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A century-old prophecy, the ceiling of pure electric mobility Rolls-Royce electric car Specter was grandly announced in Taipei

The past 10 years have been an important milestone in the evolution of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and its entry into the new century; the Phantom VIII was born and adopted a new engine and independently developed all-aluminum luxury architecture chassis; the first all-terrain recreational vehicle in the century since the company was founded The advent of the Cullinan; the stunning debut of the New Ghost, which was redesigned for the second time in 10 years; and now Specter's first pure electric car has opened a model for interpreting the future era of luxury electrification. This series of evolutions demonstrates Rolls-Royce’s 10 years of product evolution and the purest and most flawless craftsmanship. The birth of Rolls-Royce's first pure electric car model, Specter, announced that Rolls-Royce has officially entered the pure electric era and entered a new chapter of the new Rolls-Royce 3.0. Now that the new Specter has finally arrived in Taiwan, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Taiwan's general agent - Shengwei Co., Ltd. has also announced that the price is $22,680,000 with a Taiwan exclusive package price of $2,246,000, making it $24,926,000.

Spectre Taiwan exclusive kit price $2,246,000 includeThe following related content
Headrest embroidery RR Logo
Contrast stitching
Dual front seat massage and ventilation chairs
Interior customization,include: Key leather customization
Grille with welcome light effect
BespokeCustomized sound system
Door sill trim panel with welcome light effect-SPECTRE

When a word comes true, stick to your word;Spectre Start a new journey

As early as 1900, Charles Rolls, the founder of Rolls-Royce, predicted that electric vehicles would be the development direction of future automobiles. After experiencing an early electric car called the Columbia, Mr. Rouse predicted that as long as there is sufficient infrastructure support, noiseless and very clean electric cars are suitable to replace the internal combustion engine models. Today, more than 120 years later, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has finally witnessed the prediction of Mr. Rolls, the founder of the brand, come true. This prediction could not come true without a promise from Mr. Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Mr. Uterfuss has promised to launch electric models within 10 years. The prophecy of Mr. Charles Rouse and the promise of Mr. Uterfus combined to bring about this historic moment.

To ensure that this highly disruptive masterpiece could meet the expectations of Rolls-Royce customers before it was launched, Rolls-Royce designed the most rigorous testing program in history for the Specter. The total test mileage exceeds 2.5 million kilometers, which is equivalent to the average mileage of a Rolls-Royce car that has been used for more than 400 years. The launch of Specter is not only a historic moment for the Rolls-Royce brand, but also an important milestone in the electrification journey. The arrival of Specter means that the technology it is equipped with is enough to bring customers a luxurious experience exclusive to Rolls-Royce. As a result, Rolls-Royce announced that it will achieve a fully electrified product lineup by 2030.

Spectre New design ushering in a new chapter of Rolls-Royce’s future luxury

The advent of Specter saw Rolls-Royce create a new and unique car category - "Ultra-Luxury Electric Super Coupé". It represents Specter's aura of design and luxurious interior space designed to be created exclusively for customers. Rolls-Royce designers are all deeply involved in the automotive field. Not only that, they also need to draw inspiration from outside the automotive field. Their sources of inspiration include high fashion, modernist sculpture, nautical design, haute couture tailoring and contemporary art. When imagining the design sketches of Specter, Rolls-Royce designers were inspired by modern yacht design concepts, especially its simple and perfect body lines, clever use of light reflection and tapered and agile design. Giving the body contours a richer emotion. Viewed from the front, the Specter's split headlights complement the widest front radiator grille in Rolls-Royce history. The blades of the Parthenon-style air intake grille are more delicate and smooth, and are used to guide the airflow at the front of the vehicle.

The Spirit of Ecstasy statue, a Rolls-Royce spiritual indicator, has been redesigned on the Specter to make the vehicle more aerodynamic. This new design took 830 hours of modeling and wind tunnel testing to finally create. With a drag coefficient of only 0.25cd, the Specter is the most aerodynamic Rolls-Royce model.

Spectre The unique body appearance inherits the iconic design of the Phantom Coupé. The Specter pays homage to the Phantom Coupé with its wide proportions and split headlights, embodying the design ethos of contemporary Rolls-Royce. The neat daytime running lights on the front of the car match the two-meter-wide body and cleverly echo the lower light group.

The hatch line design on the front of the body leads the line of sight to the sides of the body. The flowing lines on the bottom of the car are inspired by yacht design. The Specter does not use complicated decorative designs to exaggerate the sporty feel of the body. Its body lines converge toward the bottom, making it more agile. The most eye-catching silhouette of the Specter's body is undoubtedly the fastback design, which is quite reminiscent of something unforgettable in history. cars and boats. Its flowing upper body contours follow the roofline back to the rear taillights. Specter’s vertical taillights shine like pearls, and the built-in light housing itself is untinted, allowing customers to choose from unlimited color combinations when customizing. The sophisticated design and small size of the taillights allow the body lines to converge from the dynamic vehicle shoulders to the rear of the vehicle, while also showing the unique tapered constriction design of the vehicle body.

