memory, rear seat 4/2/4 separate dumping seatback, dual-zone Constant temperature air conditioner + adjustable rear seat cooling and heating air outlet, mobile phone wireless charging stand, smart phone interface with wireless Apple CarPlay, Bang & Olufsen 3D surround sound system, reversing camera and automatic parking assistance and other rich items, also in the two major highway / urban areas With the cooperation of the driving assistance package, it has the level of active driving assistance technology above Level 2. While pursuing the ultimate performance, it also does not forget practical functions and luxury comfort.

The RS-exclusive carbon fiber trim traverses the entire central control area, and the structured interior design concept can also be seen from this angle.
The electronic transmission gear assembly makes the central saddle look extraordinarily simple, and the front storage space also integrates the inclined mobile phone wireless charging.
The central armrest is also simple and neat, and the double cup holder also has an elastically adjustable space utilization function design.
The rear seat air outlet is equipped with an independent heating and cooling adjustment function, and there are also dual USB-C charging holes at the bottom to meet the needs of use.
The RS-exclusive Fina Nappa leather front-seat sports car seats are top-notch in shape and texture, but the wrapping on the sides is not enough to cope with intense driving.
The rear seats are also replaced with the RS-specific honeycomb mesh shape, and the overall space performance is still ample for passengers under 175 cm.

Five-cylinder turbo is timeless

Not only the first-generation RS 3 Sportback, Audi's history of using a five-cylinder engine can even be traced back to the Audi 100 four-door car series in 1976. After the 1980s, it was installed on the Sport quattro and RS 2 Avant. Gradually, it became equated with the term high performance. Although the main rival Mercedes-AMG A45 S 4Matic+ has pulled the maximum horsepower to 421hp, the new generation RS 3 Sportback does not deliberately pursue the book output. Entering the 400hp mark, the peak torque is increased from 48.9kgm/1950~5850rpm to 51.0kgm/2250~5600rpm. Driven by the S-tronic seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and the quattro intelligent four-wheel drive system, 0 ~100km/h is shortened by 0.3 seconds to 3.8 seconds, which is even 0.1 seconds faster than the main rival.

In fact, on the road test drive, the RS 3 Sportback showed a light step on the accelerator, the power response was mild to a little lazy, and the thrust suddenly appeared abruptly when the accelerator was slightly increased, which made us suspect that it was due to the obvious turbo lag caused by the extreme power squeeze. , but after more observation, it is found that it should be caused by deliberately controlling the initial power output for fuel consumption performance in the Auto driving mode. After switching to the Comfort or Dynamic driving mode, this phenomenon is greatly alleviated. When the driving pace is accelerated, this 2.5L five-cylinder unit will enter the real power strike belt at about 2500rpm, and it can provide a very direct and full acceleration force all the way to 5~6000rpm. The speed change can be controlled by retracting and releasing. The speed change that is constantly rising rapidly when sprinting at full strength is accompanied by the deep and rich exhaust sound, which can also create an unforgettable passion!

The overall dynamic performance of the new generation RS 3 Sportback is quite wild yet delicate and controlled, and the flexible rear axle response is even more impressive.
Equipped with the same 2.5L five-cylinder turbo engine as the previous generation, the maximum output can reach an amazing level of 400hp/51.0kgm.

Torque distribution breaks new ground

The new generation of RS 3 Sportback adopts front MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension with RS exclusive sports electronic adjustable damping system. Under the low flat ratio tire size setting of 30 in the front and 35 in the rear, it can be used on ordinary urban roads. However, driving has unexpected comfort performance. It is speculated that the spring weight of this car should not be greatly increased like that of most performance cars. With the larger damping soft and hard adjustment range and the long suspension travel setting, in Comfort and Auto low speed It has excellent shock absorption ability in the state, and can also exert sufficient support in Dynamic mode. It can also effectively control the transfer of the body's center of gravity when quickly traversing continuous corners, thereby creating a very sufficient driving confidence.

Multi-spoke 19-inch rims are optional at no additional price, and the tire size is a rare front 265/30R19 and rear 245/35R19 configuration.

The new RS exclusive torque distribution system introduced by the Four Rings brand for the first time can be regarded as a highlight of the new car’s chassis setting. This system can be said to be an advanced and improved version of the previous Sport Differential sports differential. It is much more direct and accurate than the more common electronic limited-slip differential system that only adjusts the speed difference between the two sides through braking. In response to the actual dynamic performance, in the Dynamic driving mode, the system will actively adjust the torque distribution on both sides of the rear axle, that is, when exiting a corner, it can show a tendency to sway outwards similar to that of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, but when switching to the RS Performance driving mode, it will be reduced. The rear flicks, but maintains a flexible and fast rear follow-up, which is especially useful in situations such as challenging track lap results that require precise control of the route. In addition, the driver can also individually adjust the torque distribution system settings in the RS Individual mode. , If you can try the RS Torque Rear tail-flick mode in a safe closed venue, it is the best in its class in terms of actual performance and driving pleasure.

The RS-specific sports electronic suspension has a wide damping adjustment range, and at the same time has excellent road texture in various modes.

Test drive experience ~ almighty hatchback supreme

It may not come as a surprise that the new-generation RS 3 Sportback has a wild, passionate and fun-to-drive performance, but the all-around ability to provide a comfortable road texture and a high-tech cockpit experience at the same time is indeed worthy of praise, and the ability and the opportunity to enter the owner's blood. Players must not miss it.

Audi RS3 Sportback Spec Sheet

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