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[試駕]Part.3 Genuine Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

●Suggested price of 7.8 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 9.6km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

●The lovable part is just the right hot-blooded running style

●The threshold of the regret of the bead is still far away

Over the past period of time, Porsche's GTS models have always given people a "special car" feeling with only a slight improvement in performance and exclusive sports accessories, but the new generation 911 Carrera GTS is not intended to be a darling who follows the table. Instead, it introduces the suspension and braking design from the 911 Turbo, bringing a more exciting and unique driving experience.

About a year and a half after the launch of the new 992-generation 911 series, Porsche released a new generation of 911 GTS models in late June last year, including the Carrera GTS (rear-drive two-door), Carrera 4 GTS (four-wheel-drive two-door), Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet (four-wheel drive convertible) and Targa 4 GTS (four-wheel drive semi convertible) are available in four models, with prices starting at 7.80, 8.23, 8.96 and 8.96 million yuan in sequence. The recent test drive of the 911 Carrera GTS provided by Porsche Taiwan, although there are many optional items that make the worth nearly 10 million as usual, but fortunately does not include the upgrade of any chassis parts such as rear axle steering or PDCC, so we have Opportunity to experience the purest GTS driving style!

Eye-catching red and black

In order to emphasize the hot-blooded sports atmosphere, GTS models have always been dominated by the flaming red and eye-catching carmine red color, and the exclusive style of the black head taillight group is more aggressive and dynamic. This test drive is no exception, but the front and rear bumpers are decorated. Strips, front lower spoiler, rearview mirror cover, Turbo S-style five-spoke double-ribbed rims, and the brand and model lettering on the rear of the car that were originally treated with fog black, all use high-gloss black to enhance the delicate texture. The roof is also uniformly changed to bright black after the optional electric glass sunroof, so that the appearance of the whole car is very consistent and eye-catching red and black color matching from all angles.

The four-point LED daytime running lights featured by the current family are more eye-catching under the background of the GTS exclusive blackened light group.
The GTS itself comes standard with the SportDesign exterior package, and the test drive also opted for a high-gloss black finish.
After the full-function electric glass sunroof is selected, the roof will be uniformly blackened, bringing a more consistent visual effect.
Standard Turbo S style matte black single-hole wheels, red calipers and door GTS words are also exclusive configuration.
The cross-type LED taillights are also blackened, and the model nameplate is also optionally upgraded to a high-gloss black treatment.
The SportDesign-shaped rear bumper is quite simple and full, and it fits very well with the bilateral large-caliber sports car exhaust tailpipes.

Entering the cabin, the test drive maintains the standard Race-Tex interior kit of the GTS, such as the steering wheel, the lower half of the console and the central seat surface of the seat, which can be seen covered with a thick suede-like material. , can also provide a good anti-slip effect during intense driving; in order to create a low-key and cool pure black cockpit style, the test drive also selected matte carbon fiber trim, tachometer / sports car chronograph wax gray background and A GTS-exclusive interior kit with off-white contrast stitching/seat belts is also available in carmine red for a red-and-black style that matches the exterior.

The GTS model comes standard with the Race-Tex interior kit, and the steering wheel, the lower half of the console and the seats can be seen covered with a thick suede-like material.
The physical pointer tachometer is additionally identified by the word GTS, and the optional wax gray background highlights the concentric circle texture treatment.
The 10.9-inch touch screen integrates the PCM communication system and vehicle settings, allowing the driver to easily grasp it at any time.
The central saddle assembly after the introduction of the electronic transmission gear design is much simpler, and the carbon fiber trim panel can also be seen at the bottom.
The door trim is also made of Race-Tex with white stitching, and the Burmester audio metal cover is also very refined.
After opening the door, you can see the door sill pedal with the word model, adding a refined visual experience and highlighting the uniqueness of the car.

As the new generation of 911 models have come standard with a 10.9-inch PCM touch screen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, Porsche Connect interconnection system, Chinese navigation system, front and rear parking distance assist + reversing camera assist, intelligent keyless system + Keyless Go Practical functions such as engine startup, the standard upgrade items for GTS models still focus on improving the sporty style of the GT sports car steering wheel and sports car exhaust system. It is worth mentioning that although the standard dual front-seat four-way electronically adjusted sports car upgrade seats are not much special except for the GTS words on the headrests, the overall support and wrapping can cope with general mountain road enthusiastic driving. It is easy to handle, and for those who have higher requirements for comfort and convenience, or who have track competition needs, they can also choose to upgrade 14-way, 18-way ESC seats with memory function, and fully-covered racing bucket seats.

The exclusive GTS wording can be seen on the headrests of the upgraded seats of the dual-front four-way electrically adjustable sports car, and the wrapping is also above the standard.

Exclusive setting with passion

The new 911 Carrera GTS is equipped with the same 3.0L horizontally opposed six-cylinder twin-turbo engine as the Carrera series, but the maximum output is increased from the 450hp/54.0kgm of the Carrera S to 480hp/58.1kgm, through the PDK eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission With the efficient transmission of the gearbox, the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is shortened by 0.3 seconds to 3.4 seconds, and the top speed is also advanced by 3km/h to 311km/h, and because the peak power output range is exactly the same, coupled with the standard sports car exhaust system The sound waves are more vigorous, and the acceleration response is more brisk and full whether driving the GTS slowly in the urban area or at high speed.

The power upgrade is matched with a sports exhaust system, and the driving experience and actual performance have a higher performance.
Equipped with a 3.0L horizontally opposed six-cylinder twin-turbo engine, the maximum output has been increased to 480hp/58.1kgm according to the GTS model setting.

As mentioned at the beginning, the new 911 Carrera GTS has also made great efforts in the chassis setting. In addition to the PASM active suspension adjustment system, which adopts the GTS-specific sports setting that reduces the vehicle height by 10mm, it also imports the rear axle from the 911 Turbo. The integrated auxiliary coil spring design ensures that the main spring can maintain sufficient tension in all driving conditions, while the high-performance braking system of the 911 Turbo is used to strengthen the braking capacity of the GTS models, even the rims use 20 front and rear The 21-inch forged parts with a central keyhole design help to improve the overall driving response.

Coming to the multi-bend mountain road for a small test, the first thing that is amazing is that the tough and solid damping setting provides excellent roll support, and can still absorb most of the road vibration very quickly and delicately, especially in the past. The obvious and dense bumpy bounce in the Sport/Sport+ mode is gone, and the lightweight steering feel and the highly follow-up rear give the illusion of a shrinking body. At the same time, we must not forget to thank the PDK gearbox for its precision Switch to the appropriate gear with the accelerator operation, and the precise control ability like reading mind allows the driver to focus more on the route control, and then fully enjoy the sharp and rich feedback of the car.

The new car has also made great efforts in the chassis setting. The lightweight steering feel and the highly follow-up rear make people more free to do whatever they want on the mountain road.

Test drive experience ~ clever balance between S and GT

Compared with the Carrera S, which tends to be driven comfortably in daily life, the GTS can indeed bring more excitement, but it does not have the hard-core competitive style of the GT car series that requires constant tension. This kind of fun is supreme and practical. The unique setting can be regarded as the top representative of the wealthy Fun Car.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Spec Sheet

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