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[試駕]Power BloomKia EV6 Air Extended Range

Kia EV6 Air Extended Range Edition

At the beginning of 2020, Kia released Plan S, the brand’s mid-to-long-range electric energy development plan, to predict the rhythm of the new generation electric energy products entering the international market. The Kia EV6, which is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, is the first work in this series of plans. It is built with the same new E-GMP pure electric modular platform as the Hyundai Ioniq 5 of the same group. It will be unveiled for the first time in March 2021. After many domestic performances and pre-sale prices announced, it is expected to be released in April this year. Officially listed in the middle of the year. Before the launch, we were also invited by the general agent of Taiwan's Sime Darby Kia to test drive the EV6 Air extended-range model, and actually experience the "discharge" charm of this electric crossover running tour.

The pre-sale price is 1.799 million yuan (Air extended range version)

Battery warranty for 8 years or 160,000 kilometers

The cruising range exceeds 500km (WLTP)

Maximum power 229hp/35.7kgm

0~100km/h acceleration in 7.3 seconds (GT-Line 5.2 seconds)

In the Plan S electric energy development plan announced by Kia, it is predicted that a total of 11 electric models will be launched by 2025, and the first work in the EV series "EV6" adopts the new E-GMP under the Hyundai-Kia Group. The electric vehicle modular platform is built, and a variety of electric vehicle products such as EV1~EV9 will be launched in succession. For EV6, the domestic general agent of Taiwan Sime Darby Kia not only made its first public appearance at the brand new era press conference in mid-December last year, but also held a static display pre-warming at Taipei 101 at the beginning of this year. The pre-sale was officially launched in May, and the models sold were compiled into four models: Light standard version, Air standard version, Air extended-range version, and GT-line e-AWD extended-range version. The pre-sale prices were 1.549 million / 1.689 million / 179.9 The official launch date of the new car is expected to be in mid-April this year. As for the performance version of the EV6 GT model with a power of 585hp, it is not expected to arrive in Taiwan until the end of this year at the earliest.

As for how strong this pure electric cross-border running tour is? After South Korea's Kia first opened pre-orders in April last year, it received 21,000 orders in just 24 hours. In China, after the online pre-sale activity was officially launched on March 11, it exceeded 200 orders in less than an hour, and the quota of 300 units this year was sold out faster, which also made the general agent prepare for the second wave of pre-sale activities. However, the second wave of 200 online pre-orders was also sold out in less than 3 days, which is enough to verify the charm of this 2022 European car of the year.

Sci-fi aesthetic style

Although Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are twin models of each other, and both are built on the same E-GMP pure electric modular platform, they have obvious differences in design and vehicle concept, but both have considerable future and The avant-garde interior and exterior styling, and since the Ioniq 5 is to pay tribute to the Pony of the 1980s, the entire exterior styling incorporates the retro style of the 1980s in the sense of technology, but the EV6 is completely moving towards the line of avant-garde sci-fi, especially the It is the first work in the brand to adopt the new-generation design vocabulary of "Opposites United", so the front appearance of the car no longer uses the common Tiger Nose tiger-nose water tank guard, but adopts a new design of Digital Tiger Face to create exclusive electric vehicles. The front of the car is characterized by a muscular clam-shaped front cover, with MFR LED headlights, digital daytime running lights such as "Sky Wings" and a trapezoidal black active cooling ventilation dam design under the front bumper, shaping the EV. An unmistakable avant-garde look.

With the combination of MFR LED headlights and Tianxiang Wings digital daytime running lights, it brings a visual experience that is both dynamic and avant-garde technology.
There is a black trapezoidal active cooling and ventilation air dam design under the front bumper, and the air dam diversion vent will be opened after the vehicle is started.
Originally positioned as a medium-sized crossover SUV, the EV6 has a body length/width/height of 4680/1880/1550mm, but thanks to a wheelbase of 2900mm, it has a very spacious and comfortable ride space.

As for the side part of the car, although there are no complicated lines, it has a hidden door handle design, which is also full of strong muscle. In addition, the black A-pillar painting design creates a visual impression like a floating roof. . The EV6's tail shape can be said to be the most exciting and most sci-fi design. The LED taillight group called the double moon blade is connected to the strip-shaped LED light guide strip at the end of the duck tail of the tailgate, forming an arch-shaped penetrating type. The light bar, combined with the LED sequential direction lights hidden in the metal coating and the transverse chrome trim strip, can fully display the technical aesthetics, while creating a strong visual representation.

The bright LED taillights are connected to the LED light guide strips running across both sides, together with the LED direction lights and chrome trim strips hidden in the metal coating below, showing the aesthetics of technology and high recognition.

