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[2022車訊風雲獎公佈]2022 Auto News Fengyun Awards Honda Fit, the annual Fengyun car, earns three yuan in one fell swoop

[2022 Auto News Awards]The selection day event was held on 5/6. After a day of hard work, the results of the reviewers were officially released after voting on the spot!This year, the jury voted for[2022 Fengyun Car]20[Best Car of the Year]at all levels, and the Consumer Online Voting[Best Popular Car]held on the official website of the Auto News Fengyun Awards. This year's total selection 22 awards in total

Honda Fit takes three yuan in one fell swoop

Through the judging panel composed of 28 professional automotive media, other industry professionals and consumer representatives, after the first round of voting and the second round of on-site secret ballot finals, the jury successively voted for 20[Annual]The best car model](see the list for details), and at the end, the most important[2022 Fengyun Car]award-Honda Fit is also voted for from the seven domestic/imported new and greatly remodeled candidates. !

The 2022 Auto News Fengyun Award will hold a judging day voting event on May 6, and the judges will select 22 awards including the 2022 Fengyun Vehicle on the same day.
Before the event starts, the executive will explain to the reviewer the activity process on the review day and the planning of the test drive route.
The process of the Auto News Awards review day includes static selection and dynamic test drive, with the purpose of allowing the reviewers to have a deeper experience and feeling of each car.

Before winning the "2022 Fengyun Car of the Year", the heavily remodeled Honda Fit was selected as the "2022 Best Domestic Small Car". The handling, coupled with the standard Honda Sensing, has been affirmed by many reviews. After winning two awards, he also received enthusiastic votes from the majority of car fans in the[2022 Auto News Fengyun Awards Annual Fengyun Car Forecast Activity]held on the official website of the Auto News Fengyun Awards from April 1 to May 5. , was selected as the[2022 Consumer Online Voting Best Popular Car Model]earning three yuan in one fell swoop!

Honda Fit won three awards in one fell swoop:[2022 Fengyun Car][2022 Best Domestic Small Car]and[2022 Consumer Online Voting Best Popular Car].
In the "2022 Auto News Awards Annual Car Forecast Activity" held on the official website of the Auto News Awards, HondaFit was also voted enthusiastically by the majority of car fans and was selected as the "2022 Consumer Online Voting Best Popular Car Model".

SUV continues to be popular, domestic imports have strong players

SUV models not only continue to become a popular segment in the market, but also a battleground for domestic and imported car dealers. In the domestic mid-size SUV segment, the Ford Kuga, which won the award last year, is a top student, but this year, it is facing the fierce challenge of the new facelift Hyundai Tucson L. After two rounds of voting, the Hyundai Tucson L won the award from Ford Kuga took over the "Best Domestic Mid-Size SUV in 2022" award.

Hyundai Tucson L brings a new product vision to the domestic mid-size SUV class, and also confirms the evolution of the Korean car series.

In terms of imported medium-sized SUVs, the RAV4 of the Shenche family has maintained its popularity in sales, but the emerging European seven-seater Skoda Kodiaq has also greatly increased its skills after undergoing minor facelifts, and the same minor facelifts have improved the level of combat power. The time-honored Subaru Forester, the three cars competed in the same field and were good at each other. After careful consideration, the judges finally voted Skoda Kodiaq as the winner of the[2022 Best Imported Mid-Size SUV].

The reviewers also struggled with the[2022 Best Imported Large SUV]class. The Hyundai Santa Fe, which has undergone large-scale minor facelifts, not only has undergone a major facelift, but its interior lines, textures, and electronic equipment have undergone substantial evolution. With the addition of Level 2 Intelligent safety technology, the attempt to win the championship is strong; and the Subaru Outback is under pressure with a major facelift. In addition to the appearance and interior decoration of the new generation, it also introduces a new intelligent driving safety assistance system, supplemented by the latest generation full-time four-wheel drive system. The voice is also Not small. Although the entry of the above two cars into the battle has created a lot of pressure, Kia Sorento is also a powerful group with sales performance. After intense billing, Kia Sorento finally won the[Best Imported Large SUV 2022]award by a very small number of votes.

