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[集體評比] Veteran vs. Rookie (Part 2) Toyota Town Ace x CMC Veryca A190

Part.3 Space ride

Storage compartment, cargo platform load and size are the key points

For a commercial small cargo card, in addition to whether there is a place to put care drinks and cigarettes and betel nut boxes, the size and load capacity of the cargo bucket are definitely the biggest demands of the product.

Town Ace self-arranging wooden bed TSS

Wide cabin space, 3.88㎡ cargo bed area

Although it is a small truck, it does not feel cramped after sitting in the Town Ace cockpit. Instead, it gives people a wide riding experience, and the front driving vision is also good, especially the peninsula-style gear design, which also creates a larger The extra space for footsteps and the flattened floor design make it easier for drivers to get on and off from left to right. In addition, the integrated seat design also has a front and rear sliding function, and the ride comfort is also good, which is quite good for the first-timers who need to drive for a long time. In addition, there are quite a lot of large and small storage compartments and open storage spaces in the entire cabin. There is no place to put cigarettes, betel nut boxes, mobile phones and scattered small things, especially in front of the air outlets on the left and right sides. The cup holder can be used to maintain the cooling effect of beverages, which is worthy of praise.

The Town Ace's cockpit space is quite wide, especially the peninsula-style gear lever, which also allows the legs to have better extension space. In addition, the one-piece seat also has a good ride comfort performance.

As for the cargo bed setting part of the cargo bed that is most concerned by small cargo truck users, the TSS version of the Town Ace self-arranging wooden bed is the test drive. The length and width of the cargo bed are 2445mm and 1585mm respectively. The cargo area is 3.88 square meters, and the maximum load capacity can reach 920kg (930kg for the manual), and the cargo capacity performance is quite good. In addition, the wooden bed bucket is made of solid wood dried at high temperature from natural wood. Although the cost is higher than the synthetic wood generally used by other brands, it has the characteristics of light weight, high resistance to bending force and impact force. In addition, a single wooden slat can be replaced during maintenance without replacing the entire cargo bed assembly, so the maintenance cost can be greatly reduced.

The cargo bed is made of solid wood, which is not only lightweight, but also has better bending and impact resistance, and can be replaced with a single wood strip.
The length and width of the cargo platform are 2445mm and 1585mm respectively, the cargo area is 3.88㎡, and the maximum load capacity of the self-displacement model can reach 920kg (manual displacement 930kg).
Town Ace self-arranging wooden bed TSS

Veryca A190 Self-Row Wooden Bed 2WD

The cabin space is just right, 3.42㎡ cargo bed area

Due to the small body size of Veryca A190, the spaciousness and ride comfort of the entire cabin space are somewhat different from Town Ace, but the seats are designed with a mix of plain weave and leather, as well as foam padding and increased area. The large headrest can also bring good rideability; in addition, the seat and seatback also have front and rear sliding and angle adjustment functions to correspond to drivers of different body sizes, only the separate headrest and seat The design of the chair may cause the problem of poor comfort with the back of the seat in the front but the headrest in the back. As for the cabin, there are also large and small storage compartments, and the change slot, ashtray and cup holder are also available. The master's favorite cigarettes, betel nut boxes and refreshing drinks are not afraid of running out of place.

The Veryca's cockpit isn't cramped, but it's only adequate, and the center-gear saddle design limits legroom a bit. In addition, the seat with the headrest and the seat back separated is not as comfortable as the one-piece molding.
There are also cup holders, large and small storage compartments, coin slots, etc. There is no shortage of places to put beverages, cigarettes, betel nut and small scattered items.

In terms of the size of the cargo bed, for the Veryca A190 self-arranging wooden bed 2WD model tested this time, the length and width of the cargo bed are 2306mm and 1481mm respectively, the cargo bed area is 3.42㎡, and the maximum load The weight is 744kg, and the loading area and load capacity of the entire cargo platform are somewhat different from Town Ace. However, the front end of the Veryca cargo platform is also designed with a baffle. Although the length of the cargo platform is less extended, it has a protective effect on the cargo and the carriage. better. In addition, in October 2020, Veryca also added the A210 self-displacement (552,000) / manual (497,000) dual models with increased body size. The length of the cargo bed was increased to 2410mm, and the cargo area was increased to 3.57㎡. And the maximum load capacity has also increased to 950kg, bringing the total weight to 2100kg.

