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ABV Caribbean RestaurantTaste the "heart" of South America! Paraguay Food Month is here!

This Caribbean Sea Exploring Trip allows ABV to take you from Taipei to the center of South America - the Republic of Paraguay!

Located in the center of South America, Paraguay is a landlocked country with neighboring Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. With its strategic location and local professional accommodation and catering industry, the Paraguayan capital is regarded as the most ideal location for events and conferences. one.

From a historical point of view, Paraguay has become the main way to travel to other continents since the 15th century. The opposite point from the center of the earth - Asuncion, nicknamed the "Mother of the City", was a new colony established by the Spaniards. The Church of San Franciscans entered Paraguay after the mid-sixteenth century and established many communities throughout the country. With their strong cultural influence, the local people's way of life and the daily use of Spanish and Guaraní.

Paraguay is also a country worth exploring in terms of natural landscapes. It has many cultural and natural ecosystems that it shares with neighbouring countries: Chaco Drylands, Chaco Wetlands, Pantanal Wetlands, Cerrado and Barra Alta The Atlantic Forest and land ecosystems (woodlands, grasslands and jungles), aquatic ecosystems (rivers, streams, lakes and lagoons) and wetlands (swamps, estuaries). Tourists admire the grasslands and marshes of Ñeembucú province, the prickly dry forests of Boquerón province, the savannah of Presidente Ayès, the beautiful hills of the mountains of Ybytyruzú province, You will be impressed by the subtropical forests of Mbaracyúm and San Rafael, as well as the clear waters of Concepcion. Other endemic organisms include protozoa, 167 mammals, 701 birds, 100 reptiles, 46 amphibians, 230 fish, 100,000 invertebrates, 13,000 vascular plants, 289 trees and 767 shrubs, etc. .

Humanistically, Paraguay is a bilingual country, with Guaraní as the main mother tongue coexisting with Spanish for centuries. The language is a source of inspiration expressed in music and literature, and can be read and heard around the world. Paraguay is the birthplace of diverse indigenous cultures, and Paraguayan customs in modern science provide alternative knowledge in phytozoology and natural medicine. At the same time, its traditional arts, including rituals, songs, handicrafts, music and dance, have enriched the country's cultural history. Local tribes in Paraguay mainly composed of five language families: Guaraní, Zamuco, Maskoy, Mataco and Guaykuru The Guaycurú ethnic group, together with 20 other local ethnic minorities and immigrants from various countries in the past two centuries, make Paraguay's culture more rich and diverse.

If you have the opportunity, you really want to go to Paraguay to explore in person! As for food? ABV Caribbean Restaurant and Tavern has prepared 6 mouth-watering classic traditional dishes from Paraguay in July, then let's take a look~

Asado Paraguayo, a classic Paraguayan rotisserie dish.

When it comes to Paraguayan food, it is necessary to mention the classic Paraguayan grilled meat dish, Asado Paraguayo. Asado in South America refers to the cooking culture of grilled meat. And the most suitable parts for Asado grilled meat, one is the bone-in rib, and the other is the thick flank rib, suitable for those who like boneless meat. There is also a short rib near the bone, between the sixth and eighth ribs next to the guts. There are bone-in beef short ribs with ribs and bone-side fascia, and boneless beef short ribs without bones and fascia removed, so beef short ribs are not necessarily bone-in! ABV's Paraguayan barbecue chooses bone-in beef short ribs, so that everyone can taste more layers of beef taste, and taste it with Paraguay's classic street food Sopa Paraguaya (Paraguay cake).

Handmade Paraguayan Pork Sausage.

Another dish that can also enjoy the pleasure of eating meat is Handmade Paraguayan Pork Sausage. Paraguayan cuisine incorporates Spanish cuisine and other notable influences from immigrants from neighboring countries. Especially in the history of Paraguay, the fusion of Spanish and Guarani gastronomic products occupies a large proportion, and is even considered the mother of the entire Paraguay region. At the same time, Asuncion is also the starting point of many Spanish expeditions in Paraguay. Under such cultural exchanges, the production of Spanish sausages has of course spread to the people of Paraguay. This smoky pork sausage is filled with spices like fennel seeds, ground cardamom, pisa, and more, and you'll love it even if you're not familiar with Paraguayan cuisine.

Paraguayan traditional cheese bread "Chipa Argolla" Paraguayan Cheese Bread.

With the meaty main course over, it's time to pair it with some authentic street food! ABV brings you the Paraguayan traditional cheese bread "Chipa Argolla" Paraguayan Cheese Bread.

Chipa are small, baked, cheese-flavored bread rolls that are a popular snack and breakfast food in Paraguay. As early as the colonial era, the German traveler Ulrich Schmid discovered that before it was called chipa, there was a record of a cooking practice that was already known as bread by the locals in Cario-Guarani (Guarani). Way.
Of course, ABV follows the tradition and uses tapioca flour, corn flour, mozzarella cheese, cream, and milk to make this traditional and classic Paraguayan cheese bread. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as well as the milky fragrance in the mouth when chewing, it seems ordinary but has a powerful charm that makes people take one bite after another!

Paraguayan Guava Pie “Pasta Frola” Paraguayan Guava Pie.

The last recommended dessert is “Pasta Frola” Paraguayan Guava Pie. Paraguay is the origin of fresh guava. In the early days, after the guava was mature, the locals wanted to preserve the fruit for a long time, so making jam is one way. one. And because of jam products such as guava, coupled with the teaching of European colonial country cuisine, Pasta frola, a puff pastry made of flour, sugar and eggs, has become one of the traditional desserts in Paraguay. Not only is the meringue egg tartar the base, but the filling is guava puree, and the top layer is decorated with plaid meringue. So this is a delicious dessert that combines Paraguayan fruit products and cooking techniques left over from European colonial countries.

“Payaguá Mascada” Paraguayan Fried Beef Cake.
Paraguayan Corn Gnocchi Ckicken Soup “Vorí Vorí de Pollo” Paraguayan Corn Gnocchi Ckicken Soup.

This Paraguay Food Month event launched a total of 6 local classic dishes. In addition to the above-mentioned four dishes, it also includes the traditional Paraguayan cassava beef cake “Payaguá Mascada” which is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and full of aroma. Paraguayan Fried Beef Cake , and the rich and delicious Paraguayan chicken corn gnocchi "Vorí Vorí de Pollo" Paraguayan Corn Gnocchi Ckicken Soup, don't underestimate these two old friends who once appeared on the resident menu, they are also good tastes from Paraguay!

I believe that after reading the above selection of food and introduction, you will have a better understanding of this country that is separated from Taiwan by the center of the earth! But don’t be like the editor who only remembers the characteristics of Paraguayan beauties like clouds (hey~
Grab the month of July and come to ABV Caribbean Restaurant to taste the classic traditional food of Paraguay!


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