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[酒單元] Food and Drink: Hidden in the Whiskey Backyard The Dram of Paradise

Backyard Jr. is known for its pursuit of excellence in classic whisky blending.

Backyard Jr. is a whisky museum hidden in Xinyi District. It not only collects nearly 1,500 kinds of wine, but is also good at accompanying Taiwanese-French mixed-race snacks with fine wines from various producing areas. It has become a backyard for Taipei people to escape and enjoy. .

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The backyard of a whiskey man hiding in a department store.
Solid wood plants create a sense of seclusion in the city.
Warm colors and a layout full of low-luxury gentry is a hidden paradise for whisky lovers.
The outdoor terrace of Backyard Jr. is a slightly drunk corner for leisurely gatherings and drinks.
There are as many as 1,000 to 1,500 kinds of whisky in each production area, like a museum.

Thousands of whiskeys are combined with hundreds of years of classic bartending. The various arrangements of flavors can make people instantly hide away and concentrate their minds, awakening the increasingly tired taste buds. Come to Backyard Jr., a small backyard in the A9 hall of Xinyi Xintiandi, Taipei, where It was founded by Lin Yifeng, an uncle who holds a glass of whisky. He found the food that matched it in the whisky jungle, and explored the different tastes of different whiskies.

Is whiskey good for dinner? The mellowness of high alcohol concentration will always lead to such questions. The fun of finding whisky and food lies in the sampling and experimentation along the way. In addition to whisky and chocolate being the most delicious marriage in the world, there are many specific foods that are related to whisky. A perfect pairing, as long as you "flip" the type of spirits a little, you can have a smoother serving performance.

Six ways to make your whisky taste better

Before dating the food, first of all, Backyard Jr. can attract people to taste whisky in the right way, such as the following six methods, which can make whisky taste better and taste better:

  1. use a whiskey glass

Holding a professional glass to slowly look at the color, smell, and sip whisky, it may sound a bit fancy, but you can see that sommeliers value whisky glasses so much, because a good glass can really evoke a good taste. A professional whiskey glass allows the alcohol to escape the aroma by shaking and rotating, leaving the good flavor in the glass, among which the tulip glass is the best.

  • Dilute with water

You can also dilute the whisky with a few drops of water, adding a few drops to the glass will not only dissipate the alcohol, but also open up the wine's flavors, allowing a variety of flavors such as citrus, oak, caramel sweetness, and baking spice to emerge.

  • Cool with large ice cubes or ice stones

The use of slow-melting large ice or ice stones that can maintain low temperature and liquor concentration at the same time can allow the aroma of whisky to be elegantly released.

  • add decoration

Sometimes a bottle of scotch or bourbon needs some extra aroma to cheer you up with a sip. You can add different types of garnishes to the mix, such as cherries, limes, lemon zest, etc. to add a special finish to your whisky.

  • Mix "bitters" to personalize your whisky

Bitters made from bark, roots and herbs can personalize the aroma of a single malt whisky, usually a few drops can do the trick, giving people a taste of bittersweet or bitter and sour layers. Rethinking - what exactly does whisky taste like?

  • Made into a classic mix

Backyard Jr. is an expert in classic bartending. Not everyone likes the flavor of pure-drink whisky. Through the cocktail magic of bartenders, the use of sparkling water, lemon juice, syrup and other elements can instantly enhance the essence of whisky and weaken it. You don't like the taste.

Meg Whiskey Sour, a cup of all-you-can-eat cheese

Meg Bourbon Maker's Mark is born with a pleasant sweetness. For a hundred years, it has always adhered to the craftsmanship of hand-rolling barrels, hand-made wine labels, and hand-sealing wax, replacing common rye with soft winter red wheat to create "Premium Bourbon" "The top bourbon flavor, in addition to the beauty of pure drinking, is used to make the American century-old bartender Whiskey Sour, which is a classic - the three elements of Mega Bourbon whiskey + lemon juice + syrup, plus the unique formula of the bartender of the small back garden, namely A highly recognizable house bartender, paired with homemade fresh Ricotta cheese and french bread slices, drizzled with balsamic vinegar, cypress bitters and chopped nuts, adds weight to the food, and also brings out the tenderness and richness of Meg. General Xinli Bourbon characteristics.

