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86 car owners must see! Transfer to GR86 "Don't worry"[Test drive experience of active racers]

table of contents
●Existing racers take the GR86 for a test ride!
●New front and rear design
●Can you feel the evolution of the engine and body and the low center of gravity?
●Access the driving feeling of the owner GR86
●Should I buy the new GR86 now?
GR86 "Rear rim offset problem"

Active racers test the GR86!

From the previous-generation model that debuted as a pure sports car to the new-generation model, what has changed in the middle? After the performance of important areas such as the engine and the body are reborn, what will happen...

The author not only participates in the driving of the 86/BRZ One Make Race tire development, but also uses it as a scooter, and has a good understanding of the previous generation 86.

Daichi Okamoto

Participated in driving in Middle Formula, Super Endurance, 86/BRZ events. Test drive a new car from a driving perspective. I like lightweight and sporty cars, and I usually drive a light station wagon. Cars are Honda Acty and Subaru BRZ.

New front and rear design

The front end of the new GR86 has a new look, which at first glance has a Porsche and Aston Martin feel.

When I first saw the release of the new Nissan Z, I also felt "like Aston Martin". The shape of the headlights in particular gives such a feeling.

The taillights have also changed a lot, as has the position of the license plate.

The position of the license plate of the previous generation model was on the rear compartment. From the new model, the position of the license plate was changed to the rear bumper, and the appearance impression was completely different.

Can you feel the evolution of the engine, body and low center of gravity?

Toyota stated that the improvement points of the GR86 should focus on "engine", "body" and "low center of gravity". And we also actually test it to see if the changes can be clearly felt when driving.

The engine has been greatly evolved! The power and torque are completely different

start the engine

The exhaust pipe of the test drive GR86 was changed to HKS system. Occasionally it is the same exhaust pipe as the previous generation 86 that I usually drive.

The sound of the engine starting is even more robust than the previous generation model.

The engine displacement has been increased from 2.0L to 2.4L. Looking forward to its evolution from the sound of the engine.

HS exhaust pipe

Step on the accelerator lightly and the engine sound is completely different. The previous-generation model did not reach the high-speed range with a light push of the accelerator, but the new-generation model can increase the speed in an instant. After that, it left the general road and drove to the expressway to confirm its performance.

Drop into first gear when passing through ETC and press the accelerator all the way down with the engine running. The speed increased to 7,000 revolutions in one go, and the body was pushed to the seat. At the same time, I once again deeply realized the substantial evolution of the engine.

Whether it is power or torque, it is completely different.

The value recorded in the product catalog is an increase of about 30 horsepower, but the body feels like a more horsepower increase.

Although I don’t know if this performance is a bit ambiguous, I don’t know if it is correct, but when the new GR86 pulls the engine in the high-rev range, it feels like entering a Honda VTEC, and the engine will make a low noise.

Approaching 5,500 rpm, the sound of the engine began to become high-pitched, and when he returned to his senses, it reached 7,000 rpm.

It's completely different from the engine sound of the previous generation 86. To be honest, it is quite surprising that there is such a big change just by increasing the exhaust volume.

Furthermore, it not only increases the horsepower and torque of the engine, but also upgrades and adjusts the ECU that controls the engine.

The previous generation model had a "trough" of torque around 3,000 to 4,000 rpm. When you stepped on the accelerator deeply, you couldn't get a smooth acceleration feeling. Instead, it would give people a sense of stall, which was also a worry for 86 owners.

But this time, the new GR86 is very well tuned in this place, and there is no "trough" at all.

The instrument panel switches automatically when the electronic controls are turned off.Lap timing can also be displayed

Feel the increase in body rigidity before you start driving

From the conclusion, one of the key points of the new GR86 this time is the body, and the difference is felt before driving.

In addition to the fact that it feels stiffer than the previous model when the door is closed, the TRD Door Stabilizer is installed in this test car, and even when compared to the previous generation with this part, the new GR86 is still more rigid.

In fact, after driving on the road, you can feel the evolution of the rigidity of the body. This test car is equipped with the original suspension system. When driving on uneven roads, the vibration of the car is significantly different from that of the previous model.

The previous-generation 86 felt a little cheap on the road with subtle vibrations and potholes.

However, since Toyota itself also advocates a comprehensive increase in body rigidity, the driver can feel the effect of the suspension system, and can obtain the responsiveness like a high-end car.

This is not because the author often competes to have such an idea, it is an overwhelming difference that can be felt instantly no matter who rides it.

Here, some readers may worry about "does the ride feel like a high-end car?" "The charm of the 86 is obviously the feeling of a sports car..." These questions are above, but the answer is no.

The suspension system has the hardness of a sports car, and it responds directly to the steering control. It is a pure sports car.

The suspension system that has no sense of incongruity in the movement of the left and right, front and rear centers of gravity is a model that will make people feel "a car that will definitely be very happy when you drive directly on the track", and you can also feel its sporty feeling when driving on the road.

And to create a body design that is carefully handled and clearly conveyed to the driver, I can feel the manufacturer's idea of ​​"making a good sports car!", and I feel very happy as a car fan.

Various subtle upgrades, but also balance

In addition to the two obvious evolutions of the engine and the body, since the previous generation of the 86, there have been various subtle upgrades such as "even here there are changes".

