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Advanced Re-EvolutionAll New Lexus RX

・Using the new generation GA-K modular platform, the weight is reduced by 90kg and the center of gravity is lowered by 15mm.

・The appearance keeps up with the new generation family vocabulary, the wheelbase and car width are slightly increased, and the car height is slightly reduced.

・The console structure is similar to the new NX, and the driver assistance system is upgraded to LSS+3.0.

・The first wave offers four power combinations, with the 2.4-liter gasoline-electric turbo engine of the top-spec RX500h as the highlight.

・The original factory announced on June 1, and it is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year in China.

For domestic consumers, although the Lexus RX is not the best-selling SUV in the brand, the positioning of its flagship recreational vehicle is still very important for the luxury car market. Some people think that its price "destroys" the rules of large LSUVs. Indeed, the current RX300's starting price of less than 2.4 million is indeed a bargain compared to its European counterparts of the same size, but the discerning eye knows the gap between the two. It's not about the abundance of equipment, but about the detailed workmanship, high-speed stability, and even the sense of coordination between the brakes, accelerator, and steering wheel. But it is undeniable that every time the Lexus is remodeled, you can feel the car factory's intentions. Those deficiencies that you have been picky about have been significantly improved in the new car.

Small places make everything

The newly released fifth-generation RX is not much different from the old model in appearance at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, the new water tank cover of the same size has a closed gradient design on the upper part, which is somewhat similar to the Lexus family's first pure electric recreational travel RZ, which was released a while ago. It can also be regarded as a test of water temperature. , so that consumers gradually get used to the front face shape without air vents. In addition, the new RX also reduces the use of chrome-plated materials. In the past, the design technique of using chrome-plated frames to enhance the appearance contrast has been reduced a lot. For example, the outline of the water tank cover this time seems to be integrated with the front bumper. Integrated rather than assembled, this move not only enhances the technological sense of the new car, but also brings out the delicacy that a high-end car should have.

The sharpness of the new-generation RX's exterior lines is not as sharp as before, replaced by an improvement in the sense of technology and the texture of details.
old RX

If you think the similarity between the old and new RX is very high, most of the reason is that its C-pillar design still retains the "suspended roof" of the previous generation, but the bright chrome edge of the original window frame has also been modified (The F Sport model is designed in bright black), and the overall look is more harmonious. The length of the new car is the same as the current model, which is maintained at the level of 4890mm. However, due to the use of the new GA-K modular chassis, the wheelbase can be extended by 60mm to 2850mm, and the height of the car is reduced by 10mm (1695mm). 1920mm) car width, more running feeling visually. In addition, the front and rear wheel bases have also increased by 15mm and 50mm respectively in response to the change in the vehicle width.

In addition to the entry-level 19-inch model, the new RX also provides 21-inch aluminum ring options, which is a small upgrade from the current 18-inch and 20-inch models.

Coming to the rear of the car, this is the place where the appearance has changed the most. The left and right connected taillights not only keep up with the trend of the era, but also simplify the originally cumbersome tail lines; the oval Lexus factory emblem is also gone, replaced by the LEXUS letter logo similar to the new NX. Looking closely at both sides of the light group, the gradient inverted L-shaped light bar is the unique identification mark of the new RX, which can be used to distinguish it from other new-generation Lexus recreational vehicles.

The taillights of the new RX are integrated, and the factory emblem is also presented in the form of the LEXUS letter logo.
old RX
The distinctive inverted L-shaped light bars on both sides of the taillights are one of the characteristics of the rear of the new RX.

More flexibility after weight loss

The cockpit style of the new fifth-generation RX is derived from the Tazuna (Japanese for rein) design adopted by the LF-30 concept car and the new NX. All vehicle operations and monitoring can be done under the hood, thus reducing the risk of accidents caused by distractions. The huge 14-inch touch screen in the center is standard on the whole car, and it is also the protagonist of the entire center console. Basically, all the settings of the information, entertainment, and air conditioning systems have been integrated into it, which greatly reduces the number of physical buttons and looks very refreshing. It is worth mentioning that even though the console architecture is quite similar to the new NX, the style of the entire instrument panel has a more circular cabin feel, which is slightly different from the personalized design of the NX, which is more inclined to the driver. different market positions.

