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Active layout in southern Taiwan, looking forward to the future of new basesMaserati brand image hall officially opened on 7/8

In order to deeply cultivate the southern Taiwan market, Maserati's general agent Taiwan Montena opened the[Maserati Brand Image Hall]in Mitsui MITSUI OUTLET PARK, Tainan, which was grandly opened on 7/8. Liu Guanfu, general manager of Taiwan's Montina, Huang Yichao, general manager of Maserati brand, and Mr. Hanai Shang, deputy general manager of Taiwan Mitsui Real Estate Group, jointly attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing Maserati's ambition to further extend its operating territory to Tainan and expand the market. Huang Yichao, general manager of Maserati brand, said: After years of intensive development, Maserati Taiwan will deliver outstanding sales results in the Taiwan market in 2021, and the annual sales volume will increase by 27% compared with 2020. Looking forward to the new product launch plan in the next five years, Maserati will release at least one new car every year in Taiwan. As the new generation of running brigade Grecale is about to be launched in Taiwan in the second half of the year, the long-awaited open-top supercar MC20 Cielo, the newly remodeled Gran Turismo, and the pure electric version of Grecale Folgore will also be launched in Taiwan next year. Consumers have more control options. Therefore, Maserati Taiwan is currently actively investing in finding a suitable operating base, building a new exhibition center and after-sales service factory, and is committed to providing a more complete and honorable service experience for Tainan's top buyers.

Feel Italian luxury  High-standard brand image hall

In order to allow fans and consumers in the greater Tainan area to experience the unique Italian charm at close range, the Maserati Tainan Brand Image Hall, which was opened for the first time in China, was built to a high standard compared to the exhibition center. Walking into the entrance gate, the Ghibli Fragment immediately caught your eye is a blockbuster joint car model jointly designed by Maserati, the "Inheritor of Italian Aesthetics" and Hiroshi Fujiwara, the "destroyer of culture", which is displayed on the LED TV wall synchronously. The Maserati brand video conveys the legendary story of Poseidon's century-long glory; following the brand's latest CI standard, the reception counter is decorated with Maserati blue, the image wall behind is inlaid with the Poseidon Trident factory emblem and brand words, and the giant display light curtain on the left can see the brand new Grecale, a generational traveler, is elegant and dynamic.

Not only does it provide an open and bright space for car viewing, but Maserati Tainan Brand Image Hall also has a customized selection area of ​​the same level as the exhibition center. It adopts a semi-isolated space plan with high privacy, so that consumers can more easily here. Unleash your imagination and use the various rims, car paint color palettes, top-quality leather samples and various trim materials displayed on-site to match your personalized car models that show your own taste. You can also use optional items to improve The rich and more free online customized matching system further outlines the specific appearance of the ideal car in mind.

On the other side of the selection area, the VIP Lounge, which offers car viewing customers a break, is also full of Italian aesthetic designs, whether it is a top-quality leather sofa with delicate texture, a photo wall that reflects the brand's century-old history and pure track spirit, or The Italian coffee and Italian refreshments you enjoy here make you fully feel the rich Italian luxury atmosphere as if you are in Italy. In addition, for consumers who love Maserati, the brand boutique exhibition area is an important point that cannot be missed. Not only can it be the first to collect the latest MC20 model cars, but also to review the historical origin of the brand and the original design of the classic antique car clothing. Fragment limited joint boutiques designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara will also be exhibited and sold simultaneously.

The tide storm is coming  Global limitedGhibli Fr.agmentAppeared in Fucheng

Tainan, which has been an important cultural city since ancient times, can be called the historical and cultural capital of Taiwan. While many ancient buildings and industries retain their classic appearance, they also inject new vitality into the ancient capital city with new-generation creativity. Just like the deconstruction and remodeling of Maserati's classic elements through the hands of Hiroshi Fujiwara, and the addition of Ghibli Fragment, which represents the street fashion style, as the opening show of the Maserati Tainan Brand Image Hall, in addition to showing the high degree of the general agent of Taiwan's Montina to consumers in the southern region Paying attention to it also represents the resonance of the two profound cultural trends of history, humanities and automobile craftsmanship.

In addition to the Ghibli Fragment Opera Bianca Opera White, which premiered at the pop-up store[Maserati x Fujiwara Hiroshi]another limited car color, Opera Nera Opera Black, also debuted in Taiwan at the opening event of the Maserati Tainan Brand Image Hall. , both color schemes have a matte black block beveled on the lower edge of the body, highlighting the trendy attitude of breaking the frame, and also cleverly undertake the 20" Urano limited rims that are also matte black; in addition, reproduce the first The Fragment nameplate is attached to the lower right corner of the front air intake dam of the classic mesh grille structure on behalf of Ghibli, the trident factory emblem on the C-pillar has also been changed to double lightning marks, and the exclusive text is transferred under the cooling fin holes of the front leaf version: Ghibli M157110519FRG Maserati Fragment. Among them, M157 is the model code of Ghibli; 110519 records Hiroshi Fujiwara's first visit to the Maserati Design Center in Montena, Italy on November 5, 2019; and FRG is the abbreviation of Fragment.

Under the gorgeous exterior, the Ghibli Fragment is equipped with a new 48V high-efficiency hybrid power system. The 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine is connected to a traditional turbo through eBooster, bringing a sensitive and direct throttle response and a broad and full torque plain, and creating an excellent 330hp / 450Nm power output, it only takes 5.7 seconds to complete 0-100km/h acceleration, and the optimized front and rear weight ratio is matched with front double A-arms, rear multi-link suspension structure and rear axle LSD limited slip differential , and it is an excellent backing for creating driving pleasure. Ghibli Fragment is also excellent in the completeness of driving assistance systems, including smart LED matrix headlights and ADAS advanced driving assistance systems are standard equipment, helping drivers to have the best forward vision in various driving conditions, while also being able to Bring comprehensive active and passive protection capabilities.

Countdown to the limited number of seats, make an appointment to enjoy the car to get the gift of visiting the store The Ghibli Fragment is limited to only 175 units in the world. Only 6 seats are exclusively introduced in Montena, Taiwan. The remaining seats are even more limited. From now on, place an order to enter the Ghibli Fragment and enjoy the whole set of[Maserati x Fragment Limited Co-branded Boutique]as a delivery gift. , In addition, in order to grandly celebrate the opening of Maserati Tainan Brand Image Hall, any reservation for car viewing will receive an exquisite gift, and consumers who love Maserati's Italian aesthetics and track enthusiasm are invited to come and appreciate it in person.


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