For example, the previous generation 86 even if the clutch is released slowly from the 1st gear, it will suddenly accelerate as long as the accelerator pedal is pressed, and it is prone to unnatural starting. Maybe the new 86 has adjusted the Throttle MAP to achieve a smooth start like a self-discharge car. .

The gear lever is almost the same. The gear feel is also the same as the previous generation.

Of course, the new 86 inherits some of its predecessors.

Equipped with the improved gearbox of the previous generation 86, the new 86 gearbox can also be easily installed on the previous generation 86.

The shifting feeling also inherits the excellent genes of the previous generation. According to the owner, "it is more comfortable than the H-type gear of the 718 Cayman".

Known by Volkswagen as "Porsche's gear is the world's first", the new 86 is even better, which is quite surprising.

The "electronic control switch" button is exactly the same as the previous generation

The body design is as we can see, and the bottom of the body has a three-dimensional effect like a spoiler.

This time, the new GR86 has improved the aerodynamic package, which has contributed to the improvement of the car's performance.

Although there is no way to feel the difference in aerodynamics in this test drive, it should be effective in subtleties such as fuel consumption performance and brake cooling.

side bottom shape
The same as the previous generation 86 is the shark fin antenna

Some people may think "just talk about aerodynamics at normal highway driving speeds", but there are also many people who say "more than 60km/h is the world of aerodynamics".

While it's hard to feel the difference in downforce that's needed on a race ride, in terms of drag (air resistance), this slight upgrade is very effective.

In addition, the minor change that I want to introduce to you is the opening method of the "fuel tank cap".

The previous generation 86 needed to pull the lever under the driver's seat to open, but the new GR86 can be opened simply by pressing the fuel tank cap.

Visit the driving feeling of the owner GR86

The owner who borrowed our test drive this time has driven a variety of new high-performance sports cars such as Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, etc., and now he also drives McLaren in addition to GR86. So we asked the owner how to use the GR86 at ordinary times.

The car owner said that he usually uses the GR86 as a scooter. When friends around him heard that the car owner bought the GR86, they all felt that the car owner would get tired of driving it all at once, but until now, the car owner still uses the GR86 as a daily scooter.

The new 86 has a "duck tail" design that the previous 86 did not have, improving the appearance and aerodynamics

The owner said that he thought he would get tired of this car very quickly at first, but after actually riding it, he felt good. He originally thought that compared with supercars, it would have neither horsepower nor driving in sports mode. , the car feels quite light.

Because it is usually used as a scooter, there is no over-adjustment of the suspension system and other parts. With the original suspension system, you can drive like a normal car like a Prius.

It can also be parked in a metered parking lot, and there is no need to "bevel" where there is a slight height difference, and it can be simply driven.

In terms of cargo capacity, as long as the rear seat is flat, it can easily fit a golf bag, which is also the width of a set of tires. (But the tires above 17 inches may be more reluctant)

The new GR86 is the perfect car for anyone who wants to ride as a normal scooter and enjoy driving in sport mode at the same time.

Although the GR86 is a 4-seater, it is still slightly crowded.

11-inch large screen, can also install navigation

Should I buy the new GR86 now?

After seeing how the owners use it, let's think about whether the new GR86 is a car worth starting immediately.

It has a very high degree of completion as a pure sports car, and it is absolutely no problem for sports car enthusiasts to consider it as the first candidate. Owners of the previous-generation 86 also found it worthwhile to switch to the new GR86.

Rear installation optional parts rear wing

But if you don't have the budget right now, don't worry about it. The reason is that there is a good chance that a facelift will be introduced in a few years.

Just like the previous generation 86, after the later models are unveiled, you can buy the medieval "initial models", or directly purchase the upgraded later models.

GR86"Rear rim offset problem"

When it comes to enjoying the 86, we must mention the modification.

The author thinks that when it comes to modification, "reducing the height of the car and expanding the tires" is indispensable, but this time the new GR86 seems to have the problem of rim offset...

The front fender air intake is also a design not found in the previous generation model

The previous generation 86 can be upgraded from 18 inches to 9J, or close to 9.5J, but if the new GR86 is not below 8.5J, due to the offset of the rim, the fenders will not be able to protrude.

However, since this is not correct information, everyone should just remember it roughly, which can reduce the risk of failure during modification.

In addition, if you want to enjoy sports mode driving and customize it, you only need to replace the oil (engine, gearbox, brakes) and brake pads, and the others will remain in the normal state, and you can still enjoy the track driving feeling.

If you catch up with Ferrari or Lamborghini's high-end cars on the track in this state, it will be the initial D of the Reiwa version.

The second stage is to add the suspension system, exhaust pipes, tires & rims, and strengthen the body (body tie rods, etc.), and you can officially enjoy the fun of the track.

Because the displacement is increased by 2.4L this time, as long as it is turbocharged, it can exceed 300 horsepower in an instant.

The previous generation 86 revitalized the parts market, and I believe this new GR86 can also set off a wave of upsurge.

The protruding rear fender is to deal with the vehicle inspection that is often found in foreign cars

Original source:86 Must-see for owners! "Don't be impatient" when switching to GR86[Active racer test drive report]
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