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[試駕]Ultimate Retreat Cheetah (Part 1)Jaguar F-Pace SVR

Just as the so-called "things are precious", in the years when the current small-displacement turbo engine was in the presidency, it has become more and more rare to want a car with a large-displacement engine, let alone a large-displacement engine. Coupled with such a wonderful combination of superchargers, it can be regarded as a rare existence on the verge of extinction. But fortunately, there is also Jaguar, a rather old-fashioned British brand, which once again installed a 5.0-liter V8 supercharged engine for the slightly modified F-Pace SVR, so that we can still remember and enjoy this refreshing and pleasant experience again. Beautiful and passionate sound.

●Recommended price of 4.73 million yuan (excluding test drive options)
●Average fuel consumption 8.10 km/L
●Original factory warranty is 100,000 kilometers for 3 years
●The V8 supercharged engine that is becoming increasingly rare
●The Regret Center of Regret is too high

With the introduction of the small facelifted F-Pace P250 S and R-Dynamic S models, the high-performance F-Pace SVR facelift is carefully crafted and tuned by Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), a special vehicle department of JLR. The model was also immediately introduced for domestic sales. This ultimate performance running brigade is not only covered in appearance with a series of enhanced aerodynamic kits and SVR exclusive interior equipment for the pursuit of ultimate performance, but also equipped with 550hp and torque. The 5.0-liter V8 supercharged gasoline engine with a peak value of 71.4kgm can accelerate to 100% in only 4 seconds, and the top speed has increased to 286km/h, making it the most powerful performance travel representative in the current car series.

Domineering sports appearance

The appearance of the small facelifted F-Pace SVR also follows the design of general models, introducing a new family of "Double J" LED headlights, and can be equipped with higher-end Pixel LED matrix headlights. The front of the car still has SVR exclusive hood air intake holes. In addition, the front of the car's domineering water tank guard has increased in area, and the inner network is also decorated with a more textured dark star dome grid; in addition; , The lower bumper and air intake dam are designed with a more perverse X-shaped design, coupled with the more enlarged brake cooling air inlets on both sides and added C-shaped wing trims, which can be said to bring a bit of performance visual feeling.

The area of ​​the front water tank guard is enlarged, and the interior is decorated with a more textured dark star dome grid; the lower air intake dam and the air inlets on both sides are changed to a honeycomb mesh design.
The headlights are changed to a family-designed "Double J" LED headlight set, which makes the eyes sharper and more recognizable.
The front hood also has SVR's exclusive air intake design, which is a sign of high performance.

In the side part of the car, in addition to the increased area of ​​wheel arch trims and side skirts, it also retains the original SVR exclusive front fender heat dissipation fin hole, and is equipped with a new style of 22-inch 5 bright black satin technical gray forged aluminum Ring (optional) and exclusive red brake calipers. As for the rear of the car, in addition to the introduction of the three-dimensional blackened LED light strip taillight set for general models, it also has an SVR exclusive fixed spoiler tail, and maintains a double-sided circular exhaust tailpipe design. With the design of the lower splitter on both sides, it fully demonstrates the performance of sports performance, and also brings more optimized aerodynamic performance, reducing the drag coefficient to 0.36.

The taillights are replaced with blackened LED light strip taillights inspired by the image of the decelerating curve of the track, and the SVR exclusive model nameplate is affixed underneath to show the performance identity.
The large-diameter bilateral double-outlet circular exhaust tailpipe is matched with the SVR exclusive rear splitter, which can be said to show the full meaning of performance.

Exquisite and high-quality luxurious layout

The interior layout of the small facelifted F-Pace SVR is also fully renewed following the general model, including the entire center console, instrument panel, steering wheel, touch screen, and central saddle. A large number of suede materials are covered, and a number of SVR exclusive accessories are used to create a luxurious and sporty cabin atmosphere. The new 3-spoke multifunctional sports car steering wheel is inlaid with SVR exclusive emblems, with red stitching and metal gearshift paddles, and it has both texture and grip. The standard 12.3-inch all-digital instrument panel is covered with suede material on the upper edge, which makes it easy to run. In addition, the new 11.4-inch curved LCD screen on the center console not only imports the new generation Pivi Pro infotainment system and integrates multiple real-time vehicle information, it also has the SOTA wireless software update function, which can update the vehicle software at any time through a network connection. News.

The brand-new interior design brings a refreshing visual impression, especially the high-grade suede material layout and SVR exclusive accessories and emblem decoration set off, perfectly presenting the luxurious texture and high-performance running style cabin atmosphere.
The 12.3-inch full-digital meter with a full sense of science and technology can be used for three different display screens and backlight colors, including double ring, single ring and full map.
The new generation 11.4-inch Pivi Pro multimedia touch screen host has been replaced, the overall operation is more intuitive and convenient, and it can support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection function.

In addition, the lightweight design and the 14-way electrically adjustable sports car seat (including ventilation/heating/memory function) covered with Windsor leather and suede can be said to fully demonstrate its sports performance. Finally, the layout of the central saddle has also been greatly changed. The previous vertical transmission gear lever has been replaced with a new wide-body transmission leather gear lever. At the same time, the driving mode has also been changed from a button type to a lifting knob type design, bringing a completely new interior look. And other luxurious comfort and technology equipment, such as four-zone constant temperature air-conditioning (optional), HUD, mobile phone wireless charging, 360-degree panoramic photography, panoramic electric sunroof, Meridian 650W surround sound (optional), gesture-controlled electric sunshade, Ebony suede roof and electric tailgate can also be seen on the test drive model.

The white Windsor leather and black suede-covered sports car seats can be said to be full of competition, and have 14-way electric adjustment and heating/ventilation functions. The headrest is decorated with SVR's exclusive silk-printed emblem.
Because the front seat back is too thick and has no hollow design, the knee space of the rear seat is slightly affected, but the seat is still comfortable and stress-free.

As for safety assist technology, the small facelifted F-Pace SVR also comes standard with ACC active cruise control, AEB automatic brake assist, BSA blind spot detection assist, LKA lane maintenance assist, rear traffic warning, rear collision warning assist, The driving attention monitoring system and the Clear Exit passenger disembarkation monitoring system are also not sloppy in their specifications.

The test drive model is equipped with an air conditioning package, including a refrigeration function box, a four-zone constant temperature air conditioner, an air quality detection function, and an advanced cabin with an ion system.
The super-large panoramic electric glass sunroof is one of the most important product selling factors for RVs.

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