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A new century of luxury arrives: Toyota Century SUV makes world premiere

●Built using GA-K front-wheel drive chassis platform architecture

●12.3-inch digital instrument + 12.3-inch central touch screen

●Customized electric side sliding door design available

●Equipped with 3.5-liter Plug-in Hybrid petrol-electric power system

●Maximum comprehensive horsepower of 412hp, pure electric driving range of 69km

New car prices start at 25 million yen (approximately NT$5.43 million)

At the end of the second quarter of this year, Toyota Japan has revealed that its Century car series, which is positioned as a luxury flagship, will add a new SUV member, and it is expected to be officially launched in the third quarter of this year. Sure enough, Toyota Japan's original factory brought the brand new luxury flagship leisure SUV Century SUV as promised on September 6. The official local price is 25 million yuan (approximately NT$5.43 million), which is higher than the 20.08 million yen (approximately NT$5.43 million) of the Century RV version. (NT$4.36 million) is more expensive, becoming the most expensive new car model in the history of Japan's Toyota Group.

Japan's Toyota Group has officially launched the leisure version of the Century SUV that combines noble style, luxury and comfort. The asking price starts at 25 million yen (approximately NT$5.43 million), making it the most expensive new car in the history of the group.

In fact, although Lexus is already a representative of the luxury brand under the Toyota Group, in fact, long before the advent of the Lexus brand, Toyota had already launched the Century model series targeting large-scale luxury sedans. This model adopts the exclusive "Phoenix" The factory emblem is not only the ultimate masterpiece and dream product of the group, but also known as the "Rolls-Royce of Japan", which shows Century's extraordinary luxury status. According to data, the Century SUV will be produced at the Tahara plant in Japan with a monthly production capacity of 30 units. It is also revealed that the Century SUV will be different from the RV version that is only sold locally in Japan, but will produce a left-hand drive model for export around the world. Markets everywhere. As for the domestic market, Hotai Auto stated that there is currently no clear introduction evaluation plan for the Century SUV.

In 1967, Japan's Toyota launched the Century model series of luxury large sedans. It has been passed down through three generations of models. It can be said to be the ultimate masterpiece and dream product of Japanese cars. It is also known as the "Japanese Rolls-Royce". Its extraordinary noble identity and status.

5.2 meters long, built on GA-K platform architecture

The Century Sedan currently sold in the Japanese market is the third-generation model released in 2018. It adopts a traditional four-door sedan design and is built on the N Platform rear-drive chassis platform. The power specification is equipped with a 5.0-liter V8 The gasoline engine, combined with a Hybrid petrol-electric power system composed of an electric motor and a nickel-metal hydride battery, has a maximum combined horsepower output of 431hp. However, the new Century SUV is built based on the new generation GA-K front-wheel drive modular chassis platform, and is equipped with the latest 3.5-liter V6 Plug-in Hybrid petrol-electric power system, with a maximum combined horsepower of 412hp. output. The original manufacturer stated that the launch of the Century SUV is not to replace the existing Century Sedan model, but to further expand the sales lineup of the Century car series and the Toyota brand group's product lineup at the top level.

The Century Sedan uses the N Platform rear-wheel drive chassis platform, but the Century SUV is built on the new generation GA-K front-wheel drive modular chassis platform.

In terms of body size, the length/width/height of the Century SUV are 5205/1990/1805mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2950mm. Compared with the Century Sedan's 5335/1930/1505mm and 3090mm wheelbase, the Century SUV is 130mm shorter in length. The wheelbase is 140mm shorter, but the vehicle width is 60mm longer and the vehicle height is 300mm higher, creating an innate advantage for SUVs with better head and lateral space. According to the original factory data, the Century SUV’s front and rear seats The distance between them can reach 1220mm, which is wider than the Century Sedan’s 1135mm.

