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【2022 Taiwan Car of the Years Awards】Honda Fit won the 2022 Fengyun Car Triple Crown

●Adopt Japanese-standard pet cuteness and affinity modeling and simple and comfortable home interior

●Home petrol version and e:HEV petrol-electric version are optional

●Standard Honda SENSING smart safety active protection system

●Exclusive ULTRA SEAT multi-function changing seat function first

The energy efficiency of e:HEV gasoline-electric version is as high as 26.9km/L

The results of the 2022 Auto News Awards are out! After a long and rigorous two-stage selection, a jury panel composed of many senior automotive media, industry experts and consumers finally announced that Honda Fit won the "2022 Auto of the Year" award. Won the honor of "2022 Best Domestic Small Car"! In addition, Honda Fit, the annual Fengyun car netizen prediction voting activity before the selection, won the highest vote rate and was awarded the "2022 Best Popular Car Model". Ascend the triple crown with excellent performance and become the biggest winner of the 2022 Auto News Awards. What are the advantages of Honda Fit that can meet the strict evaluation and discerning consumers?

Affinity modeling shortens the distance between people and vehicles, and is in a bright and comfortable home space

A change from the sharp and sharp lines of the past, the new Honda Fit adopts the Japanese standard setting, which not only has a warm and friendly shape, but also has a large area of ​​full LED headlights, daytime running lights and no water tank cover design. As well as the smile trim on the upper edge of the bail, Fit looks more like a small pet. This simple, honest, simple and cute bionic face shows the kindness and warmth that men, women and children like. Standing out from a group of indifferent power machines, it instantly shortens the distance between people and cars. No wonder many people say that Fit is very similar to Shiba Inu.

The Honda Fit is launched simultaneously with optional appearance kits, including spoiler under the front and rear bumpers, spoiler side skirts, spoiler rear spoiler and colorful smile lines on the front.

Fit's "bright, simple and comfortable" space design elements can be seen from the four-sided glass on the side of the car and the minimal blind spots in the interior of the car. The front windshield is designed with triangular windows on both sides to reduce the curvature so that the driver has a wider field of vision. The narrow A-pillar greatly reduces the blind spot of driving vision when turning, and the small triangular window behind the C-pillar provides brighter lighting for rear-seat passengers. The flat center console, the dual-width multi-function leather steering wheel from Honda e, the dual-mode display LCD instrument, the 8-inch touch multimedia audio and video host, and the three-knob thermostatic air conditioner are all given the most minimalist styling/operation/display methods. The white trim panels on the steering wheel control panel, the upper edge of the cup holder and the gear seat bring more style and texture to the simple design.

The car room built with the concept of "bright, simple and comfortable" is as comfortable as your own living room.

In addition to the bright interior space and the simplest operation method, Fit also improves the ride comfort of the whole car. The newly designed G-frame somatosensory pressure seat is made of leather and fabric, not only on the front seat surface The thickness of the supporting material is increased in the parts, and the support and covering of the back, waist and hips are strengthened through the ergonomically designed structure and skeleton. The body of the front seat passenger is fixed to reduce shaking, so even if you take a long ride, you will not feel tired.

Dual power system, maximize the efficiency of fuel/electricity

The new Honda Fit is divided into Home gasoline version and e:HEV gasoline version according to different power sources. Among them, the Home gasoline version is equipped with a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC multi-point injection engine with Earth Dream technology, with a power output of 121ps/14.8kgm and has been specially tuned to make the torque peak appear in advance, with G-Design Shift CVT gearbox , except that the driving experience at low and medium speed is lighter and smoother than the previous generation, and the energy efficiency has been improved to 17.9km/L.

The e:HEV gasoline-electric version uses a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC multi-injection engine with Atkinson cycle, a lithium-ion battery and two drive/generator motors to provide hybrid power for the vehicle. Honda has also developed excellent power management system. When starting or driving at low speed, the power source is the "EV pure electric mode" in which lithium battery power is output to the drive motor. When accelerating strongly or climbing a hill, the motor is also driven by pure electric power. At this time, the engine runs and drives the generator motor to act as a generator. Lithium battery The battery is charged, and the HYBRID hybrid mode of electric drive is realized and provides a powerful acceleration feeling. When the vehicle is cruising at high speed, the engine directly drives the vehicle through the clutch and the super-ratio gear of the gearbox, which is equivalent to the general oil vehicle driving in a high-speed environment and exerting the best performance of the engine. When braking, the drive motor also recovers kinetic energy to charge the lithium battery.

The net engine output of the e:HEV gasoline-electric version is 98ps/13.0kgm, and the motor output is 109ps/25.8kgm. It is equipped with an excellent electric drive priority hybrid management system to give full play to the high speed and low speed of the fuel engine and the high torque of the electric motor. With the dual advantages, not only the acceleration feeling is better than that of ordinary fuel vehicles, but also the energy efficiency has reached an incredible 26.9km/L.

Honda SENSING thoroughly protects occupant safety

In terms of active and passive safety/driving assistance systems that are most valued in new cars today, the new Honda Fit will rigorously include ACC active distance adjustment cruise control, CMBS collision mitigation braking, FCW forward collision warning, LKAS lane keeping assist, Honda SENSING intelligent safety active protection system of 15 subsystems including LDW lane deviation warning, RDM road deviation suppression and AHB high beam automatic switching system is listed as the standard configuration of the whole vehicle. Although the BSI blind spot detection warning system, AVAS vehicle approaching pedestrian warning sound system and the 7th driver's seat knee SRS auxiliary airbag are only equipped on the top-level e:HEV gasoline version, the overall safety protection of the new Honda Fit is quite Complete enough to completely protect the safety of the occupants.

The Honda SENSING intelligent safety active protection system is standard on all Fit models, and the safety protection is watertight.

The most practical space function

The most exclusive and disdainful cabin function of the new Honda Fit is the ULTRA SEAT multi-function changing seat inherited from the previous model. Through design techniques such as the forward movement of the fuel tank and the clearance under the rear seat, the ULTRA SEAT multi-function changing seat can be operated independently of the left and right four/six, and the seat surface can also be lifted into the Tall Mode with the highest space in Tall Mode. Inverted (the seat surface will be linked to dive) is a flat and large-area elastic U mode. The right rear seat unilateral U mode plus the rear of the passenger seat has a super-long L mode that can carry long objects. Whether long, wide or tall objects can easily fit into the Fit and maintain a space for 2 people, the ULTRA SEAT multi-function changing seat is quite amazing.

It will have an affinity appearance and bright, simple and comfortable interior space; fully loaded with safety equipment and exclusive space function, whether it is the Home gasoline version or the more advanced e:HEV gasoline version, you can easily enjoy the Honda Fit. It is no coincidence that the beautiful driving experience of the company has been unanimously affirmed by the reviewers and consumers.


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