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[試駕]Super Q Power ElfHonda e Advance

I finally got to test drive this ultra-Q, retro and cute pure electric car "Honda e", but this car was not introduced by Taiwan's Honda, but by "Yixin International", a domestic trader who has long been operating the Honda and Acura brand business. Import, although this car model has been imported for certification as early as the beginning of 2021, and the pre-order price has been announced, but due to the impact of the certification schedule, it has been released since April last year and after the order was announced. , It was not until this year that all the vehicle inspection procedures were completed, which also gave us the opportunity to personally test drive to experience and feel the super charming electric power of this urban electric car of Honda e.

●The price of the new car model starts from 1.99 million yuan (prices are based on the number of options)

From 1.49 million yuan for the middle-aged top gauge (quote one by one according to the optional vehicle condition and mileage)

● Cruising range 220km (WLTP)/208km (Energy Bureau NEDC)

●Maximum power 154hp/32.1kgm

●0~100km/h acceleration in 8.3 seconds

In order not to let many domestic Honda fans feel embarrassed, and taking advantage of this wave of electric vehicle market in China, the trader Yixin International has a discerning eye to introduce the Honda e, which has pure electric technology and takes into account the fun of control. All electric cars. However, the models announced in April last year were the entry-level 136hp power model and the 154hp top-spec Advance model, but now after completing the relevant certification work, the introduction plan of the original entry-level model has been cancelled, and only the introduction of this time has been changed. For the test-drive Honda e Advance model, the price of the new car remains the same as the pre-sale price of 1.99 million yuan, but additional Honda e used cars from the German market are available, priced from 1.49 million yuan, and will be based on the equipment. Quotations are made according to the condition and mileage of the vehicle, and the above-mentioned new cars and used cars can be officially listed on the road.

The cute retro shape of Q to broken watch

Honda e is a pure electric car designed for urban environment vehicles. Its exterior styling inherits the retro and cute design elements of the 2017 Urban EV Concept, such as the long oval front cowl trim and round LED head. Lights, floating roof and hatchback shape, etc., although the traditional five-door setting is changed, the creativity and details are still retained, especially the simple and lovely round head/taillight design, which brings a full of retro flavor. The mini size of 3895/1750/1495mm and the design of short front/rear overhang also give this car flexible handling, but because the wheelbase of 2530mm is not short and the wheelbase is wide, it also has a spacious car room spatial performance. In addition, there are high-tech electronic rear-view mirror cameras in appearance, as well as unique front pop-up door handles and rear hidden door handles, which not only bring a more concise and refreshing visual perception, but also improve the viewing angle and lower the characteristics of wind resistance. In addition, the Advance model for this test drive is equipped with a 17-inch black and white two-color 10-spoke aluminum rim and Michelin PS4 sports running tire as standard. The intent of manipulation is not a problem.

The appearance of Honda e inherits the design elements of the Urban EV Concept concept car, full of strong retro charm, cute and eye-catching index can be said to break the table.
Super cute and cute front view, with a long oval black front cover trim and two aura full of round LED headlights.
The rear of the car echoes the shape of the front, with the same long oval black trim panel and two lively circular LED taillights.
The styling is also quite cute and cute 17-inch 10-frame black and white two-color aluminum rim, matched with Michelin PS4 sports running tires.

Natural and comfortable home interior

The cabin design of Honda e is even more unique. It adopts "home style" as the main design axis, so sitting in it gives people a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. The material is not high-end luxury,

Instead, it is laid out with a large area of ​​wooden textured panels and light gray cloth, but it has a fine texture and a sense of tasteful design like a boutique.

The cabin design is both simple and full of high-tech atmosphere. In addition to the 5 digital screens on the console, it is filled with a natural and refreshing atmosphere and design texture like a homely and warm style.