In addition to the three baffles at the left and right and rear, one is added to the front of the cargo bed, which provides better protection for the cargo and the carriage.
The cargo bed of Veryca A190 is 2306mm long and 1481mm wide, the cargo bed area is 3.42㎡, and the maximum load is 744kg (A210 is 950kg).
Veryca A190 Self-Row Wooden Bed 2WD

short comment

Taking advantage of the larger body size, the Town Ace does have a wider cabin space, cargo bed area and load capacity than the Veryca A190. However, in response to this, Zhonghua Automobile also offered a corresponding strategy and launched the Veryca A210 model with a larger cargo bed area and carrying capacity for selection. Its attitude and sincerity are affirmed.


Part.4 Power Control

Power and fuel consumption are the key

The most important thing for a small truck used to carry cargo is full power, strong climbing, and flexible and easy driving; in addition, the fuel consumption performance should not be too bad, after all, running around with heavy loads every day consumes fuel, and it can save a penny. Earn a point.

Town Ace self-arranging wooden bed TSS

Powerful, easy to control and easy to use

Town Ace is equipped with a 1.5-liter Dual VVT-i dual continuously variable valve timing gasoline naturally aspirated engine with the original code 2NR-VE. The matching transmissions are 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic. The self-discharge model tested can provide maximum horsepower and torque output of 98hp and 13.7kgm, and integrates the Start & Stop engine idling automatic opening and closing system, and has an average fuel consumption performance of 15.2km/L. In order to be closer to the daily cargo-carrying situation, the original factory also placed a 100kg sandbag in the cargo bucket for a test drive. In fact, after the road, the performance of this engine is quite gentle and smooth when it starts to accelerate, but as the accelerator is stepped on and the number of revolutions is increased, it brings a more powerful acceleration force to push the body full of cargo, even if the surface On the mountain climbing section, under the high-pitched sound of the engine running hard, you can also calmly Benz or even overtake with sufficient force, especially the gear connection when the gearbox is up and down is much smoother than expected, so the whole The running quality of the engine and the shifting efficiency of the transmission all have a certain level of performance.

Although the horsepower output is less than 100 horses, under the load of 100kg, it is quite good for walking in urban areas or climbing hills, and there is no heavy drag or lack of power.
The well-tuned four-speed automatic transmission has a good shift connection response, bringing more instant acceleration power and an average fuel consumption of 15.2km/L.
Equipped with a 1.5-liter Dual VVT-i naturally aspirated gasoline engine code-named 2NR-VE, it has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 98hp and 13.7kgm.

The Town Ace's front suspension is an independent MacPherson design, and the rear suspension is also set with a leaf spring attached to a shock absorber, which is common in small commercial vehicles, although the original factory emphasizes that its front shock absorber travel has passed. The lengthened design improves shock absorption and comfort performance, but the leaf spring of the rear axle will inevitably bring about obvious crushing and bouncing, which will affect the comfort, but the bouncing can be effectively slowed down by the loading of heavy objects in the cargo bucket. The degree of the situation, coupled with the EPS electric auxiliary steering wheel with easy and labor-saving steering, and the minimum turning radius of 4.9m, make it easy and dexterous to shuttle in the streets and traditional markets. The truck, even after a long test ride, can still feel the characteristics of this car as balancing cargo, comfort and handling as much as possible.

All models are equipped with 175/R14 tires as standard, which contributes to the maximum load capacity.
The handling performance can only be said to be average, and the setting of the rear axle of the leaf spring cannot avoid the bouncing and vibration phenomenon on uneven roads and potholes.
Town Ace self-arranging wooden bed TSS specification sheet

