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9 private lease cars for less than 300 euros per month -

New cars are becoming more and more expensive and that price increase is also reflected in the monthly amount for private lease. Yet there are still cars that you can lease privately for a maximum of 300 euros per month.

Private leasing is popular. And why not? For a fixed amount per month you can have a new car. This amount already includes things like road tax, maintenance and insurance - you only pay for the petrol. So you also buy a large portion of 'unburdening' – a nice word for stress-free driving without fear of expensive repairs.

Private lease for 300 euros per month

But it is becoming increasingly difficult to conclude a private lease contract for a modest amount. Which cars are available for a maximum of 300 euros per month, how many kilometers are you allowed to drive and how well equipped are the relevant models?

For 300 euros per month you can choose between 9 cars on our private lease page:

  1. Toyota Aygo X – 259 euro (60 mnd, 10.000 km)
  2. Fiat 500 – 274 euro (72 mnd, 5000 km)
  3. Kia Picanto – 279 euro (60 mnd, 5000 km)
  4. Mitsubishi Space Star - 279 euro (72 mnd, 5000 km)
  5. Fiat Panda – 284 euro (72 mnd, 5000 km)
  6. Suzuki Ignis – 285 euro (72 mnd, 5000 km)
  7. Hyundai i10 – 289 euro (60 mnd, 5000 km)
  8. Suzuki Swift – 289 (72 mnd, 5000 km)
  9. Peugeot 208 – 299 euro (72 mnd, 5000 km)

    Watch out for few kilometers per year and long running times

    Most contracts are for 5,000 kilometers per year, which is very low mileage. From figures of the CBS it turns out that Dutch passenger cars traveled an average of 11,000 kilometers per year in 2021. In the meantime, this number is likely to have risen even further, as the numbers continue to recover from the corona pandemic.

    Another important aspect to keep an eye on is the duration. All prices shown are based on 60 or 72 months - either 5 or 6 years. This does not have to be a problem if you do not expect your situation to change in the next 5 or 6 years. If you have less certainty about this, this can be a potential stumbling point. Especially since breach of contract can be a costly story.

    Except under certain circumstances:

    Some models shown are also available with a larger mileage package and with a shorter duration and then you still stay within the budget of 300 euros per month. Something to keep in mind.

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    Equipment: is air conditioning standard?

    What about the equipment of the cars shown? Don't worry: in the summer you won't be sweating in these cars, because they all have air conditioning. Two of the cars do not have cruise control on board within the budget (Panda and Ignis), while the Aygo X and Swift even have adaptive cruise control. Something that all cars do have as standard are electrically operated windows (in the front). Alloy wheel aficionados are missing out, as all cars on the list come with steel wheels.

    Sporty drivers look sadly at the number of horsepower: the Suzuki Ignis in Swift are the high flyers of the list with their 83 hp. In this part of the market, 60 to 75 horsepower is standard.

    300 euros per month: no EV, two mild hybrids

    It is a known fact that electric cars are more expensive to purchase than petrol cars. This also applies to private lease. There are no fully electric cars available within the budget of 300 euros. So do you really want one electric car private lease, you will have to increase the budget. The first one you will encounter in our comparator is a Dacia Spring for 325 euros per month. You will not find a plug-in hybrid within this budget. For hybrids you have to go to Fiat for this money. They offer two mild-hybrid cars for less than 300 euros: the Fiat Panda and the Fiat 500.

    For the current private lease offers, please visit our private lease comparator. There you will find, among other things, cheap electric cars:

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