Of course, as Honda's cutting-edge car that leads the future, the cockpit of smart technology is also indispensable. The cabin is dominated by 5 screens, including a set of 8.8-inch digital instruments and two sets of 12.3-inch LCD screens. It is composed of a 6-inch digital side mirror screen on the side of the car. First of all, the 8.8-inch digital instrument can display various driving information, such as vehicle speed, power consumption data, active safety icons, remaining power/mileage and navigation indicators. The two sets of 12.3-inch touch screen hosts on the right can be used to display and adjust most of the functional systems on the car, including Power Flow that can display real-time power, energy consumption/electric drive monitoring and other information, and can set the charging row. EV Menu with range and charging limit %, as well as 360-degree surround view image screen and various system functions such as Bluetooth, communication, music, etc., and can support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection function, especially the two sets of screens can be interchanged left and right, The passenger in the passenger seat can also help the driver to perform related operations while driving, and even download the "Aquarium" animation program, click the screen to feed the feed, which is quite fun and interesting.

The 6-inch digital side mirror screens on the left and right sides of the center console are the innovative technology equipment of Honda e. Through the exterior camera lens and the interior screen, the traffic conditions on the left and right sides of the rear are displayed, not only The picture quality is very clear and can be switched to wide-angle, especially the position and angle design is quite in line with the driver's viewing line of sight, without causing inconvenience and occlusion in the field of vision. It can be said that the future is full of technology. In addition, the test-drive Honda e also comes standard with the Honda Sensing active safety system, including full-speed ACC active distance adjustment cruise control, FCW forward collision warning, CMBS collision mitigation braking, LDW lane departure warning, LKAS lane Maintenance assistance, RDM road deviation suppression and TSR traffic sign recognition system, etc.

The Honda e Advance comes standard with a 1.7-megapixel exterior electronic rearview mirror, which helps to improve the viewing angle and reduce wind resistance.
The retro-style double-spoke multi-function steering wheel is designed with a 4-stage power recharge paddle at the rear.
The 8.8-inch digital instrument can display a wealth of driving information, including vehicle speed, power consumption data, active safety assistance icons, and remaining battery/mileage and navigation indicators.
Two sets of 12.3-inch touch screen mainframes can display and adjust most of the vehicle's functional systems, and can support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, and the left and right screens can be used interchangeably.
The traditional exterior rearview mirrors are cancelled and replaced with 6-inch digital screens on the left and right sides of the console. Not only the picture quality is very clear, but also the wide-angle field of view can be switched. There is also a display of the side blind spot warning system below.
Below the center console are 230V/1.5kW European power sockets, USB-A and HDMI jacks.
Through the screen, you can clearly see the status display of real-time power, energy consumption information, power drive monitoring and battery recharging.

Mini body space is unambiguous

The Honda e, which is specially designed for urban environment vehicles, has a body length, width and height of 3895/1750/1495mm and a wheelbase of 2530mm. Although it is small in size, the wheelbase is not short and the wheelbase is wide, so it also has a very good car. The performance of the cabin seating space. Two flannel seats made of environmentally friendly materials in the front seat are comfortable and supportive, and the central saddle is designed to be suspended, allowing the feet of the two front seat occupants to have more room to move. The rear seat is 175cm for an adult, the knees are about the size of a fist, and the head has about 4 fingers to spare. In addition, the central floor is completely flat and the cushion is moderately soft and hard. At the same time, the seatback angle is also acceptable, so the whole The ride is comfortable and relaxing. As for the rear luggage space, due to the rear single motor, its volume is only 171 liters under standard conditions, but it can be expanded to 860 liters after the seat back is tilted forward and flat with 5/5 separation. Pretty good.

Although the front seats are designed with environmentally friendly cloth materials, they have a good texture and are quite comfortable to sit up.
The rear seat has plenty of space, and the shape and color configuration of the seats are like a sofa at home with a sense of design, giving people a very comfortable and pleasing visual experience.
The standard volume of the rear luggage compartment is only 171 liters, but it can be expanded to 860 liters after the rear seat with 5/5 separation is flattened, and the flatness is quite good.

