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[試駕]The only two-cabin four-wheel drive manual Kia Kawan K2500 4WD

Although many brands of commercial trucks have been tried before, the protagonist of this test drive, the Kia Kawan K2500, is quite different from the past. , afterburner box, mechanical rear axle differential lock, and medium-sized commercial trucks with 6-speed manual settings, especially as imported vehicles, which have always been domestically produced vehicles in the domestic market of medium-sized trucks under 3.5 tons. Under the circumstance, it is even more "special". Now with the launch of the New Year-style model, Kawan K2500 is more competitive in terms of product function convenience and price setting, and it is a rare entrepreneurial and working partner for first-timers.

●Suggested price of 1.028 million yuan (double-cabin hand row)

●Original warranty 3 years 120,000 km

●Pleasant point Double-cabin design, can carry up to 6 people

The regret of the bead, the LCD screen of the instrument does not adopt the Chinese display interface

Under the operation of Jialebao Automobile for nearly 20 years, Kawan K2500 has indeed accumulated a lot of users' affirmation and praise in the domestic imported medium-sized commercial vehicle market. Last year, after the general agent of Kia commercial vehicles was transferred from Jialebao Automobile to Taiwan Sime Darby Kia, the 2022 New Year-style Kawan K2500 car series was brought in for the first time, which not only replaced the new sixth-phase diesel engine power, The equipment has also been upgraded and adjusted, and 3 body types including single-cab, large single-cab and double-cab are provided in one breath, as well as 8 types of compiled models including manual, automatic, two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive to choose from. The 3.25-ton class distance meets the needs of transportation and entrepreneurial leaders in all walks of life. The test drive this time is a double-cab manual 4WD model with the highest specification, and it is also the only model in the car series with a price of over one million (1.028 million).

Round and cute appearance

The impression of Kawan K2500 has always been that it is a commercial truck with a round and cute look, and the 2022 New Year model still retains the previous design elements of arc and low wind resistance, and the tiger-nose water tank guard and front and rear lights. The group shape remains unchanged, but the standard front fog lamps are also added, and the KIA new generation factory badge and new body stickers are replaced. In addition, due to the high body, the double-cabin Kawan also provides a non-slip pad for passengers under the rear door to facilitate passengers getting on and off. Easy to get on and off the cargo bed.

The highly recognizable tiger-nose water tank guard remains unchanged, but it has also been replaced with the KIA new-generation factory emblem.
The headlight group designed with black trim panel as the base has a good visual texture.
The rear of the car also maintains the cute four-circle halogen lamp group design.

The body size, cargo bed specification/ground height and load weight of the Kawan K2500 will vary with the model. The length/width/height/wheelbase of the double-cab manual 4WD model tested are: 4810/1740/2105/2415mm (5125/1740/1995/2615mm for double-cabin manual 2WD), 1870/1630mm in length/width of cargo bed (2185/1630mm for double-cabin manual 2WD), and load capacity 1391kg (1489kg for double-cab manual 2WD); in addition, the ground clearance has also been raised from 733mm of the 2WD model to 855mm of the 4WD model, in order to provide better crossing ability to face more dangerous mountain terrain.

10.5 feet long cargo bucket 733mm low cargo platform

7-inch touch color screen is the highlight

Although the Kawan K2500 emphasizes the interior design appeal of a luxury sedan, from the perspective of the layout of the entire interior, it is actually not related to the word luxury, but from the perspective of commercial trucks, it is indeed quite good. Of course, practicality is still the main consideration, so the standard equipment such as leather chairs, electric windows, heating and cooling air conditioners, sunglasses boxes and 3.5-inch instrument travel screens are all very practical, especially for the new year. A 7-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio-visual system is added, which not only has the function of mobile phone mirroring, but also can connect the mobile phone to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto function through the USB cable; in addition, the AUX-IN power connection port and 3 Set of USB jacks, in line with the current needs of 3C products. In addition, the original factory also provides a reversing development assist system and an integrated front and rear driving recorder as an option, which is indeed a very practical equipment for truck drivers. As for the safety equipment, in addition to the driver's airbag, ABS, ESC, HAS and TPMS are all standard.

