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Aiming at Dad's Qualifications, Grand and Son RecommendedFour Father's Day Exclusive Wine Selection and Celebration Proposals

Every festive season, facing the closest family and friends around me, I often encounter the dilemma of not knowing how to celebrate and choose gifts. This year's Father's Day is approaching. This is a common type of father, with four exclusive Father's Day wine selections and corresponding celebration proposals, so that you can easily offer blessings to fathers with different qualifications and become the most precious and filial child in father's mind.

The Balvenie story series 12-year-old sugar heart oak single malt whisky, shipped from Kentucky, USA, in new virgin oak barrels, after deep roasting, the original wine aged 12 years in bourbon barrels was put into it for barreling . NT$1,520.

Start the communication with the serious dad with the stories passed down from generation to generation behind the "Bai Fu Story Series"
Many fathers in Chinese society are as stable as mountains and always try their best to give their families the best educational environment and quality of life. love for dad. In the face of a serious dad with rich experience, it is recommended to present "The Balvenie Story Series 12 Year Old Sugar Heart Oak Single Malt Whisky" on Father's Day, and start by sharing the story of the distillery craftsman behind the Balvenie Story series with his father. Topic; and then sip the rich layers of Wenrun with subtle spice together, so that the mellow liquor becomes a catalyst, and the distance between the father and the heart is shortened.

● The chief bartender of the Grand & Sons winery carefully blends the best flavor, high-quality original wine that has been aged for at least 8 years, and then moved into sherry barrels for aging. NT$500.

"Glen 8 Year Old Sherry Flavored Cask Scotch Whisky" "Smile" To Naughty Dad
The naughty dad is the child's forever big doll, and the pig teammate who makes the mother angry and funny. This type of dad not only adds laughter to the family, but is also an important promoter of the family's centripetal force! This year’s Father’s Day recommends taking your naughty dad to his favorite restaurant for dinner, offering the “Glen 8 Year Old Sherry Flavored Scotch Whisky” with a festive red bottle and the only vintage in its class, and pairing it with a steaming table The delicious food made Dad warm from the stomach to the whole body, the family gathered and chatted about all kinds of interesting things at home, and the pictures of continuous laughter will be the most heartfelt blessing to the naughty dad.

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Single Malt Whisky, crafted using advanced techniques pioneered by our Head Bartender, and adding a warm spice flavour to it through the magical transformational magic of Solera Vat . NT$1,440.

Leading the way with "Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Single Malt Whisky"
In the process of growing up, the father's big hand leads the children to have the courage to explore the unknown world; the hard work of the father makes the children want to grow up quickly and become a person who contributes to the society as soon as possible. The father is in the eyes of the children. A role model and a most admired leader. Father's Day is approaching this year. It is recommended to taste the "Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Single Malt Whisky", which has the reputation of being the whisky leader, with my dad. It uses the method of "mixing old wine with new wine" to brew the charm of more than 15 years, bringing the years to life. Buried in the wine drop, the old soul makes the wine thick, yet still silky and smooth into the throat, with a unique flavor and delicate taste, it is the most suitable entry whisky for fathers to lead their children to drink.

Monkey Shoulder triple malt whisky, selected from 3 single malt whisky distilleries in the Speyside region, selected 9 oak barrels from each of the 3 distilleries, and put into fusion barrels for the final 3-6 months Aged to give it a rich and distinctive smooth mouthfeel and a light body with intense vanilla flavours. NT$800.

The Three Monkeys triple malt whisky is the best match for 'New Dad'
The key to truly transforming a boy into a man is to become a father. Facing the challenges of changing identity, caring for newborns and handling household chores, new fathers will inevitably be in a hurry. Before playing every role in life, you need to know how to adjust and relax yourself. It is recommended that novice fathers prepare the "Three Monkeys Triple Malt Whiskey" for themselves at home, which is free and unfettered. In the busy parenting life, you can take the time to use the three monkeys as the base and match the tea in the refrigerator at home. , juice or ginger ale, make a refreshing cup of Daddy Juice for yourself, the slightly drunk atmosphere allows you to temporarily put aside the pressure, take a short rest, and then return to be a god teammate at home!


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