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2022 Taiwan Red Bull Flying Day【List of Selected Teams】

【Taichung, July 1, 2022】The only event in Asia in 2022, the first Red Bull Flying Day in Taiwan will be held in Taichung! The so-called hottest and craziest creative aircraft competition on the surface was officially announced in Taichung City today (1). Mayor Lu Xiuyan of Taichung was invited to show her support, hoping that through the Flying Day, people across the country could experience Taichung's cool sports and cool city. Vitality and enthusiasm, combined with outdoor sports, leisure shopping and sightseeing, create a unique "Red Bull Flying Day" experience, get close to the most fashionable events, experience the happy sports life in Taichung, and promote urban marketing to the international stage.

Mayor Lu said that Taichung City actively promotes sports, and the urban sports atmosphere is growing day by day, encouraging people to participate in diverse sports. It is an honor to hold this wonderful creative event in Taichung City, and he cordially invites Chinese people to visit Taichung on September 18 to witness together. This sporting event will let the world see Taiwan and Taichung through the "2022 Taiwan Red Bull Flying Day".

"Rate with laughter, how far you can fly is up to your ability" The shortlist for the craziest flight day has been released

The first flight day competition held in Taiwan was a sensation before it was performed. A total of 633 groups signed up for the competition, of which 347 groups uploaded design drawings to participate in the selection, including fire brigade, medical team personnel, middle school teachers, high school graduates or college students, and even some Hong Kong friends also came to join in the grand event. All design drafts are graded by the judges based on the details, creativity and flying potential of the submitted aircraft. Among the 45 shortlisted groups announced on the official website of Red Bull Flying Day today, the popular Youtuber Don’t Watch at Work, HowHow and Beard are also on the list , adding a lot of visibility to this "not crazy enough, don't come" event.

Liao Qianha, general manager of Taiwan Red Bull Co., Ltd., revealed that this year's contestants like to create with stingrays and flying fish. Of course, there are also Taiwanese blue and white trailers, food stalls and desks. Gender, inflation-related financial issues, as well as the epidemic that everyone is most concerned about and thanking the medical team, are all meaningful topical designs, and the number of teams that have signed up has even surpassed the past two Soap Speed ​​Contests.

General Manager Liao said, "I hope that this kind of activity can let everyone experience the beauty of life again, and I also hope that the shortlisted teams can bring everyone a lot of laughter on the day. You have the opportunity to get more applause in front of tens of thousands of people. Be a hero!" Red Bull e-sports team Flash Wolf, who was invited to be the judge on the day of the competition, also mentioned, "In addition to seeing each team really make the aircraft, I also look forward to the 30-second stage performance content, I hope to watch it. When it comes to more interesting and funny performances, we must use laughter to grade, and how far we can fly depends on everyone’s ability.”

"Flesh Down, Flesh Down" Feitian Jiaotong Protection Conference was a complete success. Ocean protection divers are recruiting

In order to welcome Taiwan's first flight day to Taichung City, the organizer specially built an official aircraft with the characteristics of a Taiwanese temple, and named the first aircraft in Taiwan as "Flying Sedan". Since this unpowered aircraft competition must be driven by manpower, it finally glides to land and floats on the sea. In order to protect the ocean and sustainable development, the organizer specially cooperated with the Taiwan Upright Board Sports Association to plan "Marine Protection Diving Volunteers" From now on, we will call on all Taiwanese who love diving to join the ranks and jointly protect Taiwan's precious marine resources.

The stress test and the flight day competition, the highlight of the contestant night, are about to explode in the cool city of Taichung

In order to familiarize the players with the on-site situation, the organizer specially invited the participating teams to conduct a stress test at Taichung Port on September 17, the day before the event. There was also a wonderful night of players that night to warm up for the flight day competition. The highlight will be the flight day on September 18, which will have a wonderful aircraft show, a market carnival and more entertainment experiences. 2022 Taiwan Red Bull Flying Day will take off in Taichung City, relevant information please visit the event website (

【Introduction to the 2022 Taiwan Red Bull Flying Day】

The Red Bull Flying Day (Flugtag) has always been one of the most watched, innovative and interesting international events in the world. This year, it will be held in 8 countries including Hungary, the United States, Turkey, Finland, Estonia, Taiwan, Canada and New Zealand. Taiwan is the only event in Asia, and it is the first time to hold it. This event is directed by the Ministry of the Interior and co-hosted by Red Bull, the Cultural and Leisure Sports Association of the Republic of China and the Taichung City Government Sports Bureau. The unique flying machine and the performances show the beauty of flying artistic conception and bravely challenge their own flying dreams. On this day, people not only compete how far they can fly, but also a brilliant moment to inspire creativity and realize their dreams!

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