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Accelerate Synchronized Power's Top ExperienceV-TEC Oil Pressure Valve

It is the expectation of many car owners to increase the original power output of the car without increasing the fuel consumption. There are many methods and approaches. If your car is powered by an engine powered by V-TEC technology, here we will share with you a latest R&D and innovative product. Honda's V-TEC engine initially only had the oil pressure valve to adjust the action of the engine, and later added "variable timing" technology to increase efficiency, so it was later that there were "variable timing solenoid valve" and "variable timing solenoid valve" at the same time. Oil control valve, which regulates the operation of the transmission and engine. In 2015, Zhenmin has developed a "variable timing solenoid valve" with improved materials and a patented shaft design for the "variable timing" of the new generation of Honda engines, which can increase torque and horsepower and optimize the overall engine performance.

Honda's original oil pressure valve design, the engine action is only divided into low speed and high speed, the limit is above 3200rpm (high speed), often when the accelerator is stepped on to accelerate, the engine speed increases, but the transmission speed cannot keep up. In some cases, the acceleration in a straight line is slow, which makes the car owner feel that the car is weak in acceleration and the accelerator is not smooth.

"V-TEC oil pressure valve" is refined by five-axis machining and has an enlarged diameter body shaft (increasing the durability and life of the valve body), and is wound with a longer copper coil (the motor stroke is extended to the original factory) 2 times) and other designs to improve the overall acceleration performance and the power output characteristics of linear synchronization.

Therefore, in 2022, Zhenmin will once again focus on the R&D and improvement of the "oil pressure valve" (motor part) as follows: 1. The "motor stroke lengthened" is twice that of the original factory. 2. The "motor structure improvement" is different from the original innovative design. . With the lengthening of the motor stroke, the acceleration of 0~100km/h is more direct, dense and fast, that is to say, the longer the stroke, the better the resolution and fineness (for example: TV resolution 1K becomes 2K, the same specification resolution becomes better).

The difference between the oil pressure valve after the improvement and the original factory is as follows:

1. Original factory = 2 stages (low speed, high speed) (switch between rpm3200~3300)

2. Zhenmin = stepless speed change (proportional synchronous acceleration)

In particular, the speed value (starting to increase from 1000 rpm) will form a proportional synchronization, followed by a stepless speed change. At this time, the engine and the gearbox will be driven synchronously, so that the CVT gearbox cannot keep up when the engine speed is fast. The result of the overall improvement is that the straight-line acceleration becomes faster, the horsepower is increased (the average increase of 4-8hp for different models) and the torque is also increased (0.2-0.8kgm), and the car drives more smoothly and powerfully.

Therefore, with the "V-TEC oil pressure valve" developed by Zhenmin, the motor design is better than the original one, so that the opening of the pressure valve makes the speed change more sensitive, the engine can play more efficiently, and further gains Compared with the original factory, it has better acceleration performance without affecting fuel consumption.

Make acceleration more synchronous and linear

The V-TEC oil pressure valve developed by Zhenmin this time is not only refined with a five-axis machining machine, but also increased the diameter of the axis of the pressure valve body to 0.41mm (original 0.31mm), and the copper coil The winding is lengthened to 510mm (original 310mm) to make the action speed and response of the pressure valve more agile, so that the oil pressure valve will act more immediately, making the entire output of the engine faster, more powerful and smoother, without affecting the original computer Monitoring thresholds.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that for some older or high-mileage cars, if the oil of poor quality is used for a long time or the oil is not changed properly, the dirty oil will easily lead to the phenomenon of carbon deposition inside the engine. This will also block the action of the oil pressure valve (solenoid valve), resulting in the problem of engine idling jitter, and then there may be a malfunction (the engine light is on). Since you want to replace the new product, you might as well replace it with Zhenmin's "V-TEC oil pressure valve", which can not only solve the problem of improvement, but also obtain the effect of improving the power of the engine. Why not!

Therefore, it can provide Honda car owners with the best choice to improve the performance of the car. Replacing the "motor" of the oil pressure valve developed by Zhenmin can improve the overall performance of the car; the new generation of Honda owners can also replace the "variable" developed by Zhenmin at the same time. Timing solenoid valve" and "oil pressure valve" can achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2, which doubles the performance of the car and creates the best driving enjoyment.

Through the installation of the enhanced V-TEC oil pressure valve, the power output can be effectively improved and the engine can obtain smoother and abundant acceleration power no matter in the low, medium and high speed range.
Passed the EU RoHS 2011/65/EU and passed the SVHC high concern substances for REACH and passed the 2000/53/EC ELV exhaust vehicle directive and other testing standards.

Strict horsepower machine test

In order to prove the actual effect of this product, the most stringent horsepower machine was specially arranged for testing. The test vehicle was a third-generation Honda Fit equipped with i-VTEC intelligent variable valve timing and lift control. We first carried out three original horsepower tests, and then took the best one, and then replaced the "V-TEC oil pressure valve" developed by Shangzhenmin and carried out three tests again. The horsepower and torque have been increased by 4.06hp and 0.29kgm respectively, and from the test curve, both the horsepower and the torque output are beyond the original curve after the variable valve timing starts to act, especially from 2100rpm. This is the case up to 6000rpm, and even the emergence speed of the torque peak is even earlier, which means that this product does have the effect of improving the power output.

After the original factory and the product were installed, the pull-horsepower test was carried out three times, and finally the test and comparison data that the horsepower and torque were increased by 4.06hp and 0.29kgm were obtained.
Not installed in the original factory Maximum horsepower=105.43 at engine PRM=6.79 Maximum torque=122.52 at engine RPM=5.22
Installed VTEC oil pressure valve Max horsepower=109.49 at engine PRM=6.45 Max torque=125.37 at engine RPM=4.94
From the test curve, after installing the V-TEC oil pressure valve, from the speed of 2100rpm to the 6000rpm section, both horsepower and torque output are increased.
In fact, when driving on general roads, you can feel that after installing the Zhenmin V-TEC oil pressure valve, the power performance of the entire straight-line acceleration is more brisk and efficient, especially the re-acceleration feedback at medium and high speeds is more abundant and powerful, allowing the driver to have a very direct feeling.

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