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[車市分析] Imperfect ending climaxes

Tucson L really shines. The localization chooses the long-axis version with the standard configuration of the Level 2 driver assistance system. The 662 units listed immediately became the brand's biggest cash cow.

According to statistics, in the last month of 2021 (December), the total number of new car listings in the domestic market was 40,307, an increase of 0.5% (40,103) over November, and a decrease of 11.4% over the same period of the previous year (December 2020). 25,324 domestic cars were listed, and 14,983 imported cars were listed, accounting for 62.8% vs. 37.2%. The cumulative number of new cars listed in 2021 was 449,859, down 1.7% from 2020.

Great domestic car

The market share broke through 60% and the prosperity reappeared

In December 2021, the number of domestic vehicles listed was 25,324, which not only broke the threshold of 25,000 vehicles in one fell swoop, but also achieved a record of 62.8%, which is extremely rare in a single month in recent years. Except for the RAV4 (2,493 units), the remaining nine models are all domestically produced cars, and they are even on the list with the top ten best-selling cars in 2021. It is obvious that even in 2021, when the epidemic situation is changing, domestically produced cars will comprehensively improve product competitiveness. Among them, the new car Corolla Cross hit a record of 4,121 units, even a slight increase of 1.9% over November (4,044 units), reaching the target of 40,000 units (40,675 units) sold by Hetai Motors in the first year.

Although the total market has declined significantly compared with the same period of the previous year due to many factors such as the resurgence of the global new crown epidemic (Omicron), chip shortage, supply chain changes, etc., there are still a few products in the top ten best-selling car series that outperformed the previous month (November 2021) .

Among them, Focus benefited from the 21.5-year reorganization and strengthened the impression of Level 2 driver assistance technology. In December, the result was 1,529 units, an increase of 4.7% compared with the previous month (1,460 units), while Nissan Kicks also achieved 1,359 units, an increase of 4.7% from the previous month. (1,270 units) increased by 7%. Although the small facelift model will not be available until this year, it still maintains a relatively stable sales performance in recent years.

The Corolla Cross is amplifying the unnecessary changes in the epidemic. In a single month, 4,121 vehicles were listed, and the gasoline-electric version (1,262 vehicles) accounted for 30.6% of the entire vehicle series.
The number of Nissan 370Z listed in a single month has reached 12, obviously the new generation Nissan Z will definitely have a bright future.

Ford Six and Domineering take third place

Hyundai Beautiful Growth debuts on Top 6

In the last month of 2021, in the past two years, the two C2 platform generals, Focus and Kuga, have won the full house of Ford Liuhe. No matter how many rumors there are in the outside world, they still insist on and strengthen the promotion of Level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistance for domestic cars. The slogan and marketing strategy of technology share, the above-mentioned two major car series not only set a record of the only domestic car manufacturer's products to be on the top 10 best-selling list in a single month, but also the total number of listed cars reached 2,888, and the imported cars were synchronized. It also showed extraordinary momentum. In the field of LCV (light commercial vehicle), the Tourer (188) and the Tourer (123) were not only envied by other competitors, but also in the field of imported cars with 455 vehicles, creating a month-on-month growth of 102.2% 's record. Entering 2022, the next highlight of the two major domestic car series will be the minor facelifted Focus and the upgraded version of Kuga compiled from the enhanced car series, etc. After all, the opponent is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Another opponent who also performed well in the same month is also aiming at major brands.

Kuga surpassed the Focus to become the Ford Six and the leader again, and its annual sales increased by 10.7% over the previous year.
Ford's imported commercial vehicles (LCVs) performed outstandingly in December 2021, with 188 vehicles listed in the Traveler alone and 123 in the Traveler alone.

That's right, we are talking about Hyundai. The fourth-generation Tucson made in China first put the long-axis version of the Tucson L into production with the right vision. In addition, it used the top version as the forward. In the atmosphere of all the ups and downs, it was announced on the market that the suggested selling price is higher than the pre-sale price. The price has been lowered by NT$20,000. Not afraid of external unfavorable factors such as the chip shortage that has no chance to end this year, in December 2021, 662 vehicles will be handed over and listed, surpassing its own little brother Venue (523 vehicles) , In addition to continuing to boost the momentum to win the HR-V (304 vehicles) that will be launched this year, the general agent Nanyang Industrial finally announced that after the Elantra is sold out, it will no longer be imported into China, and it will be equipped with a 2.0L natural car in mid-January. The entry-level version of the Tucson L with air intake engine is also showing up in the energy consumption test results. With its car frame positioning, it can fully face the current situation of CR-V and RAV4. It will be added soon after the Lunar New Year at the earliest, and the main price will be new. Whether the entry-level Tucson L of NT$800,000-1,000,000 can once again become a strong Korean wave in the next wave of domestic medium and large SUVs, all parties are watching, and the Venue, which has a significantly different car style, will block the price band of NT$700,000-1.1 million. The motives of the car will definitely become the hot topic of discussion in the domestic car industry again in 2022.

