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2023 Volvo pure electric track day Volvo XC40 Recharge electric power show off

Volvo has clearly set its goal to become a pure electric vehicle brand by 2030. After releasing pure electric models such as the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge in 2019 and 2021, it is expected to bring new-generation electric vehicles such as the EX90 and EX30 in the future. Vehicle products, in order to achieve the goal of becoming a pure electric vehicle brand in 2030. In order to allow domestic consumers to experience the unique charm and characteristics of electrified models at a closer distance, Volvo, the domestic distributor of Volvo Cars, held the brand's first track event "2023" at Taichung Lihpao International Circuit on August 14. "Volvo Pure Electric Track Experience" became the first car brand in Taiwan to hold an official "Pure Electric Track Day" at Lihpao International G2 Circuit, and the event site not only invited international professional driver Chen Yifan to challenge the fastest electric vehicle track record In addition, more than 20 XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge were mobilized, so that the participating automotive professional media got off the track and directly experienced the powerful performance of this pure electric car to accelerate to 100 in 4.9 seconds, as well as the charm and fun of pure electric driving .

Taiwan Volvo Cars held the "2023 Volvo Pure Electric Track Experience" event at Lihpao Circuit, becoming the first car brand in Taiwan to hold an official pure electric track day at Lihpao International Circuit.
At the event site, more than 20 XC40 Recharge/C40 Recharge pure electric SUVs were assembled for the media to experience driving on the track. The lineup is very large.
The "One Pedal Drive Single Pedal" fun competition was also held at the scene, challenging the driver to accurately stop the vehicle within the designated corner position in single-pedal mode.
The Safety Car built with V60 Recharge Ultimate T8 is used as the leading car on the track to provide you with a safer and more complete track driving environment.

4.9 seconds zero-hundred electric acceleration

The climax of this "Volvo Pure Electric Track Day" event is that professional driver Chen Yifan drives a C40 Recharge to challenge Lihpao's fastest single-lap electric car, and writes the fastest track record for a Volvo pure electric car with a time of 2 minutes and 07 seconds In addition, the media can drive the XC40 Recharge to experience 3 laps of the Lihpao 23-turn full track, and actually feel the ultimate performance of this pure electric SUV model in terms of power performance and dynamic control. But first let everyone know about the XC40 Recharge-related specifications. At present, there are Plus Single Motor single-motor front-wheel-drive models in China, and the Ultimate Twin Motor dual-motor four-wheel-drive models for this off-track experience. With a battery capacity of 78kWh and dual motors on the front and rear axles, it can release a maximum horsepower and torque of 408hp and 67.3kgm, and it only takes 4.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100. The performance can be said to be very powerful.

At the event site, Chen Yifan, an international professional driver, was invited to be the leader of the coaching team, and actually taught everyone how to overcome the challenges of large and small corners such as the Lihpao Circuit.
The XC40 Recharge off the track this time is equipped with a dual-motor Ultimate Twin Motor four-wheel drive model, equipped with a 78kWh capacity battery, and has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 408hp and 67.3kgm.
Chen Yifan drove the C40 Recharge to challenge Lihpao's electric car for the fastest lap, and finally set the fastest track record for the brand's pure electric model in 2 minutes and 07 seconds.

Judging from the previous test driving experience, the performance of the XC40 Recharge on ordinary roads can be said to be quite good, with very strong, fast and direct acceleration power. Although the chassis suspension is set for comfort orientation, the overall handling performance is still Quite agile and stable. But how will this pure electric car perform on a closed track? This is also the main experience point of this event. After all, although I have a lot of driving experience in the Lihpao Circuit, it is the first time I have driven a pure electric SUV on the entire circuit, so the opportunity is really rare.

Sticking to the back and a sense of stability

In the Lihpao Circuit, there are many road sections that belong to the middle and low speed corners, but this is quite complementary to the electric car that accelerates quickly, directly and vigorously, even though the car weighs 2.1 tons due to the configuration of the battery and dual electric motors A lot, but not only is it effortless to run, but it can also bring a sense of sprint at any time. After all, the peak torque of 67.3kgm is not attractive, especially in the high-speed corner of T10 and the long straight road after the T23 corner. In addition to bringing a rather impressive "back feeling", the powerful output of 408hp can make the vehicle speed climb to nearly 170km/h under the instantaneous and violent output before the braking point of the large straight road section. , This speed is already comparable to many performance sports cars, which shows that the power output must not be underestimated, and it also allows people to actually experience and see the powerful acceleration performance of the XC40 Recharge.

The rapid, direct and powerful acceleration power output allows XC40 Recharge to be as fast and smooth as a fish in water in many low-to-medium speed corners and large straight road sections.

As for the handling performance of the XC40 Recharge on the track, since this car is still an SUV that emphasizes comfort, the cornering roll, center of gravity shift, suspension travel and tonality settings are indeed different from ordinary touring cars. Sex exists, so I didn't have too much expectation for it before leaving the track. However, the rigidity of the XC40 Recharge's entire body and the solidity of the chassis are quite good. In addition, the steering response and front direction are also quite clear and precise, and the braking force is excellent. At the same time, the rear of the car also has good tracking performance, so it can still be released. Driving on the track with skill, especially as long as you control the cornering speed, braking point and steering point to enter the best line, you can not only minimize the unstable slippage of the front and rear of the car, but also The smooth and stable sprinting in large and small curves gives the driver a high degree of confidence in driving.

As long as the cornering speed, braking point, and steering point are well controlled to enter the optimal line, even the comfortable-oriented XC40 Recharge can drive vigorously on the track.

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