The Century SUV, which has a body silhouette that is quite reminiscent of Rolls-Royce Cullinan, has body length/width/height dimensions of 5205/1990/1805mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 2950mm. It is wider and taller than the Century sedan version.

Generous, stable and majestic appearance

At first glance, the entire exterior design of the Century SUV does have the charm of Rolls-Royce Cullinan. It retains the strong Japanese traditional "several account" square style, and incorporates aesthetic craftsmanship into the design to combine dignified and elegant body contours. Integrated into one, this is an unprecedented "new Japanese luxury car" that can compete with the world and has an absolute sense of nobility, excellent quietness and ride comfort.

Judging from the appearance of the Century SUV, it uses many "stately and majestic" design techniques like the Century Sedan. For example, the square water tank guard inherits the family style. It not only has an exclusive diamond-shaped inner mesh design, but also has hand-carved inlays. The exclusive "Silver Phoenix" factory emblem; secondly, the headlight units on both sides adopt a 4-eye design with upper and lower lamps separated, and multiple U-shaped daytime running light units are integrated into it, which can be said to be quite impressive and high-tech. On the side of the car, in addition to the 20-inch/22-inch multi-spoke chrome-plated Phoenix wheels that are quite retro and classic, there is also the thick and wide D-pillar shape inherited from the Sedan model. By the way, the rear of the Century SUV In addition to the traditional side door design, the car door can also be customized with an electric side sliding door design. As for the rear of the car, it has a four-eye separate LED taillight design that echoes the headlights, as well as a thick and sturdy rear bumper. The top of the tailgate is inlaid with the word "Century" and the Silver Phoenix factory emblem to show its extraordinary nobility. identity.

The four-eye separated LED head/tail light set that echoes the front and rear is the most eye-catching and charming feature of the head and tail shape. Each set of headlights combines a Bi-Beam LED with switchable low/high beam and 3 low beams. LED lights.
Century SUV has 7 car colors to choose from, 5 dual-color and 2 single-color options, and its body paint is mirror polished on the painted surface to create an unparalleled luster.
Century SUV also has a unique hand-engraved "Silver Phoenix" factory emblem, which is a symbol of the Century brand and a display of dignified style and unswerving style.
The multi-spoke chrome-plated aluminum rims have a classic retro aesthetic style, and the rim cover also has the "Silver Phoenix" factory emblem representing distinguished status.

High-quality interior and top-notch comfort

Luxury, exquisiteness, high quality and excellent comfort are the purpose of Century SUV's interior decoration. The entire cabin is made of high-grade leather materials and top-grade solid wood, and the leather of all vehicle seats has traditional Japanese embroidery techniques. The decoration fully displays the traditional Japanese delicacy and luxurious texture. In terms of interior layout, the Century SUV actually retains the outline of the Century Sedan and maintains the previous "one-stroke" horizontal console interface design. However, the styling design of various equipment has been completely renewed, and many new features have been introduced. Equipment elements that can be seen on the new-generation Crown include a new-style 3-spoke multi-function steering wheel, electronic wire-based gear lever, HUD color head-up display, high-tech 12.3-inch digital instrument and 12.3-inch central touch screen, etc. .

The interior, which is both simple and luxurious, is made of extensive use of high-grade leather materials and top-grade solid wood. It is paired with all car seats with traditional Japanese embroidery techniques, fully displaying Japanese exquisiteness and luxurious texture.

As for the rear seat, it is the most important and attractive design aspect of the Century SUV. Unlike the Century Sedan, which is a 5-seater, the rear seat has a more distinguished dual independent Ottoman seat design. In addition to having electric adjustments and leg rests, it also has heating, ventilation and massage functions, and the left seat can even lie flat to rest. In addition, for rear seat passengers, it is also equipped with dual 11.6-inch flat screens and hidden rotating Folding table, champagne refrigerator, panoramic glass sunroof, four-zone constant temperature air conditioning and advanced surround cabin audio + 18 speakers, and can be operated and set through two sets of 5.5-inch touch panels to set air conditioning, audio, lighting, sunshades and seats. Chair functions, etc., bring peak-level comfort to CEOs and bosses. In addition, the rear passenger cabin can also be separated from the rear luggage compartment through noise-reducing transparent laminated glass, and the rear window and triangular window glass also use privacy glass with dimming function, allowing rear seat passengers to have real privacy. It is quiet and concealed, and the rear door opening angle reaches 75 degrees, and it is equipped with electric telescopic pedals and a large auxiliary handle, providing excellent entry and exit convenience for rear seat passengers.