In addition, the Hyundai brand also entered the rank of the sixth largest brand in the total market in the last month of 2021 with 1,728 units, which is definitely of great significance to the group, although combined with the group's Kia (234 units) Only 1,962 vehicles were listed, which is still a long way from Yulon Nissan (2,775 vehicles), which ranked fifth in the month. Hyundai alone was on the Top 10 list and won the highest month-on-month growth rate (+30.2%) for general brands. For other pan-domestic brands, it will definitely be a respectable opponent.

Tucson L really shines. The localization chooses the long-axis version with the standard configuration of the Level 2 driver assistance system. The 662 units listed immediately became the brand's biggest cash cow.

Taiwan Honda turnaround battle

Rely on e:HEV to support the scene

Another hot topic of discussion in the ranking of car manufacturers in December 2021 is of course inseparable from the Fit e:HEV gasoline-electric model, which has been significantly reduced from the pre-sale price. At the beginning of the pre-sale, all parties thought that the pre-sale price was higher than that of the Corolla Cross Hybrid, which was obviously a bit unbelievable. Even before the launch, Taiwan Volkswagen released the Level 2 full-car standard. The matching New Polo (798,000-968,000 yuan) is regarded as a big move to buy German cars at the domestic price. Fortunately, Taiwan's Honda officially announced that the suggested price of Fit e:HEV is 799,000 yuan, not only Surprisingly, there is only a price difference of NT$50,000 with the gasoline version, which has also caused heated discussions. However, it can also be seen that even in Taiwan's car industry where the epidemic is changing, with a car purchase budget of less than one million, mainstream TAs still have a very high sensitivity to car prices. For the unpredictable public opinion, "the biggest consumer" is always the same rule, and this also shows that Taiwan Honda has transformed from a traditional passenger car to an SUV-based rhythm, and then it can only rely on domestic SUVs. The king CR-V alone supports the overall situation, but did not expect the unpredictable tricks of its opponents such as Ford VI and unconventional tactics. Of course, once the appetite of consumers is nurtured, even if the CR-V is a car alone Signboards may not be able to be placed forever to ensure that they shine.

The launch of the Fit gasoline-electric model is the real assist, and the number of new vehicles listed in a single month has doubled to 602.

In addition, if you only look at the changes in the SUV class, it is not difficult to find that after the new magic car Corolla Cross came on stage, the HR-V, which was not performing as well as expected, seemed to be worse off, including the original strong opponents such as Nissan Kicks and the smaller one. Hyundai Venue also has its own advantages. Taiwan's Honda's biggest effort this year is to fully e:HEV. In addition to the rumored CR-V e:HEV that will be added for the second minor facelift, the HR-V with a new major facelift is waiting, but although the Fit e:HEV petrol-electric model has played a role in reversing the victory However, this does not mean that the new car can be remodeled and you can sit back and relax, because both are domestic sports SUVs, there are Hyundai Tucson L Hybrid chasing after them, and then there are Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan X-Trail whose original factory has been reorganized into one. For major facelifts, the petrol-electric version will also be listed as the focus of the appeal. Even in the energy consumption report for the first time in December 2021 announced by the Energy Administration, the RAV4 petrol-electric model, the king of medium and large SUVs, can be seen. The fuel consumption of the urban mode actually reaches 75.46km/L. With the always strong brand power of the faucet, I think Taiwan Honda will win the market competition in 2022, and the competitive pressure to face will definitely not lose to the impact of the epidemic. 2021 Taiwan auto market.

Although Taiwan's Honda says it won't make it, the number of new Civics listed in a single month, including performance models, still reaches 11.

How will it develop in the future, and continue to let everyone "smell Omicron's color change" in this round of the year 2021-2022, hide at home on the sofa, eat popcorn, eat potato chips and watch the show!

Ssanyong has only 3 new cars listed in a single month. Although it announced that it will introduce a remodeled Korando, it is an indisputable fact that the original factory will be sold to the Edison Motors pure electric brand.

Imported general brand reversal trend reappears

In the last month of 2021, no matter how much the whole year changes due to the epidemic, it will not be as interesting as the situation this month. The top three brands with the best growth performance in the last month are Subaru (+222.3%), Ford (+ 102.2%), Peugeot (+91.4%); as for the three best performing brands last year, Honda (+104.2%), Infiniti (+37.5%), Toyota (+35.9%).

