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A total of 26 stores were newly selected for the Bib Gourmand promotion "Taiwan Michelin Guide 2023" A total of 139 stores were selected for the Bib Gourmand promotion

"Taiwan Michelin Guide - 2023" has a total of -139- restaurants selected for Bib Gourmand recommendation, and a total of -26- restaurants are newly recognized by Bib Gourmand this year, many of which provide Taiwanese cuisine and local snacks

Before presenting the full list of "Michelin Guide Taiwan 2023", Michelin is very happy to announce today the restaurants recommended by anonymous and independent Michelin judges as Bib Gourmand.

In the four cities included in the "Taiwan Michelin Guide 2023" - Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung, the total number of restaurants and street food shops offering "value for money" food has reached 139, including 45 in Taipei and 31 in Taichung 36 in Tainan and 27 in Kaohsiung.

Among these restaurants, a total of 26 are newly recognized by Bib Gourmand this year, many of which offer Taiwanese cuisine and local snacks. This list is also the first time that a Western-style dessert shop has been selected as a Bib Gourmand recommendation in the "Taiwan Michelin Guide". One is in Taipei and the other is in Taichung.

One of the newly selected Bib Gourmand restaurants in Taipei offers vegetarian dishes, bringing the total number of restaurants that offer vegetarian dishes to four on the Bib Gourmand list in the Taiwan Michelin Guide.

"The sixth edition of the "Taiwan Michelin Guide" Bib Gourmand recommends a total of 139 restaurants, covering more than 20 types of cuisine, which clearly shows the diversity and maturity of this place, as well as its ability to embrace innovation and tradition at the same time. Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide, said: "Our judges were impressed by the resilience of Taiwan's food and beverage industry, and it was clear that Taiwan's food and beverage industry was once again thriving. And the diversity of traditional dishes is impressive, especially the two cities Tainan and Kaohsiung that will be included in the selection for the first time in 2022. Visiting Taiwan and encouraging local and international food lovers to discover or rediscover the gastronomic surprises of this place is definitely great Exciting moment."

Taipei 3 A new Bib Gourmand store

3 new Bib Gourmand spots in Taipei, including vegetarian restaurantsmonsoonthe chef makes vegan dishes with ingredients from his hometown, re-interpreting the Hakka food culture; in addition, the first Western-style dessert restaurant is newly selected——HUGH dessert diningA set menu with six to seven desserts is provided. The ingredients change according to the seasons, and each dessert is as exquisite as a work of art.

Another new Bib Gourmand restaurant in Taipei issmall drink house, using fresh sea fishing catches, the taste of Taiwanese delicacies is excellent. Stewed black bone chicken soup with abalone is simmered with Chinese herbs for two hours. It is a must-order dish and always attracts many lovers.

Taichung4 Home New Bib Gourmand Featured

Among the 4 newly selected stores featured by Bib Gourmand,shakaIt is a Taiwanese restaurant that has been standing for more than 40 years. The signature shochu chicken hot soup is fresh and sweet, the chicken breast is soft and tender, dipped in the store's special chili soy sauce and pepper, it has a special flavor.

MINIMAL It is another restaurant newly selected for this year's Bib Gourmand list with its western desserts. In the store, ice cream is regarded as the main material of the cuisine, and the seven ice products are explained one by one, and the taste, vision and dining experience are greatly improved through multi-level stacking changes.

Old Sergeant Rolling NoodlesThe owner's father was a master sergeant and learned the noodle rolling skill in the military dependents' village. After the boss set up his own business, he still uses this method to this day. The noodles are chewy, paired with secret sesame sauce and minced meat, which tastes salty and fragrant.

Pork rice at nightThe hot pork rice is the restaurant's signature. The tender pork belly has an attractive amber color. It is served with sauerkraut or spicy preserved radish. It tastes fat but not greasy.

Tainan has the most newly selected Bib Gourmand stores

A total of 36 stores in Tainan have been selected for the Bib Gourmand list, 10 of which are newly selected, making Tainan the place with the most newly selected Bib Gourmand among the four cities selected by the guide.

Of the 10 new Bib Gourmand stores, 7 feature snacks:

Arwen rice cakeThe boss chooses two-year-old rice to make rice milk, adds three kinds of sweet potato powder in different proportions, and finally mixes it with minced meat, steams it first and then fry it until golden and crispy. The signature rice cake with shredded bamboo shoots and meat sauce is recommended. Spicy lovers may wish to add the store's special chili sauce.