The central 14-inch touch screen is standard on the new RX, and the yacht-style cabin style is more like a luxury car.
The driving instrument uses a single ring as the visual axis, while providing a HUD with rich driving information.

According to the original factory data, the new Lexus RX has a weight reduction of 90 kilograms, which is a big benefit for the car that originally weighed 2 tons, and it also lowered the center of gravity of the body by 15mm. The new car uses a higher proportion of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy sheet parts, and changes the original double A-arm rear suspension to a multi-link design, which has better performance in lateral stability and can also correspond to more powerful vehicles. The performance output may be able to effectively improve the feeling of behemoth when driving intensely in the past.

The E-Latch electronic door handle design improves the safety of other passers-by and avoids accidents caused by the owners of the three treasures.
The weight of the new RX has been reduced by as much as 90 kilograms. In addition to the replacement of the engine and fenders with aluminum alloys, many parts and structures have also been replaced with lighter and high-rigidity steel, which in turn improves handling and safety.

As for the cabin space, thanks to the increase in the wheelbase, the new RX is bound to provide better ride comfort, and the three-zone constant temperature air conditioner, which was originally available on the long-axle version, has now become the standard for high-end models. Equipped with; plus the ventilation and heating functions shared by the front and rear seats, it really makes the new car more luxurious than ever. In terms of driving assistance system, this car is equipped with the latest version of LSS+3.0 compared to the second-generation NX released in China not long ago. Compared with the LSS+2.0 carried by the current RX, the main reason is to improve the PCS early warning protection system. The performance (can support intersection recognition), and the ESA emergency avoidance assistance function and the SEA safe exit assistance combined with the electronic door handle are added. The rest are listed as LCA automatic lane change assistance, FCTA front side traffic warning and other driving assistance in the original "Extended Safety Kit".

The rear seat is equipped with a single-zone constant temperature air conditioner, and all four sets of charging stations in the whole car adopt Type-C specifications.
The depth of the luggage compartment is increased by 50mm, and the height of the floor is 30mm lower than that of the old model, making it more convenient to store things.

Multiple power combination

On the new-generation RX, the original factory provides three power combinations of pure gasoline, gasoline-electricity and plug-in gasoline-electricity. The first wave of models on the market include RX350, RX350h, RX450h+ and RX500h. Let’s start with the RX350. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbo engine it uses is the latest Lexus masterpiece. It has been applied to the NX350 that debuted not long ago. It has an output of 279hp and 43.8kgm, and is matched with an eight-speed manual and a full-time four-wheel drive. Wheel drive system, the performance is excellent. As for the RX350h, it uses a 2.5-liter NA engine with a gasoline-electric system, with a combined horsepower of 245hp, which can accelerate from 000 kilometers to 000 kilometers in 8 seconds, focusing on energy saving and fuel saving. The RX450h+ is the only plug-in gasoline-electric model in the whole car series. The internal combustion engine and the RX350h are both 2.5-liter NA, but with a dual-motor setting, the overall horsepower reaches 306hp, and the battery capacity is 18.1kWh, which is sufficient for most commuters. need.

The most anticipated this time is the RX500h, which is equipped with a new 2.4-liter turbo engine with a gasoline-electric system. Although it is equipped with an unremarkable six-speed manual automatic transmission, it is in the new Direct4 electronically controlled four-wheel drive and With the blessing of DRS rear wheel steering, both fuel consumption and driving experience are far better than before. This Direct4 four-wheel-drive system is mainly developed for the soon-to-be-popular electric vehicle, so that the driver can still feel the rich driving pleasure when the internal combustion engine gradually disappears.

The first turbo and gas-electric combination in the Lexus family appears on the new RX, model RX500h.
The rear axle of the RX500h has an electric motor with an output of 80kW. Through the integration of the Direct4 electronic control system, the driving pleasure is comparable to that of a traditional four-wheel drive.
The progress of the new RX in all aspects is obvious to all, and it will still be the most troublesome figure for European opponents in the future.


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