Accelerate directly and quickly without rushing

The power source of the Honda e is a MCF5 permanent magnet electric motor mounted on the rear axle. It adopts a rear-mounted rear-drive type setting and is equipped with a water-cooled 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery module. The entry model can output 136hp and 32.1kgm maximum power , the 0~100km/h acceleration time is 9 seconds, and the maximum cruising range is 220km (WLTP)), which is more than enough for daily commuting. The test-drive Advance model has a maximum power of 154hp, 32.1kgm, and an acceleration of 100 in 8.3 seconds. The maximum cruising range is 210~220km (WLTP), while the cruising range announced by the National Energy Administration is 208km (NEDC). In addition, the power consumption data released in Europe shows that both models are 17.2 kWh/100km, equivalent to 5.81 km/kWh, and the top speed is 145km/h.

The charging hole of the Honda e is located in the center of the front cover, and the imported European models adopt the AC slow charging Type 2 and DC fast charging CCS2 specifications commonly used in Europe; and Yixin International will provide a J1772 to Type 2 adapter The head is for the owner to use. If the vehicle is charged with household AC power and the charging power is 6.6 kW, it will take about 5 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%. However, if CCS 2 DC fast charging is used, the maximum power can be supported to 56kW within 30 minutes. It can be charged up to 80%.In addition, Yixin International can also introduce Power Charge wall-mounted chargers (60,000 yuan without installation) that provide Honda's original 220V 7kW, or help car owners install

The AC wall-mounted chargers from domestic manufacturers such as Delta (20,000 to 30,000 do not include installation), and the original 110V travel charger configuration is attached to the car.

The acceleration of the Honda e is like most electric cars, it is fast and vigorous, but it is not like those electric cars that emphasize the explosive performance. A rich, smooth and stable output characteristic is presented, especially at medium and low speeds, it has a very abundant torque output, so even if the car weighs 1588kg, it is quite easy and pleasant to walk in urban or mountain roads, and there is less engine. Therefore, it is an electric car that is quite comfortable and comfortable to drive, but the re-acceleration response after the vehicle speed reaches 100km/h is relatively slow, and it is obvious that it has the attributes of electric vehicles. Of course, the ability to accelerate to 100 in 8.3 seconds is not bad, especially after switching to the Sport mode, there is still a clear feeling of sticking to the back, and even the acceleration simulation sound waves bring a good driving atmosphere.

The direct, sharp and fast acceleration capability makes the Honda e quite easy and pleasant to drive in urban areas or on mountain roads, and with a cruising range of more than 200km, it is absolutely sufficient for commuting and transportation in urban areas.

The handling style of the "Honda Soul"

The handling dynamics that Honda is known for is also realized in the Honda e. By placing the battery module under the vehicle floor and close to the center, a low center of gravity and a perfect 50:50 front-to-rear weight ratio are achieved, coupled with a compact short body, short front and rear overhangs, wide track and four-wheel Independent MacPherson suspension design, these are to allow Honda e to have excellent handling and driving pleasure. In fact, after driving on a mountain road, the entire chassis and handling performance of this car are amazing, and it even has the driving style of "Honda Soul". Its compact body and the setting of the rear-wheel drive motor, coupled with full body rigidity, flexible and precise steering response and directivity, and remarkable rear tracking, have created a very neat and lively body dynamics. With excellent cornering handling, although the suspension is still set in a soft setting, the body roll suppression is better than expected, coupled with the PS4 performance tire configuration with good grip, so entering and exiting corners at high speed is quite calm and controlled , people can be very reassuring and happy to run in the bends of the mountain road, giving the driver a high degree of driving pleasure.

Although it is set as an urban electric car, the Honda e has the excellent handling style of "Honda Soul", especially the rear-wheel drive, with 50/50 front and rear counterweights, excellent tracking and excellent grip of PS4 tires. It allows people to run freely in urban areas or on mountain roads.

Test drive testimonials~ If you encounter it, you will definitely get an electric shock!

I believe that as long as you see the Honda e, you will not be attracted by the super cute and retro shape, and once you enter the cabin, you will be amazed by the entire row of large technology screens, and then you can feel the car even more. The natural and warm atmosphere in the cabin makes people feel completely relaxed and immersed in it. Even after actually driving on the road, I was conquered by the direct and vigorous acceleration pleasure of the Honda e and its excellent handling characteristics with a "Honda flavor". This is the Honda e. The super charming charm exudes from the whole body, once you touch it, you will definitely get an electric shock!

Honda e Advance spec sheet

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