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2022 INFINITI summer health check-up activity startsReturn to the factory to enjoy multiple fun driving gifts and enjoy the summer scenery with peace of mind

INFINITI TAIWAN will launch the "2022 INFINITI Summer Health Checkup Activity" from now until August 31, 2022. In order to ensure that car owners can return to the factory with peace of mind, INFINITI TAIWAN strictly implements various epidemic prevention measures, and the bases in the province are also equipped with SHARP Plasmacluster active air purifiers to provide car owners with a safe and healthy environment. During the event, return to the factory to enjoy free car room ozone sterilization, 42 free health check services in the five major systems, and enjoy multiple Fun driving gifts, including return to factory consumption gifts, full-amount gifts, Fun driving limited selection products and bonus products and many other discounts and gifts , and make an appointment to return to the factory to enjoy a large provincial feedback on designated products (Note 1). In summer, the weather is hot and hot, and when you return to the factory for health check, you can also taste Haagen-Dazs cool ice products and healthy pancakes that won two stars in the iTQi International Gourmet Award, allowing car owners to enjoy the summer scenery with peace of mind and welcome a new life after the epidemic.

Return to the factory to enjoy multipleFundriving courtesy Enjoy the summer scenery with peace of mind

In addition to implementing epidemic prevention in a new life after the epidemic, it is also necessary to do a good job in driving health checks to travel with peace of mind and enjoy the summer scenery. INFINITI TAIWAN invites car owners to return to the factory for free vehicle inspections for their cars before the summer trip. During the event, return to the factory to enjoy multiple fun driving Gifts, including unlimited spending, will give you an exclusive gift "Hidden Hook" (Note 2), and you will get a scratch-off when the accumulated consumption on the day reaches 3,060 yuan, and you have a chance to win the 2022 QX60 300,000 pre-purchase car purchase bonus, 2022 QX60 1:18 model car and bonus points of 100,000 points and many other selected gifts with a total value of more than 1.5 million yuan.

FunGreat discounts on selected products on a limited basis Make an appointment and enjoy exclusive rewards

During the event, there will be a number of special discounts on Fun driving limited products, including oil film cleaning on the front windshield, front windshield glass coating, condenser cleaning service, air conditioning double-effect cleaning package, original foot pads, MIO 848T driving recorder and many other spare parts with great value Discounts, car owners who make an appointment to return to the factory can enjoy exclusive Fun driving limited products and save a maximum of 2,000 yuan.

INFINITIBonus Boutique Super Deals

As the timing enters the hot and hot summer weather, INFINITI TAIWAN provides car owners with a number of summer bonus boutique discounts, such as: the original price of 9,500 yuan, the 2022 QX60 1:18 model car with a discount price of 8,600 yuan; the original price of 1,500 yuan, the discount price of 960 yuan brand new Launched INFINITI SPORT sports fitness set (including sports fitness bag, silicone folding water bottle, sports towel and Y-shaped retractable tape measure each).

All service personnel at INFINITI's bases in the province must wear masks, measure body temperature, and disinfect their hands before entering the factory. They are also equipped with SHARP Plasmacluster active air purifiers, providing owners with a peace of mind warranty environment. In addition, car owners are also requested to wear masks, sanitize their hands, and measure their body temperature when entering the factory. Car owners are advised not to share tables with non-companies while waiting to ensure safe social distancing and safe epidemic prevention. For details of related activities and service locations, please visit the APP or the official website, ​​or contact the INFINITI service hotline 0800-333399 (Note 3).

Note 1: 2022 INFINITI Summer Health Checkup Activity Description:

1. Event period: from July 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022.

2. Description of 42 free health check service items in the five major systems:

Five systems42Free health check service
system project
Basic engine room inspection Engine oil, air filter, cooling water, wiper water, belt, water tank, cooling fan operation
Transmission, Brake, Power Steering System Inspection Steering gear dust jacket, shock absorber, drive shaft, brake master cylinder, tensioner, brake oil pipe, brake oil, power steering oil
battery check Test results, battery voltage, battery CCA
Air conditioning system and various functional inspections Air conditioning filter, instrument indicator and various indicator lights, wiper action and wiper blade, brake system operation, seat belt, air conditioning system, switches, headlights, small lights, reversing lights, other lights, brake lights, direction lights
tire inspection Tread and rim, tire pressure measurement, tread depth measurement, and pad thickness measurement

3. The ozone sterilization service is a free in-car cleaning service provided by Yulon Nissan (hereinafter referred to as INFINITI TAIWAN).

4. If the accumulated consumption on the day is over 3,060 yuan, a scratch card will be given, and each car is limited to one time, while supplies last. The instructions are as follows:

  • Redemption period: July 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022.
  • Scratchback Awards:
Awards Quota
2022 QX60 300,000 car purchase fee 4
2022 QX60 1:18 model car 8
100,000 bonus points 8
trunk organizer 8
Wooden handle stainless steel thermos 40
sports fitness group 40
Double layer lunch box set 48
25 in 1 screw set 48
cutlery set of 3 48


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