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3/22Mediterranean winds hit the new Maserati Grecale on the streets of Montena

Maserati will unveil its new second SUV: Grecale on 3/22.

● Maserati's new small SUV

● Equipped with a new driving interface and electronic control

●Have comfortable and spacious space

●Provide a variety of power and performance models

Maserati's second vehicle/small SUV, which was originally scheduled to be released in November last year: After Grecale was affected by many factors and decided to postpone the launch plan, the details of its vehicle are still kept secret and leaked, even the European media, who have always been very knowledgeable. The red heavily camouflaged Maserati Grecale for snow testing was only photographed in late January, which shows the cautious attitude of the original factory.

Although it is rare for Maserati to directly publish the mass-produced custom photos of Grecale on the official website this time, and also tore off the camouflage on the front and rear of the car to show you, but the key details and specifications are printed in the way of covering up some numbers/letters. On the body sticker, it is written "I can't tell you more", which is very appetizing. Even though the Maserati new car message is so humorous, we can still find some clues in the photos.

Inheriting Alfieri's design language and revealing performance style

Judging from the photos that have been released, Grecale's front water tank cover also inherits the design vocabulary from the Alfieri concept car, but the headlight design is different from the slender and triangular shape of the big brother Levante. Judging from the 45 R20 tires with trident aluminum rims, red calipers, and four exhaust tailpipes and splitters on the rear bumper, this semi-camouflaged Grecale with key specifications is most likely to be the performance version of the Grecale Trofeo. After all, even the blue sticker on the door "You can break through your daily routine in XX seconds" directly reminds you that the acceleration performance of this car should not be underestimated.

It is not difficult to see that Grecale will have a performance model from the bead setting and four tail pipes.

in the name of the wind

In fact, there are two important messages on the blue sticker on the side of the car. The Poseidon Trident factory emblem on the compass pointing to the northeast (NE) shows the origin of the name Grecale. Maserati's models have always been named after "wind", just as Levante originally meant "" Warm and fickle Mediterranean-type monsoon," while Grecale is "a strong northeasterly wind originating from the Mediterranean." The latitude and longitude coordinates on the sticker and the body are located in downtown Montena, near the Parco Giardino Ducale Estense, which is only 200 meters from the Enzo Ferrari Museum.

Complete with five internal organs

In the invisible interior and equipment parts, the body text also reveals that the Grecale driving interface not only has a cool dashboard that can display a variety of information, but also is equipped with a voice-controlled Maserati Intelligent Assistant intelligent system and a variety of optional driving modes. While the rear passengers enjoy the comfort and spacious legroom, they also feel the convenience brought by the large storage space. In addition, the top-of-the-line audio system in Grecale has more than 10 speakers and provides more than 1,000 watts of output power, so the entire car can enjoy the ultimate listening experience. At the rear of the car, the electric induction tailgate that can be opened by kicking and the Italian-style special-tuned exhaust sound are also planned in the equipment list.

Maserati Grecale painted unannounced key specifications of the vehicle to warm up for the launch event.

A variety of power

Grecale will be produced in the Cassino plant in Italy and share the production line with Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Although these photos do not show the details of the power configuration, Maserati once said that in addition to gasoline engines such as 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder, its new cars will simultaneously provide gasoline-electric hybrids Power and pure electric power models for consumers to choose. It is said that the performance version of the Grecale Trofeo may be equipped with the same 3.8-liter V8 direct-injection turbocharged engine from Ferrari as the Levante Trofeo. If this statement is true, then the Grecale Trofeo's more than 500hp violent power will be the most headache for the Macan GTS. Opponents, all details will be unveiled on 3/22, let us wait and see.

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