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Actively preparing for the 2023 IMSA Endurance SeriesBMW M Hybrid V8 officially unveiled in Los Angeles

● Challenge the North American IMSA Sports Car Championship Series again after a lapse of 24 years

●Classic color painting with large area matt black paint and carbon fiber parts

Powered by the 4.0 V8 twin-turbo engine from the M4 DTM

●Maximum horsepower 640hp, peak torque 66.3kgm

Today may no longer be the era of crazy racing cars of "win the race on Sunday, sell it on Monday", but the timing has entered electrification, and it has become a cliché that it is more energy-saving, more clean, more technological or earlier than the topic. A new place in the car world? Active BMW Insights is clearly very different from its other rivals...

2024 WEC, 2023 IMSA water temperature test

Speaking of which, regardless of pure electric power or hybrid power, the most important thing for car fans is energy saving efficiency and practical performance. You know this, I know it, and BMW also knows it. Therefore, it integrates the essence of sports and performance of the whole group. The proud Bavarian luxury car manufacturer chose the world's most famous endurance series as the challenge target, and the M Hybrid V8 prototype race car, which was revealed earlier, is the secret weapon that it intends to use to defeat each.

According to the schedule planned by BMW, participating in the WEC World Endurance Championship Series in 2024 has become the most important goal. Before that, in 2023, they will first put the M Hybrid V8 into the North American IMSA Sports Car Championship Series. Test the water temperature at the GTP level. Through the high-intensity Daytona 24-hour endurance race or the Sebring 12-hour endurance race, you will be able to have a more comprehensive understanding of the strength of the new M Hybrid V8. Fortunately, Le Mans is included. The 24-hour endurance race, the Sebring 1000-mile endurance race or the Fuji 6-hour endurance race and other World Endurance Championship series stations have achieved good results, and then won the title of the king of endurance events.

A new recognizable paint scheme rich in classic significance

In fact, BMW is by no means a blank sheet of paper in the field of endurance events. In 1999, it won the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race with the V12 LMR. In the same season, this track-winning car also won the Sebring 12-hour endurance race. After 24 years, he is about to challenge the North American IMSA Sports Car Championship Series again. All the trends of the new chariot M Hybrid V8 are naturally closely watched by fans around the world.

For this reason, BMW officially unveiled the mystery of the new M Hybrid V8 race car at the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles, USA. From the photos, it can be seen that this sturdy race car after the fitting is still dressed in blue, purple, red and white classics. However, compared with the previously disclosed camouflage-like three-color appearance, after adding a large area of ​​matte black paint and a large area of ​​carbon fiber parts to match, the overall momentum has been raised again. At the same time, the large double kidney image The front air intake and the large M-shaped totem on the front cover and the central ridge-shaped fixed air wing also make the speeding on the field an unrecognizable recognition effect, which conforms to the competition specifications and focuses on the aerodynamic design of downforce and cooling efficiency. , and let the whole car exude a majestic and extremely domineering domineering.

The large double-kidney image front air intake can tell the pedigree of the BMW M Hybrid V8 at a glance.
The large M-shaped totem on the central ridge-shaped fixed wind wing can provide an unmistakable identification effect when flying on the field.
Aerodynamic design focuses on downforce and cooling efficiency for optimal track performance.
The taillights, which are also very important for durable racing cars, are presented with LED light strips. The large-sized rear wing and splitter also make the vision full and achieve more ideal downforce and adsorption force.

The 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo Hybrid heart derived from the M4 DTM

In terms of power, the P66/3 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo engine derived from the M4 DTM is the foundation of all the driving forces of the M Hybrid V8. After large-scale adjustment and optimization, it is matched with the LMDh hybrid drive system. The perfect sweet spot between power output and energy-saving efficiency is achieved, and under the mechanisms of 90-degree cylinder angle, dry oil pan and 350Bar high-pressure direct injection, the maximum horsepower is about 640 hp at 8,200 rpm, and the peak torque is at 66.3 around kilograms.

As for the drivers who will compete in the IMSA Sports Car Championship Series in 2023, they will also be announced at this M Hybrid V8 meeting, including Connor De Phillippi from the United States, Philipp Eng from Austria, Augusto Farfus from Brazil and the United Kingdom. Driver Nick Yelloly will drive two M Hybrid V8s in the 2023 season, and other participating drivers will be announced later.

Brazilian driver Augusto Farfus.
American driver Connor De Phillippi.
British driver Nick Yelloly.
Austrian driver Philipp Eng.


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