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2- and 5-seater van pre-sale startsToyota Town Ace Van

●Provide 4 models of 2-person/5-person manual platoon and automatic platoon

●2 people / 5 people in manual row / 5 people in self-arrangement The maximum load is 880/830/825 kg

●Equipped with a rear exhaust fan exclusively developed in Taiwan (5-seater model)

Equipped with TSS active safety protection system (5-passenger self-discharge TSS model)

Domestic price: 2-seater manual / 5-seater manual: 545,000 / 560,000

5-seater self-plating / 5-seater self-plating TSS: 590,000 / 625,000

From February 2022, the domestic small commercial truck Town Ace, which was officially launched for sale, has exceeded 11,000 cumulative orders in less than 10 months, which shows that the Town Ace truck is deeply loved by domestic first-timers . In order to provide consumers with more choices, Hetai Automobile held a media preview meeting for the Town Ace Van on October 26, and launched a pre-sale event at the same time. The new car will be officially released before the end of this year. Delivery.

The Town Ace Van, which has officially launched pre-sale, will provide a total of 4 models, including 2-seat manual, 5-seat manual, 5-seat automatic, and 5-seat automatic TSS. The pre-sale prices are respectively It is 54.5/56/59/625,000 yuan, and the replacement price is 49.5/51/54/575,000 yuan respectively.

LED head and tail lights/daytime running lights are standard on all models

Different from the front bumper of the truck model, which is designed with black scratch-resistant plastic, the Town Ace Van is painted in the same color as the body, which makes the appearance more visual. In addition, it is also available in Ferret White and Aurora Silver. . In terms of appearance, reflective LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED taillights and Town Ace exclusive car stickers are all standard for automatic and manual models. The difference between the two models is the standard of automatic TSS models. Equipped with electric folding rear-view mirrors with direction indicators and 14-inch two-color aluminum rings. As for the body size, the length/width/height of the Town Ace Van are 4045/1665/1930mm respectively, and the wheelbase is the same as that of the Town Ace truck, 2650mm, but its length and width are both 265mm and 265mm shorter than the truck version. 40mm, but the height of the car is 10mm higher, but despite this, from the actual vehicle on site, whether it is a 2- or 5-seater model, the cargo space of the car is quite large; The maximum load capacity of the manual model is 880 kg, while the 5-seater manual model is 830 kg, and the 5-seater automatic model is 825 kg.

The Town Ace Van has a cute appearance. Its front and rear bumpers are designed in the same color as the body, creating a good visual texture. In addition, the head and tail lights and daytime running lights are also designed with LED light sources. Platoon TSS models also come standard with 14-inch two-tone aluminum rims.
The length/width/height of the Town Ace Van are 4045/1665/1930mm respectively, and the wheelbase is the same as that of the truck, which is 2650mm, which is much shorter than the truck version, but the height of the car is higher.

Top gauge comes standard with TSS active safety technology

In the interior design part, the Town Ace Van adopts the same center console shape configuration as the Town Ace truck, and the interior materials are also oriented towards practicality. Closed system, double-ring high-contrast instrumentation, heating and cooling air conditioning, remote control central locking, anti-rubber seats and Bluetooth audio (with USB reading function) are listed as standard for the whole car, and the most special is the 5-seater model. The second row of seats is different from the one-piece design of the models in the Southeast Asian market. Instead, it adopts a 5/5-split design specially developed for domestic models. It not only has the function of adjusting the inclination of the seat back, but also It has the function of pulling the bar to fold forward quickly, and the second row of seats can be folded easily and effortlessly. It can be said to be a very convenient design for car owners. In addition, there is another roof rear fan blade specially developed for the 5-seater model. The adjustment of this air outlet blade can be used to control the wind direction, which is also a thoughtful design for the rear seat occupants.

The interior adopts the same layout design as the truck, and the materials used are still at the practical level of commercial vehicles, but the design of the suspended center console and gear seat adds a lot of knee space.
It adopts a double-ring high-contrast instrument design, and a driving information display screen is attached to the right side.
The 5-seater model has a roof rear fan specially developed for domestic models. In addition to the blades that can adjust the direction of the air outlet, it also has a manual three-stage air volume adjustment switch.
The double front seats are designed with anti-rubber leather seats, with front and rear sliding and seat back angle adjustment functions at the same time.

As for safety equipment, in addition to ABS+BAS+BOS+EBD+EBS braking system, VSC vehicle stability control, TRC tracking anti-skid control system and dual front-seat SRS airbags are all listed as standard for the whole car series, the top gauge 5 seats Self-discharge TSS models are equipped with TSS active safety technology as standard, including PCS early warning protection (with pedestrian and bicycle detection), LDA lane departure warning, AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching, front vehicle departure reminder and accelerator The pedal misstep suppression system, etc., provides the owner with a higher level of protection.

In the power system part, the Town Ace Van, like the truck model, is equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine numbered 2NR-VE, with Dual VVT-i dual continuously variable valve timing control system, with 97hp , 13.7kgm maximum horsepower and torque output, the transmission system provides a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission system according to the model, and all adopt rear-wheel drive settings.

There are five-speed manual transmission and four-speed automatic transmission system to choose from, and all adopt rear-wheel drive settings.
Equipped with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine numbered 2NR-VE, it has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 97hp and 13.7kgm.


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