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[100 Questions]Welcome to the coming of the hot and high temperature (Part 1)Cool people and vehicles for summer battle

After the Dragon Boat Festival, Taiwan will prepare for the hot summer temperature. I wonder if everyone's car is ready? What to prepare for? Of course, it is about the overhaul of systems or items such as cooling and cooling, cooling in the car, cooling in the car, and heat insulation paper. For this reason, the OPTION editorial department specially planned this unit to share some common maintenance or car problems in summer. Everyone and your car can happily spend the hot weather.

One of the mandatory inspection items for the cooling system: cooling water tank

At present, the original water tank adopts the design of aluminum alloy body + plastic-steel upper and lower seats. The combination of the body and the upper and lower seats is fixed by pressing and tightening. There is a rubber sealing ring between them. The upper and lower seats themselves will gradually become brittle due to the influence of the high temperature of the cooling water for a long time. Once the vehicle enters the mountain for a long time to climb a slope, the water temperature rises, and the water pressure in the water tank becomes high, which may rupture and leak water. , in severe cases, the entire piece may even explode.

In addition, the rubber sealing ring will gradually lose its elasticity due to being in a high pressure state for a long time. After the water temperature is lowered, a gap will appear, causing water leakage between the water tank body and the upper and lower seats. Of course, if If the efficiency of the cooling system is normal and the pressure in the water tank is not too high, the chances of the above problems will be reduced. Therefore, if the engine of the car has been overheated, it is recommended to replace the water tank with a new one during maintenance. Otherwise, the problem of engine overheating may occur again due to the leakage of cooling water.

The reason why the strengthened water tanks are made of all-aluminum materials is to improve the ability of the water tanks to withstand high temperature and high pressure.

The second item of the cooling system must be checked: cooling water pipes

In addition to the main water tank and cooling water, the maintenance and upgrade of the cooling water pipeline is as important as other modifications for the components that make up the vehicle cooling system. The original water pipes are mostly made of rubber. The high and low temperature cycles are used day after day. After about 10 years of age, you can actually feel the elasticity by pressing it with your hands. This is the time when the rubber has reached its elastic fatigue. If you ignore it, it will cause internal cracks due to the continuous high temperature. Once you encounter a section with high temperature and long-time climbing, the cooling water pipe may burst due to the high pressure generated by the high water temperature, causing the cooling water to leak. , If the big water pipe is burst, you may know to stop. If the small water pipe is burst and you continue to drive, once the cooling water leaks, the engine has a very high chance of shrinking the cylinder due to overheating. Engine Repair.

The way to improve is to spend more money to replace "silicon water pipes" with higher pressure resistance, less deformation, and more beautiful, not only longer life, but also tailor-made according to the type of vehicle, especially for vehicles with large modifications. , Bright and colorful silicone water pipes have almost become standard equipment, that is, the pressure they can withstand is higher. If the economic capacity does not permit, the most pragmatic way is to check the status of the water pipes frequently and the changes in the water level of the main and auxiliary water tanks. In order to be sure whether there is a leak in the water pipe.

The third item of cooling system must check: cooling fan

The cooling water in the cooling water tank can be cooled down only if air passes through the cooling water tank. The greater the amount of air passing through, the better the heat dissipation effect. In the absence of a large amount of air passing through the fins of the water tank, the water temperature will continue to rise. In order to solve this problem, there will be a cooling fan. The forced ventilation method is used to allow the vehicle to still have a large amount of air in a stationary state. The air passes through the fins of the water tank to keep the water temperature within a safe range, which is the function of the cooling fan.

However, the cooling fan is an electronic product after all, so after a long time of use, there will still be a problem that the vehicle will not run, and the vehicle will be in danger of overheating. Now, stop by the roadside to check, and found that the water temperature has approached the red line area, the fan still does not move, turn off the flame and check immediately, and found that the cooling fan is difficult to rotate by hand, it has been stuck, and the fuse has also been blown. It is caused by short circuit or heavy electricity after the fan is stuck.

To avoid this, in addition to the preventive replacement of the fan, you can also open the hood and turn the fan with your fingers when the engine is turned off on holiday mornings. The fan can be replaced.

Now some manufacturers have launched products that can read the water temperature and even the oil temperature of the DSG gearbox through the OBD-2 diagnostic plug. It is recommended that you can buy it to grasp the accurate working temperature value of the vehicle at any time. Don't worry about which part of the cooling system is faulty. , while the flowers are larger.

The fourth item that must be checked in the cooling system: thermostat

In the entire cooling system, once the thermostat (commonly known as water turtle) responsible for the circulation control of the cooling water fails, it will also cause abnormal water temperature. , will first let the cooling water flow only in the water channel inside the engine, the purpose is to speed up the speed of the water temperature rise, let the engine enter the working temperature earlier, and the efficiency after the gasoline combustion and explosion will be better, this is the small cycle or inner cycle stage.

When the water temperature gradually rises above 80 degrees, the thermostat will start to open, allowing the cooling water to flow into the water tank for air cooling. This is the stage of large circulation or external circulation, so the thermostat is like a The switch can be used to control the flow direction of the cooling water.

However, if the thermostat has been used for a long time, it will become stuck and cannot be turned on or off. If it is kept on in winter, the water temperature will be too low. If it is closed all the time, or only open a little, the problem is big, because the hot cooling water cannot flow into the water tank to dissipate heat, the engine will have overheating problems, and the thermostat will be stuck, except for the end of its life. In addition, too much scale is the main reason.

Can I check the festival temperature myself? Yes, you can quickly touch the temperature of the water pipe with your hands when the cooling fan is rotating. If the temperature is not very hot but warm, it means that the thermostat may be stuck. It would be nice to have a preventative check of the thermostat.


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