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Aberdeen's 45th Anniversary Angel Promise Comes PianpianXie Xinying Joins Rare Liquor to Welcome the New YearA Golden Moment for You and Me

Xie Xinying joined hands with Aberdee to achieve the golden moment of you and me.

accumulated nearlyThe "Eberdie Single Malt Scotch Whiskey", honored with 200 awards, ushered in the highest bottling year in the brand's history before the lunar calendar in 2023 - 45 years of single malt Scotch Whiskey. Made by goddess-level chief bartender Stephanie MacLeod, the complicated craftsmanship and long-term aging have created the rare liquor promised by the angel. And from the middle of 2022, Eberdi will also usher in a goddess-level spokesperson-Xie Xinying, and join hands with the brand to show the different aspects of Eberdi in life, and welcome every golden moment in life together!

The best chief bartender of the year manages Alberdie whiskey with constant surprises

The Alberdie Whiskey Distillery has been in operation since 1989, and has worked diligently to become the No. 1 Dewar's Scotch Whiskey (Dewar's) in North America. With nearly 200 awards, it not only has the water source from the Pitiri creek flowing through the gold wash layer, but also uses barley from Scotland as raw material, and creates a honey-sweet wine with a soft and easy-to-drink taste, which has become a major feature of the brand .

In recent years, Alberdie single malt Scotch Whiskey has made many attempts beyond the core wines under the leadership of Stephanie MacLeod, who has won 4 consecutive International Whiskey Competitions from 2019 to 2022. Shows the high plasticity of Alberdie wines. The outstanding aging series of 21-year-old red wine barrels and 28-year-old Oloroso sherry barrels will be released in the first half of 2022; the red wine barrel works that bartender Stephanie thinks is the best partner of Aberdeen will be released one after another The 21-year-old French Saint-Emilion red wine barrel-aged, and the 18-year-old Italian Tuscany red wine barrel-finished at the end of 2022.

Rare Angel Promise Liquor Alberdie45Annual Taiwan Limited66bottle

Aberdeen and Xie Xinying joined hands to welcome the new year for 45 years.

On the occasion of bidding farewell to 2022 and ushering in the new year of 2023, Alberdie, known as the "Fountain of the Water God", has brought the highest bottling year in the brand's history-45 years of single malt Scotch whiskey. Zhang Dewu, general manager of Dasheng Liquor, the general agent of Alberdie Whiskey in Taiwan, said, "The chief bartender Stephanie MacLeod found the liquor distilled on August 6, 1975 in the depths of the Alberdie wine cellar. This batch of liquor was repacked. Matured in Hogshead barrels, the wine has been aged for more than 45 years. The bartender Stephanie selected 7 barrels and skillfully blended them. Finally, at the end of 2022, the bottle of "Eberdie 45 Years Single Malt Scotch Whiskey" with the highest age in the brand's history was released."

This batch of wine has been matured in the wine cellar for 45 years in spring, summer, autumn and winter. After blending and blending in 7 barrels, there are only 594 bottles in the end, with an alcohol concentration of 41.6%. Dasheng Liquor has won 66 bottles for Taiwan. , its rich aroma turns, so that the general manager Zhang Dewu is obsessed with and admired! "Intense red berries, tropical pineapple notes and a touch of heather honey, followed by the elegant freshness of citrus peel and lemon Turkish delight. The finish is finished in the aroma of spices, which is subtle and intriguing."

Eberdi joins hands with Xie Xinying to achieve the golden moment of you and me

Golden Jade Liquid Aberdeen achieves the golden moment for you and me,

In addition to launching the highest bottling year in the history of the brand, and once again presenting the diverse plasticity of Aberdeen's liquor, Aberdeen has also invited people to perform in many dramas such as "Freaks", "The Tenant of 1006", and "Lightings" in recent years. Actress Xie Xinying, who is outstanding and has repeatedly given the audience a variety of feelings, is the spokesperson of the brand's lifestyle style. She has a drinking habit and confesses that she has a special liking for whiskey with rich heritage and layered changes! "When gathering at home, I always bring my own collection of whiskey to share and share. When I was young, I didn't know the taste and flavor of whiskey, so I would add some honey or water, but now I prefer to drink it purely, and I like to take a sip first. Feel the aroma of whiskey in your mouth."

Xie Xinying said that although she prefers smoky whiskeys, smooth, non-spicy and balanced wines can win her heart even more! The Alberdie single malt Scotch whiskey, known for its smooth taste and honey aroma, makes Xie Xinying love it again and again! "Whether it's the fruity aroma of 12 years, the chocolate flavor of 16 years, or the slightly smoky taste of 21 years, they all have their own characteristics, allowing me to taste different years according to my mood. No matter how I drink it, I will never be bored! It's like interpreting different roles, It can bring me a completely different harvest and experience every time!"

Xie Xinying was amazed by the fragrance and soft finish of the old wine that lingered in her mouth for a long time.

Xie Xinying also mentioned that the aroma of Aberdi 45 years old smells like black dates, the body of the wine is very smooth after the entrance, and the smoky flavor slowly emerges in the throat. The soft ending rhyme lingers in the mouth for a long time. Xie Xinying suggested that everyone might as well savor the Alberdie single malt Scotch whiskey in different years, savor the background and throbbing it brings, and feel your own golden moment! Before the Lunar New Year, Alberdie Single Malt Scotch Whiskey also joined hands with Xie Xinying to bring out Alberdie's 45-year-old rare aging wine, and accompany everyone to welcome the new year and the new golden moment with the rare liquor promised by the angel.

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