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Admit it: this was the best car year so far -

It couldn't have happened in 1982. Car enthusiasts enjoyed one feat after another that they saw. In fact, all cars that came onto the market in 1982 are now sought-after classics. Just take the following 7 examples.

1: the baby Benz

The Mercedes-Benz 190 of the 1980s is also affectionately known as the baby Benz. Mercedes left nothing to chance in terms of quality. The development of the 190 had already started in 1974 and cost a lot of money, just like a real baby. It was streamlined and had relatively clean and economical diesel engines.

The Mercedes 190 (internally called W201) turned out to be a masterstroke, although you shouldn't imagine too much about the equipment. In the basic version you cranked down the windows manually and more than four gears could not be removed. The success of the Mercedes 190 was no less, 1.8 million copies were built, including the brutal 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution 2 that you see at the very top of the photo.


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2: razor sharp

The new BMW 3 Series (E30) would easily surpass the success of its predecessor. First of all, it was available in more variants than its predecessor: not only as a two-door sedan, but also as a four-door sedan (1983), as a convertible (1985), as an M3 (1985) and as a practical Touring (1987). But also excelled in sporting terms BMW himself.

While the first generation sometimes experienced oversteer at unexpected moments, the second generation could steer razor sharply through bends. The E30 was showered with praise and is still known for its pure driving characteristics. The top model is the M3, the first ever. It was powered by a naturally aspirated 2.3-liter four-cylinder with an output of up to 215 hp.

3: streamline miracle

Also Audi came up with a sensational new model. A lot of work had been done on the third generation of the Audi 100 (C3). In 1982, Audi did not yet have the status of BMW and Mercedes and that was a thorn in the side of the brand. No expense was spared to improve build quality and reliability. The Audi 100 became famous mainly because of its exceptionally low Cd value.

If you wanted to make an impression in the 1980s, all you had to do was drop the word "wind tunnel." This allowed you to optimize the streamline. The Audi 100 had a Cd value of 0.30. The quattro all-wheel drive, with which Audi had great success in rallying, also found its way to the 100. The 100 C3 is now credited with Audi's promotion to the top of the automotive industry.

4: more modern than the 911

The Porsche 944 was more affordable and modern than the 911, with a water-cooled four-cylinder inline engine (150 to 250 hp for the 944 Turbo) that was placed in the front. The latter was a mortal sin for many die-hard fans. Yet the 944 was more of a real Porsche than its predecessor, the 924. Mainly because of the engine that was based on that of the more expensive 928.

In any case, the success was no less and, according to financial experts, the money earned with the 944 contributed to the survival of the poorly performing company in the 1980s. Porsche. A convertible was also available, but not until 1989. This 944 S2 Cabriolet had a power of 211 hp. The successor to the Porsche 944 is called 968 and will be launched on the market in 1992.

5: OMG!

When the Ford Sierra was unveiled at the Birmingham Motor Show, some of the crowd choked on their afternoon tea. The break was radical: predecessor Taunus was a conservative, say, squarely designed car, while the streamlined Sierra drove straight into the future. This trend break was a bridge too far for many buyers, which is why the Sierra did not sell well at first.

That changed when a four-door sedan variant appeared from 1987 in addition to the hatchback and station wagon. Much rarer was the top version XR4i with a 150 hp V6. The unusual 3-door body with extra side window and flashy double rear spoiler is special. But the cake server on the back of the RS Cosworth really stands out. Under the hood was a four-cylinder with more than 200 hp.

6: Swedish tank

Next to the square Volvo 700 series, the Leopard tank suddenly seems a lot sleeker. The Volvo 740 had four-cylinder engines, the 760 six-cylinder. Life seemed so clear in the early eighties. But there were exceptions. For example, six-cylinder diesels were given the 740 nameplate and the 760 Turbo had a blown four-cylinder.

Despite the angular shapes, the aerodynamics turned out not to be that bad. The build quality was even better; many examples are still driving around after forty years and hundreds of thousands of kilometers on the clock. The most exclusive body variant is the Volvo 780, designed and built by the Italian grandmaster Bertone. In the back you found two separate seats.

7: with compliments from Volkswagen

With the Citroën BX, Citroën finally had another bestseller. The Citroën BX offered the best of both worlds: it had the extravagance that made Citroën unique at the time (with hydropneumatic suspension), but not to such an extent that conservative buyers would turn away. Marcello Gandini designed both the exterior and interior. He was not employed by Citroën, but by design agency Bertone.

The Citroën BX was the first Citroën which was drawn by an external designer. The BX did not go unnoticed. It rained compliments as far as Wolfsburg, Volkswagen CEO Carl Hahn thought the BX was the best car in theory. The success of the BX was resounding, the Bertone creation only stopped at 2.3 million units.

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