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A versatile gift for any situation!Gran Gonni and Sky Island will be arranged once for all dear and beloved you

Glengoni 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Suggested Price: $1,400

Sending off the tiger and welcoming the rabbit, after crossing the year of the epidemic, the first thing I want to do is to send a sincerely selected New Year gift to everyone who cares about it. This year, Merrad Wines presents brands that have made a splash in the whiskey circle in the Year of the Tiger: Glengoni single malt whiskey and Isle of Sky Scotch whiskey, as the best choices for New Year gifts! Every drop of wine comes from famous Sherry casks of Glengoni and light peat Sherry-style Isle of Sky, different brands and three core vintages for each, whether you want to send it to relatives and friends, your significant other, or your teammates in the workplace , can find their exclusive New Year's fate wine.

A long-awaited gift, dedicated to you who have been away for a long time Gran Gonni 12 years, 21 years, 30 years

After a turbulent 2022, I want to solemnly express my love to the long-lost familiar faces at the end of the reunion and warm year. Grangoni is like the big boss on the wine cabinet at home. When you need to give a decent gift that has been brewing for a long time to show your calm and extraordinary taste, Grangoni can complete a good year for everyone At the end, give the recipient the longest love confession.

Glengoni 12 years, amber wine, for myself who has worked hard for a whole year, when preparing to look back on the past 365 days, slowly pour yourself a glass of Glengoni 12 years, hand-selected custom-made snow Li barrels bring a heavenly sweet taste, and feel that you are walking in the best time and becoming the adult you want to be the most.

Glengoni 21 years old, given to the boss in the workplace, 21 years full of luxury, rich smell of sherry wine, honey and oak barrels, warm and timeless, thick and warm that can be felt after a little precipitation , It needs a certain taste and appreciation to be worth having. Sharing Gurney's 21-year uniqueness with the boss is a kind of praise that does not need to be stated, but it also quietly lurks the expectation of a salary increase in the coming year. The 30 years of Grangeni are given to the beloved parents. The highest year and the "best" obtained in the slowest time are the most precious to the family. It has the fragrance of slightly boozy sherry cream cake, high-end rum and rich chocolate dried fruit flavor. It is suitable for adults who are in their thirties to present Grangeni for 30 years. It symbolizes affection and the time we have passed together. The most discreet and precious gift is only for those who accompany us the longest.

Glengoni 21 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Suggested Price: $5,500Glengoni 30 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Suggested Price: $37,800

One mouthful Isle of Sky 18 years, 21 years, 30 years

Isle of Skye 18 Year Old Scotch Whiskey Suggested Price: $1,780
Isle of Skye 21 Year Old Scotch Whiskey Suggested Price: $2,680
Isle of Skye 30 Year Old Scotch Whiskey Suggested Price: $8,880

In the face of 2023, which is ready to go, the heart of wanting to fly has long been unstoppable. It comes from the only royal formula of the island owner inherited from the 19th century: Sky Island Scotch Blended Whiskey. It is given to the partner who most wants to fly together, whether it is real or not. Whether you want to go abroad or let yourself go spiritually, it is suitable to send a bottle of Island in the Sky, which symbolizes the freedom of the sea breeze and the intriguing style of light peat sherry.

18 years of Island in the Sky: For the closest lover in life. Known as "easy to drink and zero dead ends", the 18-year-old is also the most popular style. Among them, the soft floral and fruity aroma and smoky finish in the Speyside area bring the salty and sweet taste of a mature girl, just like a long-term companion Lovers, being around every day is still sweet and full of fun. During the annual holiday, we will drink Sky Island together for 18 years, enjoy the recent most popular album First Love, and regain our original love.

21 years of the island in the sky: with a strong island character of the island in the sky, the blissful enjoyment of a wisp of smoke running through the mouth, for the "drinking and meat friends" who we most often enjoy good wine and food together, but treat each other sincerely. I want to share everything with you, and I want you to be there for novelty and fun. 21 years is the safe money in Sky Island, just like the sense of security in controlling taste every time you reunite, knowing that you can never go wrong. In the new year, you have to play all the way, so let's explore new fun together with the free style of the island in the sky.

30 years of Isle of Sky: With Speyside's delicate sweetness, silky and honey-coated on the tongue, while releasing the old soul of Isle of Sky, the smokiness from the ocean reminds us that the goal is far away. Give it to the working partners who fight monsters together on the course of life and career. Daydream Adventure King once said "To see behind walls, to draw closer. To find each other and to feel." Through the high-vintage peat Shirley style In the past 30 years, remind each other to enjoy the challenge even if you fly against the wind, and jointly open up the road of adventure in the coming year.


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