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2022 Classic Convertible Spring GatheringEach is a Rare Collection

With the development of internationalization, Taiwan has a rich car culture. Whether it is a new car or an old car, there are many ethnic groups who support it. The author has also contacted many car owners in the past, and this time I want to introduce to you, based on more than 30 years. The FB car community based on classic convertibles is called "Classic Convertible Only". Each classic convertible in it is a museum-level boutique, which is like a treasure trove for those who like classic cars. .

The association has been established for about 5 years

Members do not ask for more

Although the author has contacted many convertible or classic old car clubs in the past, but if only classic + convertibles can join the "Classic Convertible Only" club, this is the first time I have interviewed. According to the president, Buddy, the establishment of The purpose of this society is very simple. It is to let people who like to pursue a happy life, are interested in things with personality, and are willing to share high-quality life experiences to join, and most importantly, those who love classic convertibles. Therefore, the only people who join The condition is to own at least one convertible made or launched before 1995.

In addition, since there are not many people who actually own classic convertible cars in Taiwan, it is hoped that through the establishment of this society, car owners who meet the above conditions can communicate and share freely. This is very important for car owners. The culture of old cars is not valued very much, and the number of classic convertibles is also very small, so the maintenance and finishing after starting, often lack of resources, such as the purchase of pipelines for original parts, skilled technicians and inquiries about maintenance problems, etc., so if There is a platform that allows everyone to selflessly provide relevant resources to car owners in need. I believe it can make it easier for everyone to own a classic convertible. As Buddy said in an interview, some original parts are not necessarily rich. You can buy it, so you need to brainstorm.

At present, the association adopts closed management, and there is no fee for joining. If more than 50 car owners and more than 1/2 of the members agree in the future, they will refer to the methods of high-quality foreign associations and organizations, and collect the membership fee and remit the fee in full. To legal charities that more than half of the members voted for, and to publish donation receipts, the purpose of doing this is not only to prevent some unintentional members from joining, but also to make the composition of the community more meaningful.

As for car gatherings, due to the rising epidemic, small car gatherings are currently the main focus, just like this spring gathering on Yangming Mountain. In the future, if the number of members increases and the epidemic cools down, nationwide gatherings will be held. , and try to combine charity, environmental protection and gatherings with depth and texture, so that everyone can do things that are meaningful to the society at the moment of gatherings and outings, just like the European, American and Japanese car gatherings.

If you are also a classic convertible car owner, you may consider joining this society, so that you will not be lonely on the road with an old car, and you can also get a lot of positive memories.

Although there are not many members in the club, under the careful management of the president - Buddy, they all have a good centripetal force and are willing to selflessly assist the needs of the members, which is also one of the main purposes of the establishment of this club.
Classic old cars always have temporary temper tantrums, and it is very convenient to have friends who can repair cars beside them.
In the future, if the number of members increases and the epidemic cools down, we will start to consider holding national gatherings, and try our best to combine charity, environmental protection, and gatherings with depth and texture, so that everyone can do the right thing to the society at the moment of gathering and traveling. Meaningful things are loaded with positive memories in my heart.


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