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7 things that stand out about the new Mercedes CLA -

Mercedes has unveiled a concept version of the new Mercedes CLA at the IAA in Munich. For a moment we can no longer see the car through the stars, but in the end we find 7 things that stand out.

Introduced in 2013 Mercedes-Benz with the CLA, a four-door coupé that between the Mercedes A class in Mercedes C class came in, although it has the same basis as the A-class hatchback. Now - ten years later - the Stuttgart brand presents the next version of the model to the world. A few things caught our eye.

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1.New CLA is a concept model

The new Mercedes CLA is actually not (yet) the new CLA at all: it is a concept car. So the car you see here is not quite finished yet. Although, according to Mercedes, it is an 'almost production-ready preview'. You can count on it that the real new CLA - despite this statement - will be a watered down version of this concept model.

2.Both new CLA and concept electric future

The concept model can be called multifunctional. It is not only a preview for the new CLA, but also for a new model family. In addition to the four-door coupe, Mercedes talks about a new CLA shooting brake (station wagon) and two new SUVs that will derive their design language from the Concept CLA Class.

All these models will become EVs, completely in line with 'Ambition 2039'. That is Mercedes' plan to have a model range by 2039 that is fully electric and therefore emission-free.

3.Electrical specifications

The Concept CLA Class has some impressive (electrical) specifications. How about the range of 750 kilometers, for example? This is partly made possible by a low consumption of only 12 kWh per 100 kilometres. Mercedes even speaks of a 'hypermiler'. Furthermore, the Concept CLA can charge at lightning speed with 250 kW thanks to the on-board voltage of 800 volts. The power of the CLA Concept is also anything but childish with 328 hp.

4.Light strips as lights

From the side, the new CLA Concept looks very much like the CLA we know today. But if we look at the snoot and the rear of the car, we see big differences. For example, the grille is closed, as befits an EQ model from Mercedes. The rear of the concept model also looks 'smoother' than we are used to.

One of the most striking details, however, are the light units. The lamps have been completely replaced by light strips. On both sides, six-strips run as a line across the full width of the car. Below this line we see a semicircle and the signature star. The star is a recurring pattern, because we also see dozens of small stars on the roof, in the grille and on the rims.

5.Fair fair interior

A look at the interior makes us dizzy, we gain so many impressions. The interior colors are white and blue and the seats are a kind of tub with integrated headrests. We also see many blue stripes that, for example, on the steering wheel and in the center console give the illusion of a kind of tunnel. The first word that comes to mind is 'fairground'. So it's not our taste, but to each his own.

6.Huge screen

What also stands out in the interior is the instrumentation. That has been completely replaced by a huge continuous screen. The new MBUX system from Mercedes is housed in this new dashboard. With this new system you can project on the screens more than ever before. Think of a virtual assistant, social media feeds and streaming services.


In one of the press photos we see a lidar system on the Concept CLA. It betrays that the new Mercedes model series is extensively prepared for autonomous driving.

See more photos below:

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