Meg Whiskey Sour is sour and sweet, and it's an appetizer with fresh Ricotta.

Okan American Barrel Highball, BBQ seafood goes with it

Highball is a food expert in the whisky industry. It is said that the origin of the word "highball" comes from the pioneering era of the Americas. The station staff used the signal ball to order the train to move forward at full speed! This kind of "speed"-related bartending also directly means the speed of bartending. It is quickly made with whiskey and soda water plus personal preference. It is simple, but it is related to the deepest skill. Of course, what kind of whisky is used, It is also the focus of the gluttonous taste. Auchen Auchentoshan American barrels are the work of three ancient distillations. The cost is high, but the distilled original wine is purer and more elegant, and the oak barrels can also infiltrate more high-quality flavors. The bartender of Xiaohouyuan cleverly used Highball to highlight the creamy vanilla flavor of the Okan American barrel, accompanied by the onion and garlic French cream sauce on the top of the roasted medium roll, creating a special milky fragrance layer upon layer, the end rhyme is French AOP Esperet The chili powder has a "recognizable" fruity aroma, and Highball's bubbles prolong these captivating palate.

The delicious highlight of Oaken's American Barrel Highball paired with a grilled roll is the meeting of Oaken's outstanding creamy vanilla flavor with the onion-garlic French cream sauce.

(with two)

The Macallan 12-year-old Shirley double barrel, the most classic pure drink

The most classic Scotch whisky, of course, should be tasted in the most classic way of pure drinking. The Macallan concentrates the landscape of Speyside, with classic rich dried fruit, sherry and smoked wood. This sherry The double cask also symbolizes the marriage of two kinds of oak casks that cross borders - hand-selected Spanish oak sherry casks and American oak sherry casks, resulting in an absolutely balanced classic Macallan. What's up with McAllen? Caramel pudding, nut tart, and all kinds of protein, not just steak, this "Gambe" combines white radish, raw scallops, truffle sauce, and parsley cream sauce, plus a little bit of toasted charred skin and squeezed The grapefruit juice produced has a variety of tastes, sour, sweet and bitter, and brings out the richer woody notes of Macallan.

The classic Macallan 12-year-old sherry double barrel, and the "bitter"-like burnt grapefruit juice in seafood dishes create another level of classic performance.

(with three)

GrangerClassic 10 years, romance with ice

As mentioned above, adding ice "on the rock" can make the aroma of whisky elegantly dissipate. Glenmorangie Classic 10 Years has a gorgeous aroma like vanilla ice cream, lemon, apple, peach, etc. dominated by bourbon barrels. The end rhyme is the spice market of coconut, nutmeg, and fennel, and a large ice is added to slowly melt, prolonging the happiness of the nose. Pair it with "cold appetizers" dishes of similar temperature, such as this charred fish, Cerviche, a pickled sashimi red ganache marinated in Tabasco and vinegar for six minutes. , the slight spiciness is a perfect match for the cool Granger Classic 10 Years Old.

Granger's classic 10-year-old vanilla ice cream from on the rock is like a liquid vanilla ice cream, cool and rich in aroma, suitable for hot and sour cold appetizers.

(with four)

These two wines are both good and spicy.

When it comes to spicy dishes, you have other options besides freezing sorghum and sweet liquor. Stir-fried instant noodles is the signature dish of Xiaohouyuan. With Indonesian sauce as the base and Xiaohouyuan's "secret seasoning", a luxurious version of B-level cuisine is born. The layers of black and white pepper are intertwined with the meaty beast Shirley's admiration. He's 12-year-old Highball has a more interesting fat aroma. Highball softens the spicy sauce on the tip of the tongue and enhances the special sauce aroma in the fried instant noodles, while Grandona's 15-year-old pure drink adds a rich and spicy flavor to The delicate sherry perfectly matches the sweet soy sauce in the fried instant noodles, creating a simple and satisfying delicious daily routine.

Moohe 12 years Highball and Grandna 15 years, the spicy sauce aroma of fried instant noodles at different temperatures is an experimental and interesting combination.

Backyard Jr.

Add/3rd Floor, No. 9, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City


Open Hours/11:00 – 02:00


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