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2022 Asian Rally Race ReportChen Hehuang and Chen Yiwen won great results again

The Asia Cross Country Rally (AXCR for short) held in Thailand every year, the type of track is mainly through the rainforest, rivers, swamps and steep slopes, which is a test of the level of combat power of drivers and vehicles. International drivers from South Korea and Southeast Asia signed up to participate. This year, the team leader of the i-Taiwan team - Chen Hehuang, will lead his daughter - Chen Yiwen and senior driver - Shen Jiaying to participate in the 2022 AXCR race. Let's take a look at their Great performance.

The competition will be held over six days

The total mileage is 2305 kilometers

The official schedule of the 27th Asian Rally in 2022 is divided into five days. The race track spans Thailand and Cambodia. The longest distance is the fourth day of the race. The RS and SS sections add up to a total of 432.51 kilometers. , the total mileage in five days is 1521.6 kilometers, which is a big test for the driver's physical strength. Because there are many jungles and swamps in Thailand and Cambodia, and in order to reduce the impact on local traffic during the competition, the tracks are mostly deserted mountain trails, and there are many muddy, steep slopes, gravel, and rivers. , deep ditches and sugar cane fields and other terrain.

Participating vehicles must have the off-road ability of climbing mountains and wading waters, which is quite a severe test for the chassis and power, especially the clay in Thailand, which is very sticky and highly sticky, not only easily causes the four-wheel sliding of the vehicle, but also increases the difficulty of controlling the vehicle In addition to the difficulty, once stuck in the mud with a depth of 70 cm, you need some luck and skill to get out. Sometimes you need to rely on the help of other participating cars or winches to get out of trouble, which adds a lot of difficulty and difficulty to the competition. Visibility.

The official schedule of the 27th Asian Rally in 2022 is divided into five days. The race track spans Thailand and Cambodia. The total mileage in five days is 1521.6 kilometers. It is a big test for the physical strength of the drivers.
Although affected by the new crown epidemic, the number of participating vehicles this year is less than in previous years, but there are still 18 locomotives and 33 cars, a total of 51 participating vehicles.

As for the difficulty of the Asian Rally, in addition to the features described above, the inability to explore the road before the race is also a factor that cannot be ignored. Since the length of the SS track every day is more than 100-200 kilometers, the time required to complete a run The time is 4 to 5 hours. The longest SS stage appeared on the first day of the race. It is 201.05km long and must be completed within 6 hours. This does not include the round-trip time of the RS stage. If the race starts after exploring the road, the driver may not need to rest, and it is believed that the vehicle will not be able to withstand such intense driving, and such a long driving distance will also test the endurance of the driver and the vehicle.

Therefore, the drivers can only rely on the guidance of the road book to complete the race, but the track terrain may increase due to the heavy rain the night before. Time, tacit understanding and on-the-spot reaction are very important. It is not possible to finish the race by rushing all the way. They have to travel 100 kilometers deep into the track to carry out the rescue. Some roads are not accessible to ordinary logistics vehicles, and this is a relatively lucky time. In the mountainous areas, it is common for mobile phone signals to fail. , The ground is not working.

Chen and Huang form the i-Taiwan team

Inheriting rally experience and technology

As for the domestic i-Taiwan Rally Team participating in the 2022 AXCR event, it is led by Dakar rally driver Chen Hehuang and led by Chen Hehuang's daughter Chen Yiwen. The two drove two cars to participate, among which Chen Hehuang Huang changed to use FUSO Jianda commercial vehicle to participate in the competition this year. This car was purchased brand new in China, and then built by the transformation team in Chen Hehuang's Shancheng 4WD factory. The main modification focus is not only the rigidity of the car body structure In addition to strengthening and installing an anti-roll cage, the engine and gearbox are also moved backwards to make the front and rear weights of the body more even. The transmission system has also been greatly modified to make the front, middle and rear differentials lock better. In addition, in order to make the actuation stroke of the shock absorber longer, the fixed upper seat of the shock absorber is also rebuilt, so that the vehicle can have better off-road combat performance when driving on very harsh terrain or with a large difference in height. Finally, through the ECU computer program adjustment project, the engine output is increased, and the monitoring systems such as urea and DPF are bypassed, so that the engine can focus on output.

As for the racing car used by Chen Yiwen and Shen Jiaying, it was the right-hand drive Toyota Hilux that Chen Hehuang had bought from Thailand when he participated in AXCR in 2019. Hehuang also purchased a left-hand drive version of Toyota Hilux with the assistance of Taiwan Hotai Motors before the vehicle was ready to be released. First, it studied the mechanical and electronic systems of the left-hand drive version in Taiwan, and then related The materials were brought to Thailand, and local technicians were invited to assist in the transformation of the right-hand drive vehicle, including the anti-roll cage in compliance with FIA regulations, the cracking and strengthening of the four-wheel locking system, the transformation of the chassis shock absorbers, and the rally gauge, fire extinguisher, winch, The racing chairs and six-point seat belts were all rebuilt under the supervision and command of Chen Hehuang. Although the process was quite difficult, in order to complete the goal of the competition, they still tried to complete the vehicle remodeling project.

During the race, although Chen Hehuang has participated in AXCR races many times, if he sprints with all his strength, it is not a problem to enter the top class of the overall ranking. However, since this time he mainly assists Chen Yiwen to finish the race, the driving pace is not very fast. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down, confirm the position and condition of Chen Yiwen’s vehicle, and then move forward when there is no problem. Although many situations occurred during the race, such as the upper seat of the FUSO shock absorber cracked, and the vehicle was trapped in the Cambodian swamp, but In the end, they all finished the race smoothly, and won the T4-A group champion and the women's group champion. Chen Hehuang also especially thanked the few sponsors who strongly supported the i-Taiwan team, so that more people can see Taiwan and create again. The excellent record of the Taiwanese team in the AXCR race.

The fifth day of the race was to enter Cambodia across the border. Since Taiwan does not have diplomatic relations with the country, the customs clearance process went through many barriers, and a large deposit was paid to pass the customs smoothly. This also explained the difficulties of Taiwanese drivers competing abroad.
Almost every driver who finishes the race will not be clean, which is very suitable for those who like to play in the mud to participate in the competition.

The China Safety Driving Society was established with the aim of improving disaster relief driving technology

In addition to participating in the 2022 Asian Rally, this year's i-Taiwan Rally Team also assisted in the establishment of a profit-making public welfare social organization - the Chinese Safety Driving Society. Through the process of participating in the Asian Cross-Country Rally, we hope to share the experience of the race to help more people understand Off-road safe driving skills to complete disaster relief work more smoothly.

Chen Hehuang, founder of the Chinese Safe Driving Society, said: "Taiwan is located on the Pacific Rim earthquake belt. The people need to cultivate the awareness of earthquake disaster crisis, and disaster relief personnel need to improve disaster relief technology. The terrain and road damage after the earthquake all caused delays in disaster relief. The main reason is that firefighters and disaster relief personnel need to improve their related driving skills. Today, they want to do something for Taiwan with their meager strength. and other skills, passed on to the front-line firefighters. We welcome those who want to contribute to Taiwan to join the academy and cheer for Taiwan!"


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