Another white-hot war zone—imported luxury mid-size SUV class, among a group of European players Jaguar I-Pace, BMW minor facelift X3, X4 and minor facelift Volvo XC60, the Japanese major facelift Lexus NX dropped a shocking bomb. With its more mature appearance and lines, a brand-new interior design and a driver-oriented full-surround cockpit, it shows the brand's unique high degree of recognition, plus a complete range of power options and the introduction of the latest intelligent driving in the entire car series. The auxiliary system can be called a powerful candidate car. With the end of the billing, Lexus NX was selected as the "Best Imported Luxury Mid-Size SUV in 2022" under the pressure of the major facelift.

Imported medium-sized MPVs compete with each other

Not only the SUV market is booming, but two new models featuring seven-seater are also competing in the[2022 Best Imported Medium MPV]. One is the redesigned VWCV Caddy Maxi, and the other is the Ford Tourneo Connect, which was introduced to the Taiwan market for the first time. The models have the same appearance, positioning, and functions, similar price ranges, and comparable equipment. The final billing result was selected by VWCV Caddy Maxi as the[2022 Best Imported Medium MPV].

The facelifted VWCV Caddy Maxi has a regular seven-seater layout and a large flexible functional space, which can meet the needs of multi-person travel and give full play to the flexible functional changes of the car. We are also happy to see new products continue to appear.

With the popularity of the camping trend, the trend of foreign car dew is gradually blowing into Taiwan. The suitable body size of the medium-sized MPV and the advantages of seven-seater and flexible space have once again opened up new market opportunities, or, there can be new ones. The introduction of car models provides consumers with more choices.

Winning the bid = The selection of new trends in the car industry will also usher in changes

The annual event in Taiwan's car industry -[Car News Award]has entered its 17th year since it was re-issued in 2005. For a long time, the[Car News Fengyun Award]has insisted on rigorous, fair and fair selection, so that each car's recognition The essence and characteristics can be more accurately presented to all consumers. We hope that such an idea will be supported and affirmed by major car dealers.

Next, the[Auto News Awards]will continue to uphold the spirit of fairness, impartiality and openness, and will make changes to the selection method and car model class that are closer to the current market situation and consumer demand. High-quality car models for consumers, in order to promote the prosperity of the domestic automobile industry, activate the automobile consumer market, and bring a better automobile life to all consumers.

2022 Auto News Awards Winners List

2022 Fengyun Car of the YearHonda Fit
Best Domestic Small Cars of 2022Honda Fit
Best Domestic Midsize Cars of 2022Ford Focus
2022 Best Domestic Small SUVHyundai Venue
2022 Best Domestic Mid-Size SUVHyundai Tucson L
Best Imported Urban Cars of 2022Suzuki Ignis Hybrid
Best Imported Small Cars of 2022Suzuki Swift Hybrid
Best Imported Midsize Cars of 2022Skoda Octavia
2022 Best Imported Medium and Large CarsSkoda Superb
Best Imported Small SUVs of 2022Peugeot 2008
Best Imported Midsize SUVs of 2022Skoda Kodiaq
2022 Best Imported Large SUVKia Sorento
2022 Best Imported Medium MPVVWCV Caddy Maxi
2022 Best Imported Large MPVKia Carnival
2022 Best Imported Luxury Metropolitan CarMini Hatch & Convertible
Best Imported Luxury Midsize Cars of 2022BMW 3 Series
2022 Best Imported Luxury Medium and Large CarsAudi e-tron GT
Best Imported Luxury Small SUVs of 2022Mini Countryman
Best Imported Luxury Midsize SUVs of 2022Lexus NX
2022 Best Imported Luxury Medium and Large SUVAudi e-tron Sportback
2022 Best Imported Luxury Large MPVLexus LM
2022 Best Popular Car Models (voted by consumers online)Honda Fit
Audi e-tron GT won the[2022 Imported Luxury Medium and Large Vehicle]award as a pure electric car! Next, with the increase of new energy vehicles such as electric vehicles, the Auto News Awards will also make new plans and adjustments in the selection level and projects.
Mini Countryman extends Mini's fashion trend to functional Crossover, which is both trendy and unique and light off-road function, making it the[2022 imported luxury small SUV].


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