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A bare umbrella costs 100,000 yen...Why is Rolls-Royce so expensive?What is the inside story of the unknown price of a super-premium car?

table of contents
●Rolls-Royce is expensive for a reason!
●The interior is handmade! This is how Rolls-Royce is made!
●Customized Rolls Royce available with Bespoke
●High security to protect VIP is also a feature of Rolls-Royce
●The reason why Rolls-Royce can be sold even if it is expensive

The Hermès umbrella that comes with the super-premium Rolls Royce costs 100,000 yen a piece. Rolls-Royce, which comes standard with a high-priced umbrella, costs 30 million yen for a cheap new car, and 3 billion yen for an expensive one, all of which are enough to build several houses.

What is the difference between Rolls-Royce, famous for its luxury cars and other luxury cars?

Rolls Royce is expensive for a reason!


Rolls-Royce is a well-known manufacturer of ultra-premium cars. The body is straight and sturdy, plus the front-end decoration of the hood with the characteristic trademark "The spirit of Ecstasy", and the body appearance of the water tank guard based on the Parthenon temple, I believe that no matter who it is. I agree that Rolls Royce is a luxury car.

Rolls-Royce's new car price is about 40 million yen for the SUV Cullinan. The Phantom, which has dominated the pack as a flagship model for a long time, is more than 50 million yen. Even the smaller GHOST starts at 30 million yen, which is about the same price as a house. In addition, among the custom-made cars, there are also models that cost hundreds of millions of yen.

The high price of Rolls-Royce and its popularity have also led to terms such as "Rolls-Royce of the ○○ world", which are occasionally used to refer to high-end items other than cars.

The interior is handcrafted! That's how Rolls-Royces are made!


The reason why Rolls-Royce can become Rolls-Royce is because of its exquisite interior and exterior and high quietness like blocking the outside world, coupled with the excellent riding feeling like a magic carpet.

One of the most eye-catching is the interior made of cowhide and wood. Rolls-Royce uses the highest quality materials and is handcrafted one by one by craftsmen at the Goodwood factory in the UK.
Each interior is luxuriously made of about 10 cows of leather, and of course the sewing, embroidery and assembly are all handmade. It is only made of strictly selected cowhide, and the way of processing the leather will change according to the car model, bringing different feel changes. The wood that decorates the interior is made of natural woods such as rosewood and mahogany, which are also used in high-end furniture and musical instruments. It takes about 5 years to dry, process, and then assemble it into the car.

In order to achieve high silence without audible engine sound, the amount of sound insulation material used in the car is as high as 100kg or more. The starlight decorative panel showing the starry sky on the ceiling is also hand-drilled with hundreds of holes on the interior panel of the car, and the fiber optic light strips in the car are installed one by one.

In addition, the repeated rubbing and sanding of the body paint is the manual work of professionals. The waistline of the body does not depend on the machine at all, and is hand-painted by craftsman brushes.

The raw material cost and the personnel cost of the craftsmen alone for the decoration of the interior and exterior are significantly higher than that of ordinary vehicles.

Custom Rolls Royce available with Bespoke


In addition to Rolls-Royce, there are many quiet and comfortable luxury cars. But you won't find another automaker that mirrors customer expectations in its cars like Rolls-Royce.

Called the most unique "bespoke" of Rolls-Royce, this service can be customized in terms of body color, interior and exterior, and can be ordered to be the only car in the world. The Phantom customized by Mr. Maezawa Yusaku, the founder of Japanese clothing website ZOZO, has a dark green body color inspired by Oribe ware and named "MZ Oribe Green". In addition, there are also cars whose body painting is mixed with 1,000 diamond-ground fine powders to make the ultra-luxurious paint "Diamond Stardust".

Of course, if you use the Bespoke service to order a car, the price of the car will also increase with the customized content. For example, the 2-door coupe "Sweptail" built on the Phantom coupe chassis platform to meet customer expectations costs about 1.5 billion yen. The "Boat Tail", which took four years to manufacture and is limited to three units worldwide, is estimated to be priced at 3 billion yen.

As in the example mentioned earlier, Rolls-Royce breeds new cars through custom manufacturing. It is precisely because Rolls-Royce is assembled by hand that it can respond so flexibly to the needs of customers.

High security to protect VIPs is also a feature of Rolls-Royce


Rolls-Royce deserves to be selected as an important passenger car model, not to mention the safety of traffic accidents. It also incorporates bulletproof and explosion-proof specifications from the basic design stage into the field of vision, which can prevent terrorist attacks and violent people. attack.

In September 2021, Kitano Takeshi (a well-known Japanese director and actor) was attacked by a man with a hoe. At that time, the car Kitano was riding was a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Although the car does not have bulletproof specifications, the thickened glass and steel plates for sound insulation still achieve the function of protecting passengers.

In addition, in order to escape from the pursuit of the car, Rolls-Royce not only has a soft suspension system, but also has a V-type 12-cylinder engine that can fully exert the sports performance and controllability of the BMW-made 12-cylinder engine with an output of more than 400PS.
In principle, there is an antinomy between good rideability and sports performance. In order to make the two sides exist at the same time and achieve an excellent riding feeling, excellent engineering can be achieved. Meticulous safety design to protect the lives of customers is also one of the main reasons for raising the price of Rolls-Royce.

The reason why a Rolls Royce can be sold even if it is expensive

©VanderWolf Images/stock.adobe.com

Rolls-Royces built to ultra-luxury specifications are unavoidable, but even at such high prices, some people are willing to pay for them.

Rolls-Royce's total sales in 2021 will be 5,586, an update to the previous record. This also represents the high credit value generated by the public consensus on the Rolls-Royce premium brand.

On the contrary, its high brand value has also become a shackle. It cannot easily reduce prices like ordinary car manufacturers, and because of its labor-intensive relationship, it can only increase the price, but cannot reduce the cost of the car. But at the end of the day, customers who would want a Rolls-Royce shouldn't be looking for cheap.
The phenomenon that the more expensive the higher-end brands sell better is related to the Weberon effect. The Weberon effect is a concept put forward by American economists, also known as "conspicuous consumption (exaggerated consumption)."
If you own a high-priced, one-only Bespoke Rolls-Royce, there's no better car to satisfy your ostentation. In other words, the cheap Rolls-Royce that reduces costs may not sell.

Rolls-Royce prices are high because the performance to date reflects the brand's value. And even at a high price, it still sells, which shows that Rolls-Royce fully meets customer needs.

Original text: 100,000 yen with an umbrella ... Why is Rolls-Royce so expensive? What is the reason for the unknown price of super luxury cars?
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