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2023 BC Lihpao Track Days User Track Experience Activities

Text and pictures/Tong Bingfeng

Cooperation/BC Taiwan Bai Chuan

BC Forged, a well-known domestic forged rim manufacturer in Taiwan, recently reserved a venue to hold the BC Libao Track Day event in order to allow BC rim enthusiasts across the country to fully experience the fun of track driving. The author was also inspired by Invited to the interview, you can really feel the high emotions of each car owner after experiencing the extreme control of their car. Some car owners even brought their families to participate in this event, leaving behind rare memories.

Stick to the production of forged wheels

One-stop design and manufacturing

Founded in 1999, BC Taiwan has launched its own brand "BC" in 2003 and has successfully exported BC Racing Suspension to the world. In order to develop a larger consumer market, it also provides car owners with better quality forged wheels. As an option, we started planning to produce two-piece forged wheels in 2008. After two years of equipment purchase and product testing, they were finally officially launched in May 2010 to provide Consumers have new choices with more reasonable prices and quality products. Not only that, BC also plans to put into production single-piece forged wheels in 2014, which will be officially launched in May 2015. The comprehensive product range will give consumers more choices.

In order to give back to the vast number of BC rim enthusiasts in the country, Taiwan Baichuan invites all car owners who use BC rims to sign up for free. On the day of the event, you can drive your own car to experience the control fun of the Lihpao track. The entire event has a total of Inviting 90 BC rim enthusiasts to come.

It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the quality of the product itself, all wheel rim production is handled by BC Taiwan's production line. Although the manufacturing cost will increase significantly due to the purchase of machinery and equipment, in fact not only the quality is strictly controlled As a matter of fact, the prices of the products sold on the market are still quite affordable. It is no wonder that in the past, forged wheels were only available to a few high-end buyers. However, in recent years, the acceptance of forged wheels in the modification market has gradually increased, effectively expanding the market. Market share and popularity.

Host track experience events

Sparing no effort in promoting events

In order to give back to the vast number of BC rim enthusiasts in the country, Taiwan Baichuan recently held the 2023 Lihpao Track Day event, and specially invited all car owners who use BC rims to sign up for free and can drive their own cars on the day of the event. Next, experience the joy of driving at Lihpao Circuit. A total of 90 BC rim enthusiasts were invited to the entire event, and the participating car models were quite diverse, from the top brands of Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin to European and Japanese brands. Such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lotus, VW, Honda, etc. There are even car owners driving VW T6.1 to the track to experience it, and bringing their families to get close to the track, making this event more meaningful.

Many car owners have driven their own cars to the track to experience it, and because the venue is private and the number of cars leaving each session is not many, so even if it is your first time to drive on the track, you don’t have to worry about running too slow and blocking the car behind you. The psychological pressure can be reduced a lot.

The pre-race briefing, vehicle inspection and helmet wearing before the next race are also necessary procedures to ensure race safety. In addition, there are also performance car test ride experience activities in the event, which allow car owners to get up close to top performance cars and experience the violent sound and mechanical feel that are different from street cars, which is very addictive. After the event, BC Taiwan Chairman Huang Jinzhang also said that as the epidemic is lifted, similar BC car owner track day activities will continue to be held in 2024, hoping to attract more car owners who have never driven on the track. , you can also experience the fun of track control and achieve the purpose of promoting racing sports.

Mr. Tsai from Taichung specially drove his car VW T6.1 to participate in this event with his family. The whole family was very excited that day, especially the little boy who was even more happy when he saw that his father was going to be a racing driver for one day. I I think this is one of the main reasons why BC holds this event.
For this Dapeng Bay Track Day event, BC Taiwan Baichuan mobilized all its members and transported the current front-line Alfa TCR competition factory cars to the Lihpao Circuit to give car enthusiasts an unforgettable memory.

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