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[100 Questions]Nine Questions about Correct Tire Use (Part 2)Teach you how to prolong tire life

Question 5: Do the tires and aluminum rims have the correct matching specifications?

Due to cost considerations, some original tires are usually unable to provide large-sized tire beads. Therefore, many car owners often use subsequent upgrades to meet their own needs. Some car owners even deliberately use wide aluminum rims with narrow tires to create Exaggerated visual effects, but the abnormal matching of bead specifications will shorten the life of the tire.

Some car owners will choose a wider aluminum rim to make the sidewall look trapezoidal, which is the aesthetic of the line that many Hella players like, but the outer edge of the aluminum rim is easily damaged due to the lack of tire coverage, and it is less comfortable; on the contrary The narrow rim design often used by the original factory tires is easy to make the sidewall unable to maintain a vertical state and reduce the steering response, but it can protect the aluminum rim and improve the shock absorption effect.

In the end, what proportion of tires and rims should be matched? The author here provides a formula often used in the tire industry for your reference. The formula is for tires with an aspect ratio of more than 50, and the tire width × 0.7 is the standard for matching the width of the aluminum rim; if the aspect ratio is less than 50, the tire width × 0.85 is another standard. This formula is not absolute, but has a certain reference value. In addition, remember to convert the width of the aluminum ring to mm (ie J value × 25.4) before you can compare.

The picture shows the correct bead matching, and you can see that the tire wall completely covers the outer edge of the rim, providing additional crash protection for the rim.
The width of the rim in the picture is 9.5Jx25.4=241.3mm, so it is more suitable for installing tires with a tire width of 285mm (285×0.85=242.25).

Question 6: I often see wear marks on the sidewalls of some vehicles. Why is this happening?

In Taiwan, where there are a lot of small people, the size of the street parking space on the urban roads is always just enough. Therefore, some skills are always required to park in the parking lot. Because of this, some car owners are more careless when parking. It is possible to park too close to the sidewalk, and the tire wall or aluminum ring may grind to the curb and be damaged. If the grinding condition is relatively minor, it may only be damaged on the surface. If the extrusion condition is too severe , the steel wire in the sidewall may break, and the aluminum ring may also be deformed.

When parking on the side of the road, pay special attention to the right tire not to rub against the sidewalk, especially at night, it is easier to park, you can use the right side mirror to help observe the view state below the side of the car.

To avoid this situation, the author suggests that you can make good use of the rear mirror on the right side. When parking, you can turn the entire rear mirror down to make the view below the side of the car clearer. Maybe the above situation can be avoided. Of course, if it is possible , asking family members to indicate the parking distance beside the car is also a good method, especially when the vision is not clear at night, it can avoid grinding tires or hitting obstacles behind the car.

In addition, if the parking space is really small, and you need to drive on a small slope on the sidewalk to gain space when reversing, it is recommended to hit the tire as much as possible, so that the tread presses on the small slope instead of the sidewall, because if it is If the tire wall is decompressed, it will also cause excessive extrusion of the tire wall, resulting in damage to the steel wire layer, and may even damage the outer edge of the aluminum rim, resulting in a missing angle or deformation of the rim.

If you have to open a small step, it is recommended to drive the tire out as much as possible, so that the tread presses over the step instead of the sidewall, because if the sidewall depresses the step, it will also cause the tire sidewall to be excessively squeezed and damaged. , and may even damage the outer edge of the aluminum rim, resulting in missing or deformed rims.

Question 7: Can a flat tire be opened? What can go wrong?

When the tire is deflated to the point of flattening, don't push it to the maintenance plant, as this will cause the steel wire layer inside the tire to break due to the rolling of the vehicle weight, and the tire can no longer be used at that time, and because the tire has no tire pressure Support and expansion, the tire and the aluminum ring may also be separated because of this, which may cause damage to more parts of the chassis. A more correct approach should be to park the vehicle on a safe roadside (only on flat roads), and then Decide to change the spare tire, or call roadside assistance.

