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[集體評比] Veteran vs. Rookie (Part 1)Toyota Town Ace x CMC Veryca A190

Toyota Town Ace x CMC Veryca A190

One is CMC Veryca, which is the leader in the domestic small commercial truck market and has been the No. 1 (97%) in the commercial vehicle market for more than 20 consecutive years; Come, Town Ace, a new generation of small goods card with strong product strength. Although these two vehicles are both light-duty trucks, they differ in generation, equipment, safety protection, cargo capacity, brand image and reputation. In particular, the veteran Veryca Lingli relies on its affordable price, durability and durability. The reputation of the company and the complete and experienced logistics maintenance system have won the favor and love of countless domestic leaders. But the menacing Town Ace is not a fuel-efficient lamp. In addition to its strong product competitiveness, it also has the support of a strong logistics and warranty service team. Especially since its listing, it has accumulated more than 4,000 orders in just 3 months, directly eating away The country of Veryca's blockbuster must not be underestimated, and it also makes this one-on-one show where veterans and rookies compete for favor is really exciting and can be expected.

Toyota Town Ace self-aligning wooden bed TSS

The suggested price is 560,000 yuan

Maximum power 98hp/13.7kgm

Average fuel consumption 15.2km/L

Cargo platform length x width 2445 x 1585mm

Maximum load 920kg

CMC Veryca A190 Self-Row Wooden Bed 2WD

The suggested price is 542,000 yuan

Maximum power 97.9hp/13.7kgm

Average fuel consumption 12.5km/L

Cargo platform length x width 2306 x1481mm

Maximum load 774kg

Part.1 Market Dynamics

Part.2 Interior Equipment

Part.3 Space ride

Part.4 Power Control

Part.5 Conclusion report


Part.1 Market Dynamics

Under the epidemic, there must be brave men

The reason why the market leader Hetai Motor has announced its investment in domestic commercial vehicles in the past two years is nothing more than to continue to increase its market share in Taiwan's auto market, especially when the potential of the passenger car market has almost been exhausted by SUVs. The pneumonia epidemic has changed a lot, and the Chinese people have a deep concept of high-independent life and health management. The development of the passenger car market is constrained by the shortage of chips. Hetai Motors needs to strengthen its market share. Getting rich is the main reason why Guorui Automobile actively introduced Town Ace after the Innova was discontinued.

Toyota Town Ace x CMC Veryca A190

In addition, in the domestic light commercial vehicle market, China Lingli Veryca vehicle series, although the technical partner Mitsubishi Motors is subject to the strategy of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, has been unable to provide the technology platform of Lingli's original Minicab for many years. Baili, Willy to Lingli, from the founder of Yulon Group to the existing successors (Yan Qingling, Wu Shunwen, Yan Kaitai, Yan Chen Lilian), know that only self-reliance and self-improvement can continue to be popular. Products such as Xiaofacai are almost the same. An indispensable role in promoting the development of Taiwan's economy and people's livelihood, Lingli's dominance (from Ford's good helper, Prince Suzuki Carry, Shengrong Little King Kong) is unshakable, among which only the only imported Suzuki Carry introduced by Jinling Motors in 2008, and DFSK at the end of 2015. As Wenfa commercial vehicles enter the domestic market of small fortunes, Taiwan's top companies have fewer and fewer choices.

Hetai is called Zhanlingli this time. In addition to calling out the annual sales target of Town Ace of 10,000 units, Hetai also established Hetai Body to solve the biggest pain point of this type of car - "body modification". In addition to the epidemic, including the logistics industry, small business circles, and entrepreneurs' requirements for timeliness (commercial vehicles are not like passenger cars once listed on the road, and changing the model specifications requires a second certification), I hope to solve customer pain points at one time, synchronization Announced the first optional modification kits (including lift tailgate, anti-rust cargo bucket, cargo compartment "including normal temperature compartment, freezer compartment, etc.", guardrail, canvas tent, etc.), which of course forced Zhonghua Automobile to launch "" The new strategy of "one-stop shopping", began to provide original rear car modification services, with "build your exclusive business car" as the main appeal, the first shot was to launch a new original plastic-aluminum car that can be delivered together. I feel that China Lingli has faced such a strong competitor for the first time after being the sales champion for many years.

Besides, Lingli has dominated the market for many years, and many people have been making Chinese small fortunes from their grandparents all the way up to now, and finally a Toyota small fortune with a bull-headed brand is listed. We won't see the real story until the biggest battle of petty fortunes of this century begins, but don't forget that Lingli's exclusive 4WD four-wheel drive model is still unmatched.

As for vans, of course, it is still exclusive to Lingli. Hetai plans to launch in the fourth quarter. According to the new car listing data in January, Lingli vans account for only 27.6% of the entire vehicle series, the highest in the whole year. It will exceed 30%, but Zhonghua Automobile has already prepared in the past two years, so in addition to vans (5-8 seats) and passenger cars (5 seats), pure electric Lingli two-seater vans/passengers, this A battle will only start in winter.

The DFSK stable commercial vehicle, which is not well-recognized by the Chinese people, was introduced by Dongfeng Xiaokang (Chongqing) as an agent and assembled by Formosa Plastics Automobile Datum Factory. The market-exclusive 1.25-car will leave the market after it is sold out. Starting from the Year of the Tiger, Jin Wenfa and Da Wenfa (4-door, 4-seater) will take the lead. The main appeal is to upgrade the legal load of 2.5 tons and more than 1 ton. Of course, no self-discharge is the biggest pain point.