Veryca A190 Self-Row Wooden Bed 2WD

The head is full, and the load is not tight when climbing

The Veryca A190 is powered by a 1.5L VVT engine code-named 4G15V. The gearbox also has a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic set for the test drive. The maximum horsepower and torque output of this 1.5L engine is 97.9hp, 13.7kgm, and the average fuel consumption is 12.5km/L. In fact, during the road, a 100kg sandbag was also placed in the cargo bed to approach the situation of general cargo loading. The output characteristics and strength of the entire acceleration power are very little different from Town Ace. The acceleration at the start is smooth and not dragging. After the speed reaches 3500rpm, you can get a more satisfying acceleration force, although the engine noise is louder and the speed is higher than that of the Town Ace. There is a sense of frustration, but it can provide enough acceleration thrust for driving, so it is quite easy to handle even on uphill sections. In addition, this automatic transmission also provides 2nd gear, L gear and O/D Off button, which not only provides a corresponding response when faced with the road conditions requiring forced downshift, but also the engine braking function brought by the low-speed gear. It is the best helper to reduce the brake burden when driving on mountain roads with heavy loads.

Although the engine sound of the accelerator is a little louder, and the shifting of the automatic transmission is not so smooth, the overall acceleration performance is quite good, and there is no feeling of suffocation when overtaking uphill.
The four-speed automatic transmission provides 2-speed, L-speed and O/D Off button design, which is the best helper when going up and down hills.
This 1.5L VVT engine replaces the previous 1.3L, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 97.9hp, 13.7kgm, and an average fuel consumption of 12.5km/L.

For a small cargo truck that is completely based on cargo and load, maneuverability and comfort are definitely not the focus of its appeal, and the Veryca A190 is of course no exception. The suspension system is also based on the needs of seed loading. , The rear five-piece leaf spring design, but the steering wheel that used hydraulic assistance in the past was replaced by EPS electric auxiliary design, and the steering gear ratio has also been revised, so it is quite easy to drive, plus the front of the car is also good. And the minimum turning radius of 4.9m, it is easy to drive it through the city streets and alleys to deliver goods.Of course, the rear axle designed with leaf springs makes the phenomenon of bouncing and vibration constantly appearing during driving, especially when driving through uneven roads and potholes. Being able to lie down and gradually adapt to and get used to it, this is what the first family needs to learn when they start a small fortune

's first homework.

Veryca A190 Self-Row Wooden Bed 2WD Spec Sheet

short comment

Under the condition that the engine power settings of these two small trucks are almost the same, the thickness of the overall acceleration force is not very different. The urban delivery is sufficient, and the load climbing is not a problem. The slight difference is only in the Town Ace gearbox. The shift logic response is closer to the driver's needs, and brings more arbitrary force driving; in addition, Town Ace also has a better comfort performance because of the less bouncing phenomenon.


Part.5 Conclusion report

Durable, durable, with stopper

For the hard-working first-timers, in addition to the affordable price, a good Facai small cargo card requires the product itself to be very durable and easy to use, the lathe is good for cargo, the driving environment is comfortable, and the maintenance is convenient, etc. If coupled with good fuel consumption performance, it would be even more perfect. Regarding the characteristic requirements of these vehicles, after the actual test drive of the Town Ace and Veryca A190, it is undeniable that the new generation of Town Acey is not only in the space and comfort of the cockpit, but also in the cargo area and load capacity of the cargo bed. Weight, as well as the power chassis settings and fuel consumption performance, etc., are indeed more advantageous, plus some new-generation convenient designs, such as no need to fold the seat, just open the hood to add wiper water, water tank water, and brake oil. Maintenance, as well as the location of the battery is not exposed but set under the seat, and the fuel tank cap is designed to open in the cabin, etc. These are all innovations and evolutions that are different from the previous impression of traditional small trucks. Therefore, the launch of Town Ace Immediately, it won the attention and favor of the first family, and it definitely comes from its own origin.

However, Veryca, which has been dominating the small cargo card market for decades, is by no means a generalist. Just as a leader in the refrigerated logistics industry we interviewed said, although he is quite impressed with the product power and freshness of the new Town Ace I have a good impression and heart, but in the end I still choose Veryca A190 for the car purchase, because under the previous continuous car experience, he thinks that the setting and performance of the whole vehicle of this small truck are quite competent and excellent, especially the durability of the vehicle. , proper rate, mature experience in logistical maintenance, and modified car body, etc., all have a very good market reputation. These are things that the new Town Ace has not seen or heard so far, so I decided to choose Veryca A190 in the end. Veterans are more at ease. Indeed, after all, commercial vehicles are very different from ordinary passenger vehicles, especially in terms of vehicle availability and logistical maintenance services. The requirements and experience will be higher. This part of Veryca has an inherent advantage, and Town Ace is bound to go through a period of time. Only after the observation of time can we really see the true chapter.