Qigu Oyster FarmerThe family runs the nutritional oyster business and can purchase the best quality fresh oysters. The store uses freshly cut fresh oysters to serve the food, which advertises the freshness of the ingredients.Signature dishes include deep-fried oyster crisps, oyster sauce made with cabbage, leeks and fresh oysters, and fish soup-based clam soup, etc.

Good Farm Rice CakeThe elastic and moist rice cake is served with minced meat, fish floss, cucumber and peanuts, which is very popular among local people.

Xiluodian Beef SoupThe beef soup is boiled with beef bones, sirloin, butter, onions and other ingredients, and served with thinly sliced ​​beef. It is recommended to pour a little rice wine to enhance the freshness. If you like spicy food, you may wish to dip in the store's homemade chili sauce.

Huangjia Shrimp RollFounded over a year ago, it provides traditional Taiwanese snacks - shrimp rolls. The filling contains grilled prawns and cabbage. The store uses cornstarch paste prepared in a special proportion, and it is fried to order. The skin is light and crispy.

Three good and one fair angelica duckis a family businessIt is now run by the second generation. Dang Gui Duck Mee Sua made with Dang Gui has attracted a group of loyal fans.

Thank you shopkeeperKnown for fresh seafood cooked to order. Milkfish Seafood Porridge is its signature, adding milkfish skin, fish meat, fish balls, fresh shrimp, clams and squid, etc., the taste is endless.

Another new restaurant featured in Tainan's Bib Gourmand isBlack Pit Canteen. The restaurant is named after it because it has an excellent location for bird watching, where you can see the endangered black-faced spoonbill from September to May every year. It offers classic seafood dishes, including using sustainable milkfish and clams from its own fishery.

The other two restaurants in Tainan that were recommended by Bib Gourmand were selected for their noodle dishes.Honest Pot Roast PastaThe soup base is boiled with kombu, the color is clear and the taste is refreshing. The clam pot is full of ingredients;eat noodlesBased on the concept of a table-top noodle stall, it combines European cooking techniques to provide delicacies such as grilled beef tongue and truffle sauce noodles.

Kaohsiung 9 Home New Bib Gourmand Featured

This year, Kaohsiung has a total of 9 newly selected Bib Gourmand stores, bringing the total number of Kaohsiung Bib Gourmand stores to 27. 3 of them are newly selected Taiwanese restaurants:Chao Ming Seafood Family CuisineFamous for its authentic home-cooked dishes, signature dishes include Pork with Garlic and Silver Sprouts with Clams;Second Brother CanteenIt provides healthy Taiwanese home-cooked dishes. The signature dish is the grilled saury with boneless sauce. As the name suggests, the fish bones are stewed until soft and edible; andAh Xiang's Kitchen, providing aboriginal cuisine, and the Bunun chef uses ingredients from his hometown, Fujieda Mountain. Ah Xiang's Kitchen is also the second restaurant in the "Taiwan Michelin Guide" that offers aboriginal cuisine. The other is Gulu Gulu aboriginal music restaurant recommended by Bib Gourmand in Taichung.

5 Kaohsiung restaurants were selected for their well-known snacks, includingPre-Golden Meat Dry Ricesignature minced pork rice,Hou Kee Duck RiceAroma-rich Duck Duck Soup and Signature Duck Rice,Laoye Restaurant (Fengshan)Caramelized smoked duck and lemongrass fried meat, served with minced meat sauce, pork floss and pickled cucumberLiao Kee Rice Cake,as well asRice Yard Oil Riceduck rice.

The last new restaurant recommended by Kaohsiung Bib Gourmand is Apis Grillfrom vegetables, seafood and even meat in the store, they are all cooked with charcoal fire.

For the full list of Bib Gourmand promotions, please refer to the attachment of the press release. The full list of restaurants selected for the Michelin Guide Taiwan 2023 will be announced at the physical launch event on August 31, 2023.The shortlist will be published on the same day in the Michelin Guide only in digital form.Official websiteand the Michelin Guide App (iOS and Android)superior. Until August 31, 2023, the list of restaurants displayed on the website and app, including Bib Gourmand, will remain the 2022 version of the selected list.

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