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[試駕]There is no big dealVolkswagen T6.1 Multivan LWB

Volkswagen T6.1 Multivan LWB

●The suggested price is 2.528 million yuan

●The average fuel consumption is 14.2km/L

●Original warranty for 4 years and unlimited mileage

●Pleasant points Proud cabin space, high-speed cruising stability

There is room for improvement in the texture of the car cabin

In the previous test drive of the T6.1 Multivan Highline model, the greatly improved cabin texture and technological level were indeed impressive, and the industry also introduced the LWB long-axle model at the end of April last year to meet the needs of multiple people, but we have not until recently. The latest 2021-style test drive released will have the opportunity to experience what changes the extra 400mm wheelbase can bring.

Compared with the time it was just launched at the end of April last year, the price of the 2021-style Multivan LWB has been increased by 90,000 yuan to 2.528 million yuan. The first change that can be seen in the appearance is the 17-inch fog silver multi-spoke style common to the original car series. The rim has been upgraded to a new 18-inch multi-spoke silver-black two-color glossy style with a very delicate and full visual effect. At the same time, it has been enlarged to a tire size of 255/45R18, which can also provide a more sufficient and stable grip. Both safety and comfort performance have positive benefits.

In addition, in terms of power configuration, although the 2021 Multivan model is also equipped with a 2.0L straight-four twin-turbo diesel engine, after re-adjustment, the maximum horsepower has increased by 5hp to 204hp, and the peak torque remains unchanged at 45.9kgm, but the output The range is more concentrated in the front section. On the one hand, it can shorten the 0~100km/h acceleration time by 0.2 seconds to 9.9 seconds (the 4Motion four-wheel drive version also shortens 0.2 seconds to 10.1 seconds), and also makes the starting and mid-section acceleration response more brisk vigorous.

The LWB model comes standard with 18-inch multi-spoke glossy wheels with a very full visual effect, and the tire size has come to 255/45R18.
The 2.0L twin-turbo diesel engine has been retuned to increase the maximum horsepower to 204hp, while the peak torque remains at 45.9kgm.

With an extra 400mm wheelbase, the length of the LWB model has grown to 5304mm at the same time, and the rest of the size and design are basically the same. Therefore, when traveling between urban alleys, in addition to being more careful about the head and tail positions and reserve enough Except for the turning radius of the body, other width and height restrictions are the same as those of the short-axle model; in addition, perhaps thanks to the longer wheelbase, the overall dynamic response is more gentle and smooth, the LWB model does not have the DCC dynamic suspension system and is equipped Under the premise that the tire flat ratio is also the lowest in the car series, the overall road comfort is not inferior to the short-axle models, especially the very smooth and calm driving experience in high-speed cruising is worthy of great appreciation. The only thing to pay attention to is that at low speeds , If you encounter large potholes or continuous uneven roads, it is recommended to slow down the speed significantly in advance to avoid the obvious bouncing feeling of large-sized rim tires from entering the car room.

Lengthening the wheelbase by 400mm will definitely have a lot of influence on the steering flexibility, but it can also improve the stability of high-speed cruise relatively.
The LWB model adopts a unique 2+2+2+2 four-row eight-seat configuration, and the second row of seats also retains the signature swivel seat function.

The most special feature of the LWB model is the unique 2+2+2+2 four-row eight-seater configuration. Although the New Year style cancels the multi-functional folding table that is a major selling point of the Multivan series, there are storage facilities under the rear seats. At the same time, the second row of seats also retains the function of rotating and sitting, plus the changing functions of front and rear sliding, seat back folding and whole seat disassembly, the space utilization can be said to be more flexible and changeable. The equipment also includes LED projection headlights, dual electric sliding doors in the passenger compartment, electric tailgate, leather seats, 10.25-inch digital instrumentation, Discover Pro 9.2-inch multimedia touch audio host, and App-Connect mobile phone connection function , three-zone independent constant temperature air-conditioning and IQ.Drive intelligent driving assistance system and other rich and practical items, it is a pity that the LWB model does not provide passenger cabin wooden floor, console wood grain trim and two-tone leather seats compared to the short-axle Highline model. Other equipment options cannot further enhance the quality of the cabin.

The interior layout is the same as that of the Highline models that have been tested before, only the wood grain trim across the console is changed to fog silver.

Test drive experience ~ the first choice for multi-person pick-up

Whether it is driving stability and comfort performance, cabin space planning and application functions, or greatly improved practical and technological equipment levels, Multivan LWB once again shows us the standard style that a high-end business car should have. It is no wonder that it has won many awards. favored by businesses and consumers.

Volkswagen T6.1 Multivan LWB Spec Sheet

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