The interior design of Specter is inspired by the timeless and mysterious night sky, and it is also the first mass-produced Rolls-Royce model to be equipped with Starlight Doors. The design uses 4,796 soft light points to create a bright starry sky. The doors can be customized with Canadel wood paneling as the back panel. Canadel wood paneling is named after the bay in southern France, where Sir Henry Royce and the design team once worked in the winter.

This time Specter’s starlight panel (Illuminated Fascia) continues the ethereal night sky theme. The Starlight veneer was developed by Rolls-Royce over the past two years and took more than 10,000 man-hours. On the starlight plaque, more than 5,500 stars shine around the Specter wordmark.

Unique and in a league of its own; Rolls-Royce Spectre All-aluminum luxury architecture

In 2003, the first Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII from Goodwood was launched, equipped with a chassis specially built for it. It symbolized the revival of the Rolls-Royce brand. This stage was also called "Rolls-Royce". 1.0". Since then, Rolls-Royce has further created an "all-aluminum luxury architecture." Rolls-Royce's all-aluminum luxury architecture is a highly flexible vehicle space body structure, which is also a highly forward-looking feat of vehicle engineering. Based on this architecture, Rolls-Royce's first pure electric model Specter, current Phantom, Cullinan, and Ghost can all achieve flexible space shaping. This upgraded expansion of the architecture can be described as “Rolls-Royce 2.0”. The ability to provide customized luxury architecture for electric vehicles was a fundamental consideration when Specter was conceived. Today, only mature and advanced electric drive technology can meet Rolls-Royce's requirements for driving experience. The introduction of pure electric powertrain technology into Rolls-Royce's product matrix marks the beginning of "Rolls-Royce 3.0" and a new pure electric era.

The Rolls-Royce engineering team has given Specter even more excellence. Precision extruded aluminum profiles and batteries are integrated into the space frame, making Specter 30% stiffer than previous Rolls-Royce cars. The flexibility of the all-aluminum luxury architecture allowed the engineering team to place the vehicle floor tunnel within the structural frame rather than above or below it. This also leaves room for wiring ducts between the battery and the floor, where the battery is mounted underneath, giving the floor a smooth, flawless surface. In this way, the lower seat position can also better create a cabin experience with a strong sense of wrapping. The structural design also makes the placement of the battery seem to add about 700 kilograms of sound insulation material to the car body, providing a quieter interior sound insulation.

The quietest driving experience,Spectre New Magic Carpet Planar Suspension System

Rolls-Royce's Specter testing included a variety of tests in extreme driving environments, such as extremely cold environments such as Arjeplug, Sweden, which is only 55 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle, with temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius, and high temperature environments such as the highest temperature It can reach 55 degrees Celsius in southern Africa. 55% of the tests were conducted on actual roads, particularly on the French Riviera. Specter has completed the digital integration of a Rolls-Royce planar suspension system on the French Riviera.

The Rolls-Royce planar suspension system coordinates and combines multiple systems. It uses the latest software and hardware to accurately respond to the driver's instructions and road conditions, bringing customers Rolls-Royce's iconic "magic carpet-like driving". Ride experience”. The new hardware and software equipment, coupled with the high-speed processing capabilities of Specter's central microcomputer controller, allow the plane suspension system to connect to the anti-roll bar, allowing each wheel to operate independently, avoiding the vehicle's bumps caused by undulating road surfaces, while reducing the risk of accidents. High-frequency vibration caused by poor road surface quality.

If the system detects that a turn is imminent, the plane suspension system will transmit road signals to the central processor to stiffen the shock absorbers, and the four-wheel steering system will then be ready to activate to ensure smoother cornering.When turning, the vehicle will18 sensors monitor and adjust steering, braking, power transmission and suspension parameters to ensure vehicle stability and calm control.

Spectre Power, cruising range

Spectre The pure electric cruising range reaches 520 kilometers, the horsepower is 585 PS, the torque is 900Nm, and the 0-100 km/h acceleration time is 4.5 seconds.

Rolls-Royce Specter will officially deliver the first batch of cars globally in the fourth quarter of 2023, which will also successfully fill the gap after the Wraith and Dawn two-door models were discontinued. Specter is an important milestone for the brand to enter a new era of electrification, and it can also provide a glimpse of the future direction of electrification of Rolls-Royce's models.

rolls royce Spectre Related parameters:

Number of doors/seats 2 doors/4 seats

Vehicle length 5453 mm

Vehicle width 2080 mm

Vehicle height (unladen) 1559 mm

Wheelbase 3210 mm

Turning diameter 12.7 m

Empty weight 2975 kg

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