As for the top three brands that can achieve double growth in the month (month-on-month ratio and month-on-month ratio), they are Peugeot (+91.4%/+27.2%), Infiniti (+51.3%/+37.5%), Volvo (+ 56.3%/+21.6%), and the rest owe.

The XC40 Recharge electric vehicle listed 67 units in a single month, which shows that it still has a large number of supporters, and may become a strong challenger to other premium brands of electric vehicles.
Although Infiniti recently launched a new car, the QX55, in December 2021, it will also boost the sales of the QX50, with 80 new cars listed in a single month.

Of course, other brands are unable to achieve the aforementioned goals, or because of the shortage of chips (such as Toyota, Lexus, etc.), changes in the epidemic situation in the place of origin, and traffic jams (sea traffic, upstream and downstream land transportation), there are still some brands that appear very good. In terms of performance, in addition to the aforementioned Ford Liuhe, which has become a hot topic of discussion for many times in 2020-2021, Peugeot can be described as the best representative in the field of general brands.

The Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 was listed as 33 units in a single month, making it the brand's best-selling high-performance model.
In December 2021, 136 Land Rovers will be listed, of which 62 are Defenders. It is reported that a large number of orders have been accumulated for short axles, which shows the amazing charm of special style off-road vehicles.
Is Bronco still in? Jeep even has 6 Gladiators listed.

A French brand that has always been considered unpopular for many years, in addition to Citroen, which can support the overall situation with a Berlingo alone, Peugeot, which is also a co-agent of Baojia, can be said to be jaw-dropping for most industry players. In December 2021, Peugeot has listed 201 new vehicles. In addition to being affected by the port schedule like Tesla, the agents responded quickly to a strategy of focusing on SUVs. Of course, this is also one of the main reasons for Peugeot to turn over. Among them, 2008 (72 vehicles), 3008 (49 units), 5008 (50 units) performed well. After several years of testing, the commercial car is determined not to be introduced after the Rifter and Expert/Traveller (pilot) are sold out; and the 208 hit a record last year because the original factory could not supply, and the bidding hot agenda did not lose to Toyota's small steel gun GR. Yaris. After Peugeot and Citroen decide to go their separate ways in 2022, I believe that the general agent will also be more clear about their marketing pace, which of course also reflects that in addition to strong brands such as Skoda and Volkswagen, European affordable brands are mainly differentiated. Niche market, in the increasingly mature Taiwan market, there will definitely be a day, and there is still a lot of room for development in the ever-changing Taiwanese general brand market (some advantages such as Japanese and Korean brands with similar prices are still available. Hard to replace!).

Peugeot and Skoda listed 201 units in a single month. Except for a large number of SUVs arriving in Hong Kong, the Pilot (17 units) and Rifter (1 unit) will not be introduced after they are sold out, returning to the purely passenger vehicle positioning.
The epidemic has changed a lot, and the hot money has nowhere to go and cannot go abroad. As a result, the high-end integral camper market continues to heat up. Hymer ML-I580 will be listed in China in December 2021.
In December 2021, Flowserve Business Travel will list 190 new vehicles, of which the T6.1 family accounts for 177 vehicles. The Crafter nine-seater flagship business travel, which has been listed and sold out, has listed 12 vehicles.

In addition, regarding the market leader Hetai Auto, its performance in the field of general imported cars in 2021 is actually quite outstanding, such as the Land Cruiser Prado (24 vehicles), which has greatly increased sales of diesel-powered vehicles, and almost all price bands. Sliding door MPV army (Alphard/137, Sienna/172, Hiace/62, Granvia/50) and so on, although Honda Odyssey 2.4L listed 515 vehicles in one go (3.5L US standard parallel input listed 4 vehicles) , but don't forget the fact that the production plant was terminated at the end of last year, and some orders were indeed divided up by Kia Carnival, but don't worry, because the new generation of petrol-electric models derived from the TNGA platform will soon arrive, here. During the period of market vacuum, Hyundai Staria (T6 rival) and Custo (Carnival twin version) will also come to Taiwan. In 2022, the business travel market will definitely have another unprecedented situation.

In addition to the continuous hot sale of vans, in December 2021, Prado also listed 24 units. Obviously, the 2.8L diesel-powered fuel-saving and high-torque characteristics are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.
Perhaps because of the fever of the Hon Hai MIH effect, it is extremely rare that a Fsiker Karma new energy coupe will hit the road in December 2021.
Rich people have strong tastes, and super sports cars may not be enough. In December 2021, there will be 4 new cars under the Dodge brand, including one Charger SRT Hellcat.

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