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Actively planning Skoda Enyaq iV preview appears for the first time

●The brand’s first pure electric vehicle model, SUV/Coupe dual models

●Built using MEB platform, wheelbase 2765mm

●80x and RS models are on display, and the introduction specifications are yet to be determined.

●Domestic launch time: estimated 2024.Q2

Remember that Volkswagen Taiwan just revealed its electric vehicle strategy for the first time in early June this year, announcing that the pure electric SUV ID.4 and ID.5 plans to be introduced into the domestic market in the middle of next year. On September 20, it also announced an additional GTX pure electric performance model. will be introduced simultaneously, and Fox Business Travel Taiwan has also recently announced on social media that the new pure electric van ID.Buzz will be unveiled in November. Although there are frequent moves, they are still at the stage of only hearing the sound of the stairs. Unexpectedly, Skoda Taiwan held a media preview event for the brand's first pure electric vehicle, the Enyaq, on September 21, and became the first among a series of new-generation pure electric vehicles within the group to be officially unveiled in Taiwan.

Familiar style and trendy interpretation

In fact, as early as the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, Skoda expressed its vision for electrification development with the Vision E concept car. The overall design of the Vision iV concept car unveiled in 2019 is already very close to the mass-produced version of Enyaq, which was officially launched in September of the following year. However, at the initial stage of its launch, it was only There is a single body type of SUV, and a coupe version will not be added until early 2022. It is not difficult to find from the appearance that the overall design of Enyaq mainly maintains the brand's current crystal cutting style, with multiple distinct fold lines outlining a rather neat and dynamic visual experience. Although the front water tank guard has been changed to a fully covered and closed design in response to the identity of an electric vehicle. However, designers still retain the straight-grid styling elements internally. The vehicles on display this time are even equipped with luminous crystal styles with welcoming light effects, making them even more eye-catching.

The Enyaq Coupe, which will be released in early 2022, adopts a fastback running style design, and is more dynamic with the exclusive RS sports appearance.
The display car is equipped with a luminous crystal-style water tank guard and a visually dazzling welcome dynamic light effect.

While the interior layout also continues the family's simple and practical style, it has also been adjusted in response to the usage habits of the new generation of consumers. For example, the driving instrument has been reduced in size, equipped with a front-projection HUD head-up display, and the central touch screen has been enlarged to 13 inches. A compact electronic transmission-by-wire gearbox, more storage space under the center saddle, etc. However, there are still physical shortcut keys under the air-conditioning outlet and on both sides of the steering wheel to facilitate quick operation by the driver while driving; based on this on-site exhibition In terms of vehicles, the RS model uses a pure black interior with carbon fiber textured decorative panels to create a performance atmosphere, while the general models use black and brown two-tone leather to present a warmer and more delicate interior texture.

The interior also continues the family's simple and practical style, and has also been adjusted to meet the usage habits of the new generation of consumers.
The SUV models on display are matched with black and brown two-tone leather, presenting a warmer and more delicate interior texture.
The rear seat is equipped with practical designs such as folding tables that are common to the brand, but the height of the floor is still slightly high due to the battery pack below.
There is no additional storage space under the front compartment cover, it is only used for replenishing wiper water, water tank water and other daily maintenance.

Various power RS ​​is on the list

The new Enyaq is built on the group's MEB platform and is very closely related to the Volkswagen ID.4/ID.5. The wheelbase is also 2765mm, but the former's body size of 4649x1879x1619mm (SUV model) is slightly larger. In order to meet Depending on the needs of consumers, the original factory provides Enyaq with various power configurations such as 50 (SUV model only), 60, and 80 with a single rear axle motor, and 80x and RS with dual motors at the front and rear axles. The battery pack is also divided into 55kWh (50), There are three sizes: 62kWh (60) and 82kWh (80, 80x and RS).

The SUV version of the 80x and the Coupe RS can be seen at the scene, but the industry emphasizes that they are only European-standard display cars, and the future introduction of domestic models is still under planning. Since domestic consumers pay more attention to cruising range, they should It will mainly focus on large battery capacity. It is speculated that it is more likely to use an 80 rear axle single motor long-range model with an RS four-wheel drive performance version. As for the charging specifications, it will maintain the current domestic mainstream CCS1/J1772, or it will have high future development potential. CCS2/Type2 is still in the discussion stage, and we can only know if the industry releases more information by the end of the year or early next year.

The vehicles on display have CC2/Type2 charging specifications, but the configuration of future models to be introduced has not yet been determined.

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