The main cause of tire deflation is the puncture of the nail, but the location of the puncture is different, which will also affect whether the tire can continue to be used in the future. If the tire is not leaking, you can continue to use it. If the tire wall is punctured by a nail, in principle, this tire cannot be used again. It must be replaced with a new tire, and it is best to use the same model for the left and right tires. to ensure consistent drainage.

If you see the tire pierced with a nail, do not pull it out by yourself, because if the nail pierces the tire, this will cause the tire to start to deflate, so it is recommended to go straight to the tire shop and ask the master to pull the nail out, and it will be safer to repair the tire by the way.

Question 8: How to pass through potholes when driving to be safe?

The quality of pavement pavement in Taiwan is obvious to all, and it is difficult to change over the years. After heavy rain, the road surface is always full of large and small potholes. Small potholes are okay. If you encounter large and deep potholes, you may accidentally press them. It will cause a tire blowout or rim deformation. Since the chance of running through a pothole cannot be avoided, try to learn some tips to reduce tire blowouts.

According to the author's past experience, the driving speed tends to slow down on rainy days, especially at night. First, it is because the braking distance in the wetlands will be longer, and driving slowly can be exchanged for sufficient braking distance. Second, it is to reduce the braking distance. The damage when the tire enters the pothole, because the faster the speed, the stronger the impact force, and the greater the impact damage to the bead, so the tire and the aluminum ring can be protected by driving slowly.

In addition, if you see a big pothole that is really hard to dodge, try not to step on the brakes and drive into the pothole. That is, when the vehicle is ready to pass through the pothole, it will do a full braking action to slow down, but when the tire is ready to fall off When entering a pothole, the brake will be released. This is because when the vehicle brakes, the center of gravity will move forward. At this time, the front wheel will bear a lot of weight. If it hits the pothole again, the front tire will have a chance of puncture. It will be great, a little trick to share with you.

It is worth mentioning that if the tire really hits a pothole, it is recommended to drive to the side of the road to check whether the chassis is damaged. It is safer to drive on the road after confirming that there is no problem, especially when checking the inner side of the tire, because the author In the past, the outer side of the tire seemed to be fine, but the car would bounce when driving. Later, I went to the chassis shop to check and found that the inner side of the tire was damaged, and even the rim was dented. , otherwise the consequences could be quite serious.

If the tire really hits a pothole, it is recommended to drive to the side of the road to check whether the chassis is damaged, including the inner side of the tire, because the inner side of the aluminum ring has no rib support, so it is easier to deform than the outer side, so when confirming Check inside and out to be safe.

Question 9: I heard that the tires will not be deformed if they are fully inflated after parking for a long time?

If you own a lot of cars at the same time, and it is unlikely that you will drive them several times a month, the tires on this car will last longer if you can do the following actions. Generally speaking, even if the tire has no rolling wear, the tire quality will gradually become hard due to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, resulting in cracks or loss of elasticity on the tire surface. Therefore, if the long-term parking place is outdoors, it is recommended to moderate Covering your tires to reduce exposure to sunlight will keep your tires fresher longer.

In addition, it is necessary to fill the tire pressure. For example, if the standard tire pressure is 32psi, it can be hit to 36psi. The purpose is to use a higher tire pressure to improve the rigidity of the tire, so that the tire can stand still for a long time. It is also not easy to deform. If you do not do this, the roundness of the tire may be in a D-shaped deformation because a certain area has been pressed for a long time. Fast vehicles will continue to shake, and this tire may only be scrapped and replaced to solve the problem.

If the vehicle is parked outside and does not drive often, you can prepare a heavy board to block the wheel arch. On the one hand, it can reduce the chance of the tire being exposed to sunlight and delay the hardening speed of the tire. On the other hand, it can also prevent wild dogs from urinating and hurting the rim. paint finish.

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