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2023 Subaru Brand Day debut Russ Swift blood drift show

After 3 years due to the impact of the epidemic, Subaru's general agent Taiwan Yimei Automobile held the "2023 Subaru Brand Day Event" again on August 11. In addition to the show, the three major car series led by the new WRX, WRX Wagon and Crosstrek In addition to the full range of cars of the brand, Russ Swift, a Guinness World Record stunt driver, was once again invited to perform wonderful performances such as tail drifting skills and two-wheel extreme driving, so that everyone can get a close look at this legendary The driver's superb driving style. In addition, the "Subaru Extreme Test Drive Experience" and the iconic "Subaru Car Challenge - Endurance Hand-Marathon" competition activities were also planned simultaneously, so that the public and car fans can actually feel the unique charm and uniqueness of Subaru products. brand spirit.

Subaru's full lineup of car series is quite large and rich. In addition to the new-generation WRX, WRX Wagon and Crosstrek car series, it also includes Forester, Outback, Solterra and BRZ.

Burning tires, flicking and drifting

The "Guinness World Records Stunt Driver Russ Swift", who was invited to perform in Taiwan again, first drove the new generation WRX and completed the thrilling J-turn, Reverse Parking, Parallel Parking and Dance Routine in one go Drifting and other control stunts; followed by the BRZ, the leading sports car, which brought exciting and exciting Donuts flicking circles and exciting extreme tire burnout, which brought the atmosphere to the climax. Finally, the Forester is replaced with a two-wheel two-wheel extreme driving with superb driving skills to further demonstrate the unique product charm of its brand core technology - SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive.

The Subaru brand event day also once again invited Guinness World Records stunt driver Russ Swift to perform wonderful tail drifting and passionate tire burning performances.
Russ Swift brought a superb "Parallel Parking drift parking" performance with the new generation of WRX cars, which is jaw-dropping.
Russ Swift's gorgeous tail flick and drift around the cone, coupled with the passionate tire burning performance, made the atmosphere of the scene burn to the highest point.
The "Two Wheeling two-wheel extreme driving" performance was presented by Forester, presenting the unique product charm of the brand's core technology - "SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive".

The extreme experience area challenges product strength

In this brand day event, Taiwan's Yimei also specially arranged for its latest WRX, WRX Wagon and Crosstrek to enter the battle, and carefully planned three major experience areas including SAWD test drive, EyeSight test drive and cone test drive. , so that every public who participated in the test drive can personally experience the strong grip and escape ability of the symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system, as well as the calm driving characteristics brought by the SGP modular chassis and the BOXER horizontally lying engine , and EyeSight 4.0 intelligent driving safety assistance system with superb safety protection intelligence, enjoy the exquisite design and uniqueness of Subaru's four core technologies.

In the face of continuous cone-circling checkpoints, the new WRX Wagon passed through smoothly, neatly and stably.
"Slip and slippery slope" is to simulate the road conditions where the vehicle is on a steep slope and the right front wheel and left rear wheel are both in low friction and skidding. However, the X-Mode escape system allows the vehicle to easily continue driving on the slope.
Under the active intervention of SAWD and X-Mode off-road system, this "Slip Roller" pulley level allows the vehicle to get out of trouble quite easily and continue to drive forward.
This "Cross Drive" level deeply tests the vehicle's ability to get out of trouble and the rigidity of the body. With the assistance of the X-Mode rescue system and VDC, it can easily cross the harsh road conditions like pothole terrain.

In addition to the above-mentioned exciting activities, Subaru's most spiritual indicator of the "Hands to the End - Endurance Hand Marathon" event, after being suspended for many years due to the impact of the epidemic, also officially returned to ignite the flames of war in this brand event day, and this year's special With "Be The Last One Standing" as the main axis of the event, and the new generation of Crosstrek as the racing vehicle, the preliminaries in Taiwan were also officially launched on the event day, and finally 5 winners were selected to form the national team to represent Taiwan Singapore came for top honors.

Returning to Taiwan, the "Standing to the End - Endurance Marathon" challenge, this year will take "Be The Last One Standing" as the main theme of the competition, and 5 winners will be selected to represent Taiwan in Singapore.

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