editorial view

Because Lingli Veryca had no direct competitors in the market before, and the product strength was also affirmed by the leaders and bosses, it continued to dominate the market at this level for more than 20 years. However, after Hetai Automobile launched Town Ace, a powerful shock bomb aimed at Veryca, it is expected that Veryca's dominance and consecutive dominance over the past few decades may be changed, mainly because of Town Ace's own product strength. It is quite outstanding, especially with the characteristics that are closer to the needs of domestic leaders, coupled with Toyota's excellent car quality and deep-rooted brand image deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers, as well as the support of a strong logistics maintenance sample system, etc. The energy benefits generated by the superposition of the two can make Town Ace the new darling of small commercial vehicles, occupying a pivotal position in the small truck segment market.

Of course, Zhonghua Automobile is not a fuel-efficient lamp, so it is still difficult to shake the dominance of Veryca in a short period of time. After all, Veryca, a veteran who has been deeply cultivated in the market for many years, has a very good reputation and likability. Coupled with the series of preferential car purchase measures and upgrade plans offered by Zhonghua Automobile in response to the listing of Town Ace, Veryca is still full of combat effectiveness.

Toyota Town Ace x CMC Veryca A190


Town Ace product strength appeals to me

Zhang Yongrang the freight forwarder

Work Truck/Toyota Surf Bucket

Booked Town Ace

Because the previous work vehicle was a Toyota Surf truck, after years of hard "driving", I am quite sure of Toyota's build quality, especially in the logistics maintenance service. I was satisfied for a long time, so when I heard that Hetai Motors was going to launch the new Town Ace small truck, I started to pay close attention to the information of this car, and when there was a real car displayed in the booth, I immediately went to see the car, and then placed an order. . Because the cargo space of this car is very large, and the self-displacement model has a load capacity of 920kg, which is quite in line with my load requirements, especially the price of the wooden bed/self-displacement is cheaper than the Veryca A190 self-displacement dual-airbag model , and has better fuel consumption performance. Even the TSS model is only 18,000 yuan more expensive, so I resolutely ordered it. Now it depends on the performance of the subsequent durability and proper rate of this car.


Maintenance experience and reputation are very important

Wu Yuanfang, owner of cryogenic logistics

Work Vehicles/8 Veryca Vans

Ordered 2 Veryca A190s

Due to his work as a frozen food tray dealer, China Verya trucks have been used for many years as a means of transportation. The news that Town ACE has started to take orders is actually looking forward to it, because I really want to try Toyota's products. However, after several considerations, I finally decided on Veryca A190. After all, after using the Lingli truck for a long time, this car is really durable, durable and has a block head, especially its warranty capability in the market is very mature. There is no problem with the circulation of the pieces, and there are many modified products from enthusiastic players in the market; of course, the durability is also relatively high, I dare not say whether Lingli is good or bad, but there was only this car in the previous market, and there is no way to compare it. But I think Lingli will be a stable choice. However, I still have expectations for the Town Ace, and I hope that the company can purchase 1 or 2 units to compare with the Veryca A190.


The selling point and attractiveness of the vehicle

Lin Chengda, Secretary General of Taiwan Mobile Vehicle Entrepreneurship Development Association

I am a counselor in the planning, design and entrepreneurship of mobile food trucks, so I am quite familiar with and understand commercial trucks. For the newly launched Town Ace, if compared with the most direct competitor Veryca A190 on the market, it is only the larger cargo bed brought by the larger body size and the higher load capacity performance. The Town Ace is very interesting. After all, this is the most important point for the first home to buy a cargo card. In addition, the cockpit of the Town Ace is obviously more spacious than the Veryca, and the seat comfort is also better, which is very important for every day. For those who drive for a long time, it is also a selling point. Others, such as the design of the fuel tank cap switch in the car and the convenience of adding wiper water, water tank water and brake oil maintenance when the hood is opened, are also extra points. Therefore, Town Ace is quite optimistic and expected, especially the prices of the two cars are very close, so it will definitely cause a considerable threat and impact on Lingli.

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