The two independently designed Ottoman premium seats in the back seat not only have electric adjustment and leg rest devices, but also have multiple functions such as heating, ventilation and massage.
The distance between the front and rear seats of the Century SUV can reach 1220mm, and it can even fully recline, allowing rear seat passengers to truly relax.
A hidden rotating folding table is designed in the center armrest of the rear seat, and is equipped with two sets of 5.5-inch touch panels to operate and set functions such as air conditioning, audio, lighting, sunshades, and seats.
In addition to the standard dual 11.6-inch flat-screen screens in the back seat, you can also enjoy the ultimate feast brought by four-zone climate control, panoramic glass roof, and advanced surround sound + 18 speakers.
For a luxury car, a refrigerator to refrigerate champagne is of course indispensable, but it costs an additional 200,000 yen to have one.
The rear door opens at an angle of 75 degrees and is equipped with electric telescopic pedals, making it more convenient and beautiful for rear seat passengers to get in and out of the car.
The rear luggage compartment has a volume of 340 liters, which can easily accommodate three sets of golf equipment. There is also a noise-reducing transparent laminated glass design between the rear seat and the rear seat to ensure the quietness of the rear cabin.

In addition, Century SUV is also equipped with high-standard TSS 3.0 advanced driving assistance system as standard, including ACC full-speed active distance maintenance system (with Stop & Go), PCS early warning protection, AEB automatic emergency braking, and LTA lane tracking. Trace assist, AHS intelligent high-beam automatic blocking, RSA speed limit road sign recognition assist, BSM side blind spot detection system, FCTA front cross-traffic warning, rear traffic warning and driving fatigue warning system, etc.

3.5L Plug-in Hybrid, 412hp maximum horsepower

In terms of power system, the Century SUV uses a plug-in gasoline-electric power unit, which is composed of a 3.5-liter V6 naturally aspirated engine codenamed 2GR-FXE, a 51Ah lithium battery pack, and a front and rear e-Axle electric motor. -in Hybrid petrol-electric power, the engine body has a maximum horsepower and torque output of 262hp, 34.2kgm, while the front/rear electric motors can output a maximum power of 182hp/27.5kgm and 109hp/17.2kgm respectively, and the combined horsepower can reach 412hp. In addition, the Century SUV is also equipped with an e-CVT transmission and is equipped with an E-Four Advanced AWD four-wheel drive system. The driving modes include Eco/Normal/Sport/Custom/Rear Comfort, especially Rear Comfort for the comfort of the rear seats. mode, which can reduce body shaking caused by acceleration, deceleration or cornering G forces, etc., and provide rear passengers with a comfortable riding experience. In addition, Century SUV is also equipped with DRS dynamic rear-wheel steering and AVS active adjustable electronic suspension system, which can bring better dynamic control performance to driving. As for the charging part, it can support 200V/30A or 200V/16A charging specifications. It takes 3.5 and 5.5 hours to fully charge the battery respectively. The pure electric cruising range is 69km, and under Japan’s WLTC test specifications, the average fuel consumption value is 14.2km. /L.

Century SUV is a 3.5-liter Plug-in Hybrid petrol-electric design, which is composed of a 3.5-liter V6 NA engine, a 51Ah lithium battery pack and a front/rear e-Axle electric motor. It has a maximum combined horsepower output of 412hp.

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