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2024 Mazda 2, Mazda 3 Evolution Debut

●Mazda 2 imports the original factory's highest specification Sport appearance style

●Mazda 2 launched a new "sky gray" car color

●Mazda 3 upgraded 10.25-inch central display screen + wireless charging device

Mazda 3 adds a new car color of "Crystal Porcelain White"

New car price Mazda 2 15S Urban Sport: 789,000 yuan

car model Mazda 3 Sedan Mazda 3 Hatchback
20S (made to order) 798,000 yuan
20S Cabon Edition 868,000 yuan 878,000 yuan
20S Premium 948,000 yuan 958,000 yuan
20S Signature 1.018 million yuan 1.018 million yuan
Carbon Edition+ Package 1.038 million yuan 1.038 million yuan

Taiwan Mazda held the 2024 New Year's Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 new car presentation on August 25. In addition to introducing the original sports model with the highest specification, Mazda 2 also adjusted the equipment and reduced the number of models sold. For the single 15S Urban Sport model, the new car price is reduced to 789,000 yuan. The new year-style Mazda 3 is also adjusted for sales models and equipment. The original compilation of 6 models, whether it is four-door or five-door, has been revised into 4 and 5 sales models. The new car The selling price ranges from RMB 798,000 to RMB 1,038,000.

The new year-style Mazda 2 is based on the previous high-end Proactive Touring model and simplified into a single 15S Urban Sport model. In addition to the standard Sport appearance, it also has a new blackened closed "Spirit Wings" ” and a 16-inch two-color aluminum ring to highlight the dynamic momentum. In addition, a new car color of "Skyline Gray" is also added for selection. As for the cabin, new seats with red stitching are added, and the NVH cabin sound insulation project is strengthened to bring better quiet performance. Other equipment including single-ring instrument, 7-inch central control screen host, wireless Apple CarPlay connection, constant temperature and air conditioning, Smart Keyless, reversing display system, blind spot detection system and central saddle control knob have not changed.

Mazda 2's new blackened design "Spiritual Wings" perfectly matches with the headlights, making the delicate outline extremely extensible, fully displaying the soulful appearance of Japanese aesthetics.
Mazda 2 has all the car seats with red stitching, together with high-quality fabric seats, bringing a delicate texture and a dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere to the cabin.

As for the 2024 New Year Mazda 3, it mainly focuses on the upgrade and adjustment of the equipment. In addition to listing USB Type-C as the standard configuration of the entire car series, the 10.25-inch central control screen will be introduced from the 20S Premium model (20S and 20S Carbon Edition Maintain the original 8.8-inch central control screen settings), and add wireless mobile phone charging stand, wireless Apple CarPlay link, and front screen projection HUD (20S Signature) that can support smartphone navigation guidance and other equipment. In addition, whether it is a four-door or five-door 20S Signature model, the Carbon Edition+ Package can be added at an additional price of 20,000 yuan, including wine red leather seats, smart headlights (ALH), black aluminum rings and Flashing black exterior mirrors and other equipment.

The new year-style Mazda 3 is upgraded with a 10.25-inch central display screen, and also newly introduced the wireless Apple CarPlay connection function.
In addition to the newly added USB Type-C charging port as standard, Mazda 3 also introduces a convenient and practical wireless mobile phone charging stand.

The new year-style Mazda 3 basically maintains the original settings except for the adjustments in equipment, including power. gearbox, with 165hp, 21.7kgm maximum horsepower and torque output.

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