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A new generation of ZINGER 1.5T is launched with a major facelift and evolution. The old one is exchanged for a new one. Pre-orders start from 679,000.

ZINGER, China Automobile's best-selling commercial vehicle series for many years, is practical and meets the needs of work, life and leisure at the same time. It is a multi-purpose vehicle and is deeply loved by consumers. The new-generation ZINGER, which will be majorly facelifted in 2023, with comprehensive improvements in power and safety, displays three major upgrades of the "123" ① The new power of the 1.5T GDI in-cylinder direct-injection turbine engine is paired with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, and the power is greatly upgraded. It can also save fuel and taxes; ② It is equipped with the amazing "LEVEL2" ADAS advanced driving assistance system; ③ The launch of the "3 rows of seats" seven-seater model makes the space king ZINGER the perfect design for family travel. The new generation ZINGER starts pre-orders from now on. The pre-order price starts from 679,000 yuan for old-to-new replacement, which allows you to have everything in place for a better life.

Impressive upgrade 1: 1.5 TGDI in-cylinder direct injection turbine engine leads to endless life power

The 8-speed ZF gearbox is high-speed and more fuel-efficient. The ZINGER has received support from more than 100,000 car owners since its launch in 2005. The new generation ZINGER provides more efficient driving power and is equipped with a 1.5 TGDI in-cylinder direct injection turbine engine and an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. , the power has been upgraded to 172 horsepower and a strong torque of 26.4kg fm Note 1)1), making the new generation ZINGER subvert pragmatism in the driving experience and create a surprisingly light feeling. The power of the 1.5 T GDI in-cylinder direct injection turbine engine has been greatly improved Note 2)), and it can also save 5,490 yuan in license plate fuel tax every year Note 3. It is paired with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission to effectively improve high-speed fuel consumption, and the fuel consumption per liter can also be 13.4 km. /L's performance, tax and fuel consumption optimization can help you expand your enjoyment fund for you and your family.

Note 1: The power has been greatly upgraded, from 136 hp to 172 hp, which is abundant and powerful; the torque has also been increased from the original 21kgf m to 26.4 kgf m, which is powerful and powerful.
force. The horsepower and torque are significantly increased by 26% compared with the previous generation ZINGER.
Note 2: Comparison between new generation 1.5T ZINGER and 2.4L ZINGER
Note 3: You can also save 5,490 yuan in license plate fuel tax every year, calculated using the tax rate for self-use passenger cars

Thoughtful Upgrade 2: LEVEL 2 ADAS Advanced Driving Assistance. A happy trip requires peace of mind.

The new generation of ZINGER safety protection has evolved. Through the safety upgrade of China Automobile's independent research and development capabilities, it comprehensively protects the occupants in the car. For the first time, a mid-range model or above is equipped with the LEVEL 2 ADAS advanced driving assistance system, which greatly improves driving safety. The LEVEL 2 advanced driving assistance system includes the full-speed ACC active distance control cruise system, FCM active smart braking assist system including pedestrian detection function, and LKA lane positioning system. Safety equipment such as the center assist system and TJA traffic jam assist system are in place to effectively reduce driving fatigue and the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Impressive upgrade 3: Spacious 3-row seats, 7-seater model newly launched

The new generation ZINGER is simultaneously launched in 5-seater and 7-seater models. The 5-seater model has a maximum rear compartment space of up to 2,015L, and the various combinations of the cabin include 6/4 separation of the second-row seats, front and rear sliding, forward folding, and fully flat-lying functions of the front seats, which can create the most diverse Space utilization. In order to strengthen the business travel capabilities of the new generation ZINGER and meet the needs of 7-seater budget buyers, the new generation ZINGER has a trade-in pre-order price starting from 769,000, shockingly launching a new 7-seater model within a million, easily having spacious 3 rows of seats, and 1.5T Power / LEVE L 2 ADAS active safety, satisfying the enjoyment of a happy travel life with a car full of family members.

The new color of Haoye Yellow is in place. The new color is in place. The technology is convenient and the driving experience is upgraded. The technology is convenient and the driving experience is upgraded again.

The new generation ZINGER has a completely new exterior and interior design. The LED daytime running lights on the front of the car are integrated with the direction lights, and the horizontal design language extends from the water tank guard to the headlights, giving the new generation ZINGER a more step-by-step visual experience. There will be five car colors available. In addition to the basic car colors of white, black, silver and gray, there is also a new color "Haoye Yellow" for consumers to choose from. The interior also adopts a new level of design vocabulary and integrates the gear lever with the center console. The flagship model also uses black piano paint to enhance the overall texture. The new generation ZINGER uses a dark gray roof for the first time, creating a high-end feel comparable to that of an SUV. In terms of convenience technology, mid-level luxury models and above are equipped with a new 9-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio and video console and supports wireless Apple Car Play and Android Auto dual systems, allowing car owners to enjoy a more convenient and enjoyable driving experience whether it is navigation, audio and video entertainment; In addition, the new 10.25-inch digital instrument integrates ADAS action information, using a technological visual sense to allow car owners to grasp comprehensive driving information at a glance, providing the best assistance for business travel life.

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