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"2023 SUBARU Appreciation Festival" big thank you good discounts will start running from now on

Heart-warming feedback to car owners with six exclusive discounts and gifts for a single purchase and then enjoy exquisite gifts when returning to the factory

The hottest annual domestic tourism boom is accompanied by a big explosion during the summer vacation. Self-driving travel is the first choice for many people when traveling with their families. Regular maintenance to maintain the best condition of the car is absolutely an indispensable preparation before going on the road. In order to repay the love and support of consumers, SUBARU Taiwan Yimei Motor will launch the "2023 SUBARU Appreciation Festival" event from now on. In addition to caring for car owners to strictly check the condition of the car, it will also upgrade driving safety at the same time. All Subaru car owners in Taiwan who make an appointment to return to the factory during the event period from September 1st to October 31st can enjoy all-round efficient maintenance and upgrades, as well as multiple exclusive preferential services such as free gifts for a single purchase, and SUBARU original factory service The team will use the highest quality professional services to ensure that every customer's car is fully cared for.

2023 SUBARUThanksgiving Festival" event content:

  1. "Performance Maintenance Cleaning Package Discount":
  2. Package A: High-efficiency maintenance 3-in-1, including engine system cleaner + fuel cleaner + nano oil essence (10% off)
  3. Package B: Carbon removal preferential group maintenance 2 in 1, including drip carbon removal + electronic throttle cleaning (10% off)
  4. Package C: Walnut sand cleaning and maintenance (15% off)

*If you apply any of the above performance maintenance and cleaning packages, you can enjoy 10% off and purchase fuel injection nozzle cleaning and maintenance (salary is not included)

  • "Turbo Car Exclusive Performance Upgrade Offer": 23% off oil passage cleaning and maintenance package (original price discount)
    *(Note: Applicable models are all models over 5 years old or turbo models with no age limit)
  • "Discount on Chassis Parts with Controlled Hemorrhage": Make your car's road feel clearer and its controllability fully upgraded
  • Items include tripods, bearings, bearings, strings, shock absorbers, brake pads, discs (10% off)
  • "Powerful promotion to STI exclusive spare parts discount": super character evolutionSTIUp to 20% off exclusive merchandise
  • Items include pull rods, straps, short springs, tailpipes, STI hardwear coats, STI multi-functional bags, STI stuffed teddy bears, and STI original parasols
  • "30% off SUBARU original 100 items/accessories"
  • Items include functional storage nets, rain windows, rear bumper upper panels, SUBARIST exclusive caps, and multi-functional city briefcases
  • "Grateful full amount gift" is a great thank you for the good discount, and you can enjoy a single purchase full amount gift when you return to the factory:
  • For the full amount of 8,800 yuan, a SUBARU exclusive luggage tag will be presented.
  • For the full amount of 16,800 yuan, a SUBARU luggage strap will be given as a gift.
  • For the full amount of 23,800 yuan, a SUBARU neck pillow with a hood will be given as a gift.

*(Return to the factory full gift is limited to the vehicle of the self-funded project, the quantity is limited and the gift will be given away)

The 2023 SUBARU Appreciation Festival will start running in full swing from now on. We sincerely invite all car owners in Taiwan to make an appointment to return to the factory for maintenance and super enjoyment, so that your car will shine! For more detailed activities of the "2023 SUBARU Appreciation Festival", please visit the official website of Taiwan Yimei Motors: inquiries, or contact SUBARU Taiwan Service Factory: related content.

※Please contact SUBARU Taiwan Authorized Service Factory for details about the applicable models of discounted parts/accessories. SUBARU Taiwan Yimei Automobile reserves the final right to change the product sales and promotional content.

  • SUBARU Automobile Customer Satisfaction Center (CSC) provides various services such as customer consultation, car purchase service satisfaction survey, and customer opinion tracking and processing. Please call the customer service hotline 0800-486-168, and we will have a specialist to answer and serve you wholeheartedly.
  • For SUBARU's latest event information and promotional information, please go to the official website of Taiwan Italian American Automobile Or join the Subaru Asia fan group to share the latest news of SUBARU in Asia.

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