Luxury, technology and safety are all available

Entering the cabin, you can immediately feel the high-tech atmosphere. This atmosphere comes from dual 12.3-inch panoramic curved display screens, dual-width multi-function steering wheel, Qi mobile phone wireless charging, E-SHIFT electronic knob shift system and capacitive touch. The layout of technological equipment such as air-conditioning interface. In addition, through the use of chrome-plated metal materials, black piano paint trim panels, and textured trim panels made of special mixed materials, together with 64-color interior mood lights, the cabin creates a luxurious, vivid and lively atmosphere.

As for the dual-panorama curved screen design, it can not only greatly reduce the number of physical buttons on the center console, but also provide a wealth of driving information and vehicle function operation settings, especially the 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen on the console, in addition to Apple CarPlay & Android In addition to the Auto connection function, it also has built-in functions specially designed for electric vehicles. Clicking the EV option will not only display the settings including the cruising range, battery %, and V2L external battery %, but also directly set the charging Stop charging after reaching 50%, 80% or 100%, and each data will also directly display the corresponding estimated charging time, which is quite convenient and user-friendly. Below the air outlet of the central console, there is also a very ingenious capacitive touch panel design. This panel switches between air conditioning and multimedia modes, and virtually eliminates a lot of physical buttons.

The Air Extended Range version comes standard with a 19-inch petal-type two-color cut aluminum rim and Kumho Ecsta PS71 tires (235/55R19)
In response to the demands of avant-garde technology, the main visual of the EV6 interior design is presented by the dual 12-inch large panoramic curved display screens composed of the instrument panel and multimedia audio-visual system.
The 12-inch digital instrument can change to different color themes in different driving modes, and has easily identifiable information such as speed, cruising range, instant torque output, remaining power and power recharge segments.

In addition, the suspended central saddle, which is not connected to the center console, has a special and eye-catching shape. There are also large storage slots, USB sockets and charging holes below, and seat ventilation/heating is also listed on the top of the saddle. Switches, vehicle start/stop buttons, electronic knob gears, mobile phone wireless charging panels and cup holders, etc., the entire layout has the technology and freshness that a new generation of electric vehicles should have.

In terms of equipment, the Air extended range version of the test drive is not much different from the top-spec GT-Line e-AWD model, including a multi-function leather steering wheel (with additional thermal function), dual front seats 8-way electric adjustment seat Chair (with ventilation/heating function), dual-zone thermostatic air conditioner, 12.3-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch multimedia touch screen, Qi mobile phone wireless charging, Meridian premium audio + 14 speakers, electric tailgate, ASD engine sound simulation system, 64 Color atmosphere lights, SVM 3D surround view image assistance and RSPA remote control smart parking are all standard equipment, and even the safety equipment also has a Level 2 Drive Wise intelligent safety assistance system, including SCC full-speed range intelligent cruise control, FCA front Active Collision Avoidance Assist, LFA Full Speed ​​Zone Lane Keeping Assist, BCA Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Active Brake Assist, RCCA Rear Traffic Collision Avoidance Active Brake Assist, HBA Smart High and Low Beam Adjustment, SEA Door Collision Avoidance Safety Assist, PDW Parking Distance Warning and BVM Blind area development assistance system, etc., its richness is completely irrelevant.

The Qi mobile phone wireless charging stand is designed with anti-slip and heat dissipation holes, which is very convenient and practical.
The standard sound of the Air Extended Range version is the Meridian top surround sound system with 14 speakers.
Capacitive touch buttons are arranged below the central air outlet, and the audio and video system and the air conditioning adjustment interface can be entered respectively through the switch button.
The retro-style two-spoke multi-function steering wheel has a driving mode switch button at the lower left, and the shift paddles on both sides of the rear are the switch control buttons for the number of segments of the power recharge mechanism.
The E-SHIFT electronic knob shift mechanism, which is indispensable for electric vehicles, adopts a knob-type intuitive operation design.
It is equipped with RSPA remote remote control parking system as standard. In addition to moving forward and backward through the remote control vehicle outside the car, it can also remotely perform reverse parking and roadside parking. It is a high-tech configuration.

Large space with 2900mm wheelbase

The length/width/height dimensions of the EV6 Air extended range version are 4680/1880/1550mm respectively. Although it belongs to the class of medium-sized SUVs, the wheelbase of up to 2900mm brings quite spacious rear seat space. With a 175cm adult actually riding, the knees have about 2.5 fists, and the head has about 1 fists of room. In addition, the rear seat back can also be adjusted in 5 stages of inclination, and the bottom of the foot is flat and free. The raised design not only has a spacious and comfortable riding space, but also facilitates the movement of the feet left and right. However, because of the configuration of the lower battery pack, the height of the bottom plate is raised, and the distance from the seat cushion is shortened, so it will make people with long legs. The legs are relatively suspended when riding, but by adjusting the inclination of the seat back, you can find a sitting position that can better support your legs. As for the rear luggage space, there is a storage volume of 520 liters under standard conditions, and it can be expanded to 1300 liters through the 6/4 separation of the rear seat backs, and the flatness is quite good; in addition, the rear luggage compartment floor It also adopts a double-layer movable partition design, so there is still a little storage space below. Of course, don't forget the design of the front luggage compartment. For the test car model, the front luggage compartment can reach 52 liters due to the RWD single motor design. As for the GT-Line AWD dual motor model For the space volume of 20 liters.

