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24-year-old New Ford Kuga launched with ST-Line Sport & ST-Line Performance dual-power models starting at NT$949,000

Since the current third-generation Ford Kuga was introduced to Taiwan in 2020 using the "dual appearance/dual power" model, it has adhered to the principles of pure European running and traveling, and is the only "dual appearance/dual power" model in its class.European driving pleasure」、「Leading intelligent driving assistance technology」、「The only one to pass the endurance test on the Lommel track in Belgium” and other product advantages, it continues to sweep Taiwan’s mid-size SUV market, and has even won awards such as the Best Mid-size SUV of the Year in the "First-hand Auto News" Auto News Awards, demonstrating its strong product competitiveness.

Facing the highly competitive Taiwan auto market, Ford Liuhe continues to listen to the voice of the market and focuses on what consumers pay most attention to when purchasing a car.taxes」、「Technology equipment」、「Sports kit” Waiting for the response from car buying points, today (11/3) officially announced that the 24-year-old New Ford Kuga ST-Line dual-power model will be launched in Taiwan with a trade-in price of NT$1.029 million, and the launch of the new EcoBoost®180 ST-Line Sport、EcoBoost®The 250 ST-Line Performance sports model satisfies consumers' various demands for mid-size SUVs through exclusive ST-Line sports interior and exterior layout, advanced smart driving technology and configuration, strong turbine power and other product features, perfectly shaping the Kuga brand. The only sporty image of the European running brigade.

Moving in actionShocking to the heart: New Ford Kuga EcoBoost®180 ST-Line SportShow your sports genes

24-year-old New Ford Kuga EcoBoost®The 180 ST-Line Sport is based on the new C2 European chassis platform, creating a 2,710mm long wheelbase; at the same time, the streamlined and full body lines are set to deepen the sporty atmosphere and improve the appearance of the entire car. Through ST-Line's exclusive visual design, it creates the most distinctive appearance in its class. In terms of appearance, you can see the blackened honeycomb grille, spoiler trim, body-colored trim panels, blackened shark fin antenna, large spoiler and rear wing and other appearance parts, corresponding to the 19-inch Eagle Claw two-color cutting aluminum alloy wheels, competition New Ford Kuga ST-Line has double-sided square exhaust tailpipes, matte black full-circle side window frames, matte black sports roof racks, and the newly added ST-Line exclusive car color Desert Island Blue. Sport fully demonstrates the family's sporty genes.

Hot-blooded cockpitHeart beating: New Ford Kuga EcoBoost®180 ST-Line SportShow enthusiasm

In the cockpit layout part, Kuga EcoBoost®180 ST-Line Sport creates a unique and passionate atmosphere exclusive to ST-Line through delicate decoration in the given interior. Sitting on the exclusive suede-like sports seats in the car, you can see the ST-Line exclusive sports metal accelerator/brake pedals, door sills, footrests and other accessories; within reach, through the dazzling red ring The delicate interplay of cabin stitching, dark roof and sporty carbon fiber pattern interior panels embellishes the overall sporty texture; at the same time, the sporty leather steering wheel and shift paddles with a solid grip reflect European style handling. The best medium to take advantage. Furthermore, Kuga EcoBoost®180 ST-Line Sport has also made some enhancements to its technological heritage this time, integrating various important vehicle information into a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel with a simple interface, which can be used for sports, energy saving, anti-skid, normal, snow/sand A dedicated visual interface for switching between different driving modes; at the same time, a HUD head-up display that can integrate simple vehicle information, B&O Danish top acoustic speakers that provide an excellent listening experience, and Dynamic LED smart headlights (built-in AFS active headlights) that are critical to driving visibility steering lighting assist system and Glare Free intelligent anti-glare high beam function), both listed as Kuga EcoBoost®180 ST-Line Sport is equipped as standard, which greatly improves the overall product cost performance.

turbine powerExcellent driving: EcoBoost®180 ST-Line Sport & EcoBoost®250 ST-Line Performance