The sedan-style interior design does make the cabin less like a commercial truck. Although the overall materials are still practical, the texture and atmosphere are quite good.
The center of the double-circle instrument is equipped with a 3.5-inch monochrome display, but no Chinese display screen is adopted.
Both models are equipped with a standard 7-inch multimedia audio and video system, which supports Apple CarPlay / Android Auto mobile phone connection, and an optional reversing video function.
The adjustment and setting of the air conditioning system adopts the design of three round knobs, which is simple, clear and easy to operate.
There are AUX-IN power connection ports and 3 groups of USB jacks at the bottom of the console.

In the layout of the seats in the cabin, due to the double-cabin setting, the front and rear seats can carry 3 people, especially the central position of the front seat can be turned forward into a multi-functional cup holder and storage tray + storage slot design when no passengers are carried. ; In addition, the driver's seat also has the functions of front and rear sliding and seat back angle adjustment. As for the rear seat, in addition to having quite spacious foot space, there is also a large storage space under the seat cushion, which can be used to place various appliances, which is quite convenient and practical.

Good line, good drive, strong strength

The Kawan K2500 is powered by a 2.5-liter straight-4 diesel turbocharged engine that has passed the sixth-phase environmental protection regulations. The double-cab four-wheel drive double-cab model is only equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 130hp and 26.0kgm. In fact, after the road, it can be found that the 1st and 2nd gears are set with dense teeth. In addition to being used for starting, the biggest purpose is to ensure that the load or climbing can have a strong towing ability, and it is not until the 3rd and 4th gears. Significant acceleration momentum and a sense of power extension, while the 5th and 6th gears are high-speed cruising gears, suitable for use after a highway speed of 100km/h, which can provide quite abundant and smooth dynamic characteristics. In addition, in addition to the position design of the gear lever, the gear stroke is moderate and the gear entry is accurate and clear. At the same time, the feedback force of the clutch pedal is also moderate. It is also easy to drive on parked urban roads. In addition, in the face of the rough road conditions with poor road grip in the suburban field, there is also a 4L/4H/2H shift gear in the front right of the gear lever, with a mechanical rear axle differential lock, which can be used in the 4H drive mode. Avoid the phenomenon of the rear wheel idling and slipping.

After the 3rd and 4th gears, you can clearly feel the abundant and energetic acceleration power output, especially at 1250rpm, the peak torque of 26kgm can appear. With the gear design of the manual gear ratio, it can ensure that there is still excellent dragging and climbing ability under load. .
2.5-liter next-generation CRDi diesel turbo engine

However, after all, it is a commercial truck used to carry heavy loads, so the rear suspension designed with leaf springs makes the "empty car" sway up and down like a boat on land when it encounters undulating roads. Coupled with the high center of gravity body design , it also affects the stability of cornering, so the rear cargo bed must be loaded with weight, which can effectively suppress the obvious shaking of the front of the car, and can also increase the stability of cornering; however, the steering response of the steering wheel of this car is not Not bad, and the force feels light, plus the turning radius of 5.64m, so it is not difficult to flexibly shuttle on urban roads.

The length/width of the cargo bed of the two-cabin manual four-wheel drive model is 1870/1630mm respectively, and the maximum loading weight is 1391kg.
For a medium-sized commercial truck, the Kawan K2500 4WD has a good driving experience and good flexibility, but the unavoidable is the crushing vibration fed back by the tough body and the rear suspension designed by the leaf spring, when the car is empty The resulting wobbles are noticeably up and down.

Test drive testimonials~ Many people are present and can carry goods

Double-cab, six-seater and four-wheel drive medium-sized commercial trucks are indeed rare settings in the domestic market of the same level. It has a cargo capacity of nearly 1400kg, especially the design of the four-wheel drive and 4L/4H/2H gear shift lever, which can allow the first-class owners to go deeper into the mountains and forests to do business with sports cars. tools or outdoor recreational camping vehicles.

Kia Kawan K2500 4WD Double Cab Spec Sheet


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