Directly fast, full and close to the back

In terms of power configuration, the Long Range RWD model of the test drive is designed with a single electric motor, which can output 229hp and 35.7kgm maximum horsepower and torque, and the acceleration performance of 0~100km/h can be 7.3 Completed in seconds, and its 77.4kWh lithium battery, with a 6-stage power recharge system, can bring a maximum endurance performance of more than 500km (WLTP specification). In addition, the EV6 also has excellent power management. The 77.4kWh high-voltage lithium battery pack and the 800V battery system it owns enable it to support 240KW ultra-high-speed charging. It only takes 18 minutes to charge the power from 10% to 80%. In particular, it only takes 4.5 minutes to make up the power for 100km of driving, and it has a very efficient charging performance. In addition, this time, the original factory also designed a total of 6-stage electric power recharge mechanism for the EV6, including Auto, Lv0, Lv1, Lv2, Lv3, and MAX single pedal (I-Pedal) through the steering wheel shift paddles. In stage mode, experience different tonal acceleration performance and braking deceleration performance.

Although the Air Extended Range version is only equipped with a single electric motor, the maximum horsepower and torque output of 229hp and 35.7kgm bring fast, direct, and full and vigorous acceleration performance, which fully meets our expectations for the performance of electric vehicles. .

Depressing the power pedal, the acceleration response at the start can be said to be quite in line with the "instant and direct" expectations of an electric vehicle. Although it is only the output of a single motor, the acceleration force is quite brisk and abundant, and the speed of the car reaches 120 in the moment of continuous pressing. , 130km, this is still in Normal mode, so as you turn into the highway section, switch the driving mode to Sport, and then press the pedal to the bottom without reservation. At this time, the vehicle is under the characteristics of the electric motor whose torque peaks instantly. Quickly ejected, the feeling of sticking to the back and the G-force jumping out, it shows that the acceleration force is full and powerful, and the speed of the vehicle is instantly increased to more than 170km/h, which makes people addicted and enjoyable. This is the excitement and enjoyment of driving an electric car. The fun also makes people look forward to the GT model with dual-motor four-wheel drive and a power of 576hp. What kind of surging passion will it be.

The built-in supports 800V and 400V charging specifications. In particular, 800V voltage fast charging can support up to 240kW of DC charging power. The battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes, and it can travel 100km in 4.5 minutes.

Take into account the driving pleasure and rideability

Since the chassis is equipped with batteries, the whole body has the characteristics of a low center of gravity, coupled with the solid body rigidity and the more sporty suspension damping settings biased towards European SUVs, the vehicle is quite stable when driving at high speed or changing lanes. , even in the face of winding mountain roads, the good cornering and roll suppression ability, coupled with the sharp and clear steering feel and flexible rear dynamic performance, give the driver quite high driving confidence, and even the characteristics of the rear drive can still be used. It brings a lot of control fun. At this time, it is combined with the multi-mode sound wave simulation system to create "auditory passion", which warms the blood of the entire Mercedes-Benz process. In addition, although the suspension of this car is inclined to a tough adjustment, the method of dealing with road crushing is still quite clever, the body will not have obvious bouncing phenomenon, and it can effectively eliminate shaking in case of potholes or large gaps. In addition, it can also take into account the texture of the road, giving driving pleasure and riding comfort.

With the low center of gravity, solid body and chassis rigidity, and the more sporty suspension damping in favor of European sports cars, the EV6 has a stable and neat body dynamic performance, especially the rear-wheel drive characteristics. For satisfying driving pleasure.

Test drive testimonials ~ Accelerate the construction of 240kW DC fast charging station

After the first taste of EV6, I highly affirmed this car in terms of design and development concept and overall product strength, including the creation of a technological atmosphere, cabin space planning and driving experience, especially the use of 240kW fast charging. The 800V voltage system can greatly shorten the waiting time for charging, which is the most powerful bonus for an electric vehicle. However, although the original factory has cooperated with charging station manufacturers such as Hwaseong EVALUE, TAIL and EVOASIS, there are not many charging stations that can provide more than 200kW CCSI charging specifications, so the general agent is bound to speed up the pace for 240kW DC The planning and construction of the fast charging station will not make EV6, the hero of the 800V voltage system, useless.

Kia EV6 Air Extended Range Specifications

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