The Kuga ST-Line dual-power model perfectly inherits the sports car nature of the car series. The entire car series uses the European C2 chassis platform and flat design to bring a dynamic body shape that is both quiet and neat, and is equipped with a "European-standard" front suspension. The suspension shock absorber, rear suspension aluminum alloy lower control arm, strong and solid subframe and other hardware structures create agile driving feedback; coupled with the new generation EBB electronic brake boosting system, the exclusive cooperation with the well-known German manufacturer Continental The brake system (red caliper, brake hose, brake sensor) is developed to simultaneously bring dazzling braking performance. In the core part of power, Kuga ST-Line Sport uses a 1.5L turbo gasoline engine and an 8-speed manual transmission configuration. The engine itself already has an eye-catching output peak of 180ps/6,000rpm, 25.3kg-m/3,000rpm, corresponding to VDE Technologies such as cylinder intermittent, PFI manifold injection, and GDI in-cylinder direct injection dual injection technology can achieve an excellent average fuel consumption performance of 15.9km/L, which truly demonstrates the product characteristics of the Kuga series with both energy saving and kinetic energy; as for the Kuga ST The -Line Performance model is equipped with a 2.0L twin-scroll turbocharged gasoline engine newly tuned by the European engine engineering team, with advanced twin-turbo technology and electronic pressure relief valve, creating a maximum horsepower of 250ps and a maximum torque of 38.7kg-m that is unparalleled in its class.

Extreme performance, wild running:EcoBoost®250 ST-Line PerformanceThe only one to conquer the trackSUV

The Kuga EcoBoost that doesn’t want to compromise on driving pleasure®250 ST-Line Performance, exclusive sports performance tuning, through lower ground clearance than other models, sports shock absorbers, enhanced valve system damping values, heavier-handed steering wheels and front suspension aluminum alloy lower control arms etc., to release the inner running soul of desire. It is also equipped with AWD detachable smart four-wheel drive, which accurately determines the terrain and road conditions in milliseconds, intelligently switches between four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive, and simultaneously adjusts the front and rear axle torque output, no matter what the road conditions are. Handy.

Hard base architectureadvanced technology: Kuga Co-Pilot 360 Comprehensive safety protection, the top three brands evaluated by the US authority

Kuga uses a high-strength body and aluminum alloy structure to create a level of protection worthy of the "sacred car that protects the Lord". The entire vehicle is equipped with 1,700Mpa Asada cold-hardened steel, 1,300Mpa ring-cabin boron steel, 800Mpa pressure-resistant anti-collision support rods, high Body designs such as high-density aluminum extruded front anti-collision beams and aluminum alloy hood provide a hard-bottomed essential setting that exceeds the performance of its class; it is also equipped with Ford Co-Pilot360, which is well received by consumers and certified by third-party professionals.TMComprehensive intelligent driving assistance technology, providing iACC intelligent full-speed cruise control system, AEC full-speed assisted braking, PCA forward collision warning, LCA lane centering, TSR road sign recognition, ESA evasive steering assist, and BLIS®Visual blind spot detection, CTA reversing traffic warning, reversing imaging assist (with dynamic guidance lines), original 360-degree surround image (1280*800 high-resolution image quality) and the only RED road edge detection in its class European advanced safety assistance technologies such as test and PIB secondary collision pre-braking assist create a comprehensive level of safety protection for New Ford Kuga in the forward, side and rear directions.

National Running BrigadeOpportunity to own: brand new24year style New Ford KugaCreate a diversified and strong car lineup

In addition to the newly launched Kuga EcoBoost®In addition to the 180 ST-Line Sport model, Ford Liuhe is also targeting the 2024 EcoBoost®The 180 flagship model has been upgraded with equipment, providing two practical features: a 12.3-inch wide-screen luxury full digital instrument panel and a matte silver roof rack;while celebratingCumulative sales of Ford's domestically produced cars will reach 100,000 units. From now until November 30, consumers who purchase any New Ford Kuga model can enjoy body insurance, 5-year original factory warranty, 600,000 interest rate, old Discounts of 50,000 for new ones and other discounts with a total value of up to 100,000; in addition, for all Kuga owners, optional upgrades to Ford Kuga Vignale 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels and Continental Premium Contact are available at a discounted price.TM 6 (245/45 R20) exclusive tires, with a total market value of NT$110,000, and a discounted price of NT$599.99 million this month. There are only 20 sets in Taiwan, allowing consumers to easily upgrade to the exclusive driving pleasure of the New Ford Kuga, a pure European sports car.

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