Jinling Motor's Suzuki Carry is currently the only imported car. It is the latest in terms of the original generation, and the configuration advantage of the flat-top car also makes its cockpit space the largest, and has a minimum turning radius of only 4.4m, which domestic rivals do not have. People can do it, and the number of vehicles listed last year exceeded 2,000.

The number of Xiaofacai light pickup trucks listed in the domestic market in 2021
The number of Xiaofacai light pickup trucks listed in the domestic market in January 2022


Part.2 Interior Equipment

Small fortune has advanced

Simplicity, practicality and durability are the parts of the small cargo card, and it is also everyone's understanding of it, but if there is a little more new-generation technology and higher standards of security protection, I believe it will be the head of driving it around every day. Home and masters, quite willing to see.

Town Ace self-arranging wooden bed TSS

LEDs and TSSs Beyond Practical

The front view in the cabin is quite broad, the interior design is simple and lively, and the materials and textures are practical.

The Town Ace, which has the appearance of a standard small truck, has the original headlights, daytime running lights and taillights directly provided by the LED light source for the whole car series. It also has the function of light-sensing automatic opening and closing, which is helpful for fuel consumption performance. The Stop & Start engine idling automatic opening and closing system, which is quite a breakthrough change for a Xiaofacai goods card with a value of 500,000. Although the entire cabin is still made of practical and easy-to-clean large-area plastics, the texture presentation is not bad, and the simple and clear console design also has a lively and trendy flavor, which is different from the old-fashioned design in the traditional impression. quite large.

In the cabin, the design is still mainly based on practicality, including the four-spoke steering wheel from the previous generation Camry design, the simple and easy-to-read double-ring high-contrast instrument panel, and the monochrome information display on the right side, which can provide the time /gear/fuel/mileage and other driving information, as well as the audio host with Bluetooth and USB reading functions, and the three-circle air conditioning knob with a simple but conspicuous and easy-to-operate design.

All models are equipped with LED headlights, daytime running lights and taillights as standard, and have a light-sensing automatic opening and closing function.
The 1-DIN audio head unit supports Bluetooth and MP3 playback functions, and there is a USB connection jack on the right side.
The simple and clear dual-ring high-contrast instrument panel has a monochrome information display on the right, which can provide driving information such as time/gear/fuel/mileage.

In terms of safety equipment, it is one of the main selling points of Town Ace this time. For the test-drive TSS model with a wooden bed with a top gauge, it is equipped with the TSS active safety protection system as standard, including PCS early warning protection, LDA lane departure warning, AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching, pedal misstep suppression system, and front vehicle departure reminder function are all thoughtful safety equipment that can reduce the burden of driving, and are matched with the same standard VSC, TRC, HAC As well as ABS+EBD+BAS+BOS+EBS braking system and dual front-seat airbags, this is a configuration that is quite sincere for Xiaofacai cargo cards that did not pay attention to safety equipment in the past.

The lower left side of the driver's seat is equipped with control buttons for automatic engine on-off switch, headlight angle adjustment, tire pressure, tracking system and forward collision warning system.
Town Ace self-arranging wooden bed TSS main equipment table

Veryca A190 Self-Row Wooden Bed 2WD

Multi-function steering wheel, constant speed are not lacking

The interior design with a decent shape is also laid out with a large area of ​​plastic that is mainly practical, which is in line with the durable and durable style of the small cargo card.
Well-shaped and rather eye-catching large front fog lamps are standard equipment on the wood-bed self-displacement 2WD models.

After a major facelift in 2018, Veryca has a new look on the front of the car. In addition to the more three-dimensional and dazzling halogen headlights and DRL daytime running lights, the headlights also have a light-sensing automatic opening function; in addition, The air intake dam and front bumper made of a large area of ​​black plastic, together with the large circular fog lamps on both sides, make the front of the car more trendy and imposing. Such a shape change really adds to the likability. few.

In terms of cabin design and interior equipment, it is also upgraded in the facelift. Although the center console is still made of a large area of ​​hard plastic, and the air conditioner is also designed with traditional knobs, it has a multi-function steering wheel design with audio on the top. , cruise control buttons; in addition, the new instrument panel is also embedded with a monochrome LCD display, which can view driving information such as average fuel consumption, remaining mileage and tire pressure.As for the CD audio main unit, although the 1-DIN setting is still used,

It also supports MP3/WMA reading function. At the same time, there is a set of USB audio source connection/charging holes at the bottom. I believe this will be a practical plus.

As for the safety equipment, it also has a good level of performance, including ABS/EBD/HBA/BOS/ESS braking system, ASC body dynamic stability, TCL anti-skid control, ARP active anti-overturning, HSA steep hill start assist and TPMS wireless tire pressure detection The test and front seat dual airbags are all available; in addition, a complete set of ADAS intelligent safety assistance systems are also available for option (dealer sales are optional), including blind spot detection warning, FCW forward collision warning, LDW lane departure warning , PCW pedestrian warning, SDA vehicle distance warning, VB virtual bumper and FCDA front vehicle start prompt system, so that the first family who pays more attention to safety has an extra guarantee option.

CMC Veryca A190 self-arranging wooden bed 2WD main equipment table

short comment

In terms of the amount of equipment, the Town Ace is actually similar to the Veryca, but after all, the Town Ace is a new generation. It follows the trend and has new technological equipment such as LED headlights and daytime running lights. At the same time, it also has TSS safety protection with the car. Technology is listed as standard, which is where Town Ace is more popular and dominant. However, Veryca also has a positive and sincere act in this regard, and provides a complete set of ADAS intelligent security protection technology for selection, which is also worthy of recognition.

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